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Notice that several of the collections implement the IProducerConsumerCollection interface. This interface is also defined in System.Collections.Concurrent. It extends IEnumerable, IEnumerable<T>, and ICollection. It also specifies the TryAdd( ) and TryTake( ) methods that support the producer/consumer pattern. (The classic producer/ consumer pattern is characterized by two tasks. One task creates items and the other consumes them.) TryAdd( ) attempts to add an item to the collection, and TryTake( ) attempts to remove an item from the collection. These methods are shown here: bool TryAdd(T item) bool TryTake(out T item) TryAdd( ) returns true if item was added to the collection, and TryTake( ) returns true if an object was removed from the collection. If TryTake( ) is successful, then item will contain the object. (IProducerConsumerCollection also specifies an overload to CopyTo( ) defined by ICollection and ToArray( ) that copies a collection to an array.) The concurrent collections are often used in conjunction with the Task Parallel Library or PLINQ. Because of the specialized nature of these collections, not every class is examined in detail. However, a brief overview with examples of BlockingCollection<T> will be given. Once you know the basics related to BlockingCollection<T>, the other classes will be easy to understand.
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1. delegate double Filter(int i); 2. A multicast is created by adding methods to a delegate chain using the += operator. A method can be removed by use of =. 3. An anonymous method is a block of code that is passed to a delegate constructor. 4. Yes. Yes. 5. An event requires the use of a delegate. 6. event 7. Yes, events can be multicast. 8. An event is always sent to a specific instance. 9. A namespace defines a declarative region, which prevents name collisions. 10. using alias = name; 11. namespace X.Y { // ... }
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C# 3.0: A Beginner s Guide
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A SignalsDescriptor may include a sequential sequence of signals that are to be played one after another. Audit Descriptor The audit descriptor specifies a list of information to be returned from an MG to an MGC. The audit descriptor is simply a list of other descriptors that should be returned in the response. These can include the following descriptors: multiplex, events, signals, ObservedEvents, DigitMap, statistics, packages, and EventBuffer. ServiceChange Descriptor This descriptor is used only in association with the ServiceChange command and includes information such as the type of service change that has occurred or is about to occur, the reason for the service change, and a new address to be used after the service change. The type of service change is defined by the parameter ServiceChangeMethod, which can take one of the defined values: Graceful, Forced, Restart, Disconnected, Handoff, or Failover. Graceful indicates the removal of terminations from service after a specified delay and without interrupting existing connections. Forced indicates an abrupt removal from service including the loss of existing connections. Restart indicates that restoration of service will begin after a specified delay. Disconnected applies to the whole MG and indicates that connection with the MGC has been restored after a period of lost contact. The MGC can issue an Audit command to verify that termination characteristics have not changed during the period of lost contact. Handoff is used from an MGC to an MG to indicate that the MGC is about to go out of service and that a new MGC is taking over. The handoff value is also used from an MG to a new MGC when trying to establish contact after receiving a handoff from the previous MGC. A failover is sent from an MG to an MGC if an MG has detected a fault and a backup MG is taking over. The ServiceChangeDelay specifies a number of seconds indicating the delay applicable. It would be used, for example, in conjunction with a Graceful service change. If the parameter is absent or set to zero, then no delay is applicable. In the case of a graceful service change, then a value of zero indicates that the MGC should wait for the natural removal of terminations from their contexts; that is, the MGC should wait for calls on the specified terminations to come to an end on their own. As suggested by its name, the ServiceChangeReason parameter indicates the reason for the service change. Table 6-4 shows the reasons currently defined in MEGACO.
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Section Overview
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tage that anyone producing any project for DVD can do is to be innovative. If you're innovative now, you're going to stand out and eight months from now, your products are going to be up to par when compared to the new stuff that is being done. As opposed to some of these lm distributors who are literally just shoveling out anything they can get. I talk to lm distributors every day. Their concerns are getting products on the shelves. If they can get two up the shelves versus one with half the features, they're going to do it. It's the folks that take a second and say, Wait, if I really take my time here and put a little more expense into this title; if I take a chance, and put my money into one title instead of two... (which I don't think is taking a chance, I think the other way is taking a chance), without a doubt, they're going to have a pay-off now and they're going to have a pay-off later, too. Within the corporate environment, it seems as though companies are forced to go outside for development just because the tools aren't there to let them do what they are used to. Do you think tool availability will changes things I think so. We've already seen some $5000- to $10,000 authoring systems. For some corporate work, I think these tools do a great job, actually. I get a lot of calls, people from various vendors and people that are looking to get into the fray talking about tools. And, mostly, the thing to do is: when a company needs to make a decision as to what type of work they're going after (and if you want to go after, there's a lot of very straight-forward corporate work), I'm all for companies getting their own system. Actually, a huge agency that we've been going after for ages just got their own system. I would think that would just help grow the entire industry Which would help your business, as well. It already has. Without a doubt. Now that they have a system in house, I don't need to go after them any more about authoring their little DVD projects their $3000 to $10,000 DVD projects. Instead, I think that we're going to be better off going after larger scale solutions for them. How they can implement DVD in a variety of ways and ways that their tool may or may not let them do, but that their expertise and experience doesn't allow them to do. That is really most of it.
The generics syntax shown in the preceding examples can be generalized. Here is the syntax for declaring a generic class: class class-name<type-param-list> { // ... Here is the syntax for declaring a reference to a generics class: class-name<type-arg-list> var-name = new class-name<type-arg-list>(cons-arg-list);
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configured for Visual Studio. The easiest way to do this is to select Visual Studio 2008 Command Prompt under Visual Studio Tools in the Start menu. Alternatively, you can start an unconfigured Command Prompt window and then run the batch file vsvars32.bat, which is provided by Visual Studio. You may, however, encounter a problem with the command-line approach. At the time of this writing, Visual C# 2008 Express Edition does not provide the Visual Studio Tools menu or the vsvars32.bat file. Therefore, if you are using Visual C# 2008 Express, you may not be able to configure a command prompt window automatically. In this case, use the Visual Studio IDE instead. However, Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition does supply both vsvars32.bat and the Visual Studio 2008 Command Prompt menu selection. Therefore, if you also install Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition, you will be able to start a properly configured command prompt window that will also work for C#.
Default setting for the Soft Edge bevel effect might not always provide you with the look you need in an assignment.
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