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Router# show access-lists [ACL_#_or_name] Router# show ip access-list [ACL_#_or_name]
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Table 16-1. Recommended Group Policy Settings for Terminal Servers (continued)
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Description and Purpose 700 3000 Hz voice characteristics 3000 Hz low-pass for low-frequency noise 15,000 Hz low-pass for program circuits 700 8000 Hz bandpass for program circuits for 56 kbps data service at 135 Similar to C-Message filter 275 3000 Hz for impulse noise measurements Program circuits for broadcast industry Program circuits, studio-to-transmitter
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Here, stream can be any stream you want to affect. The following program turns on both the showpos and scientific flags for cout: data matrix generator
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The %n Specifier
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The verbs below are used without a preposition before the infinitive.
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Triggers are edited by right-clicking an event, then selecting Event Properties. Next, select the type of trigger you want from the drop-down box named Type. The current trigger settings are shown. The following explains some of the different ways triggers can be managed. Manual If you elect for an event not to have a trigger, select the manual trigger. This is a trigger used when devices and events are used as part of a macro. A macro is the activation of a series of devices, triggered simultaneously. For instance, if you have several lights and the stereo turn on when a specific event occurs, that series of devices is activated as part of a macro. They can be triggered from other events, or from the Run button on the Events web page. Event Events can be triggered at given times or time spans. For example, you could set a trigger for a specific time of day (maybe you want your stereo to turn on every day at 5:26 p.m., right as you pull into the driveway). You can also set events to run at predetermined intervals five minutes, ten minutes, half hour, hour, and so forth. X10 Another trigger is based on X10 commands. HomeSeer listens to all the X10 commands that are coursing though your home s wiring system. When a particular command is seen, an event can be triggered. For example, if you have a door sensor connected to a Powerflash (this is that X10 device that connects to a sensor, causing other X10 devices to activate and deactivate) and its code set to G12, when the door opens, the Powerflash would send a signal to G12. However, you need not have any devices set to respond to G12. Rather, you could have HomeSeer set up to monitor for a G12 signal. When it hears that signal (i.e., the door opens), you could automatically set the lights to come on and the stereo to turn on. Condition Conditions give you a great deal of flexibility when determining when an event should trigger. You can establish as many conditions as you like on a trigger. The event will only trigger when all of the conditions are true. For instance, continuing the example from the previous section, you might not want the stereo and lights to come on every time the door is opened. As such,
In this section, you ll look at the Drivetrain row of Figure 5-1 and see how to get the most out of the internal combustion engine vehicle drivetrain components you adopt for your EV conversion. The drivetrain in any vehicle comprises those components that transfer its motive power to the wheels and tires. The problem is, two separate vocabularies are used when talking about drivetrains for electric motors as opposed to those for internal combustion
Table C-1 is a list of more than 100 publishers and development companies in the game industry. It is by no means complete, however! There are many hundreds more around the world, as well as subcontractors that offer particular services sound design or motion capture, for example. I have concentrated on large publishers and developers in the U.S., Canada, and the UK, as well as a few others. Gamasutra ( has a much larger database, which I encourage you to visit for more information. You can also find a long list of developers and publishers at Yahoo s directory. Visit, then navigate to Business and Economy > Shopping and Services > Computers > Software > Games > Developers and Publishers. Now that interactive entertainment is big business, the game industry is subject to just as much corporate merger-mania as any other enterprise. Publishers often buy up smaller publishers and key developers; the large media companies are getting into the act too. It is getting harder and harder to keep track of who stands in what relationship to whom. For your purposes as a job-seeker, however, it doesn t really matter that Blizzard
Table 12.5 Riprap D50 size and blanket thickness. Riprap Class 1 2 3 D50 Minimum Size (in) 9.5 16 23 Approximate D50 Weight (Pounds) 40 200 600 Minimum Blanket Thickness (In) 19 32 46
In order to specify the source and destination of messages, TCP/IP utilizes a numeric address scheme. In the TCP/IP protocol, a station s address is known as an IP address. On a given network, no two stations will have the same IP address; this uniqueness permits any station to communicate directly with any other station. The TCP/IP IP address scheme also includes something called a subnet mask, which permits a station to determine whether any particular IP address resides on the same subnetwork. Furthermore, an IP address plan usually includes a default gateway, a station on the network that is able to forward messages to stations on other networks.
FAR/FRR formulas
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