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By following these basic guidelines, parties should be able to use biometricbased electronic signatures to enter into agreements, and they should be able to enforce these signatures to the same extent as a manually executed paper-and-ink signature is.
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Complex Queries
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Wireless Essentials
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Method public static void AddMemoryPressure(long bytesAllocated) public static void CancelFullGCNotification( ) public static void Collect( ) public static void Collect(int generation) public static void Collect(int generation, GCCollectionMode mode) public static int CollectionCount(int generation)
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The C++ Predefined Streams
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Inside the Job of a Port Programmer,
Inside Engine Spaces
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Modulation phase shift. The difficulty of generating very short optical pulses can be avoided by measuring instead the phase shift of sinusoidal intensity modulation carried by light of varying wavelength. The relative phase is measured at various wavelengths using equipment such as that shown in the block diagram of Figure 28.17. The optical test source is a continuous-wave tunable laser followed by a sinusoidal intensity modulator. A second modulated source, of fixed wavelength, establishes a reference phase at the receiving end to allow measurement of the phase variations of the tunable-source modulation. Exactly as in the case of the pulse-delay method,
Just because information is in the data warehouse or data mart, that doesn t mean it needs to be in the universe. For example, data warehouses may contain dimension histories seldom used by end users. Likewise, data warehouses may contain only raw data elements that require a bit more intelligence in the universe. Likewise, just because users haven t specifically asked for something in a JAD session, that doesn t mean it shouldn t be in the universe. As an example, let s assume your company has a goal for on-time delivery performance. REQUESTED_DELIVERY_DATE and SHIP_DATE may be columns in an ORDER_FACT table. In evaluating how this universe is aligned with the company s business goals, a good universe designer will know to add an object called Days Late that calculates the difference between the requested delivery date and actual ship date. Users may not know what SQL functionality can be added to database columns. A universe designer must be well versed in SQL reporting capabilities that can make the universe more robust. Herein lies one of the greatest challenges in designing a good universe: you must know both the business and SQL. SQL-certified experts may be proficient in creating tables, optimizing indexes, and loading volumes of data quite efficiently. This is not to say they know how to extract that same data into a report that provides business insight. This mixed skill set can be a challenge in identifying the best universe designer in a company (refer to 3 for a discussion on project roles). It s often a DBA who has the SQL technical skills. A universe designed by a DBA with little knowledge of the business may be technically robust but lack the business functionality required. Universes designed by power users trained in SQL may have more robust business functionality, but with suboptimal joins or objects that result in slow queries. Therefore, it s important that both a DBA and a power user jointly develop and review a universe.
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To actually run the program, just type its name on the command line, as shown here:
Part I:
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