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int v = iOb.GetOb();
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7- 13 Find the area under the curve y = x
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is beyond the scope of this book; see the SQL Server Books Online for more information. Figure 6-27 shows the dialog box that allows users to choose either a server or local cube; in the screenshot the Advanced button has been clicked. The Advanced button opens two additional fields on the form that allow users to enter a username and password. These options are normally used when a cube is made accessible via HTTP; this makes it easier for companies to access cubes across firewalls in some cases. The username and password can also be used when accessing cubes across domains if a trust does not exist; the user can enter credentials that allow access to the domain on which Analysis Services resides. After selecting a server name and clicking the OK button, the user is presented with a list of the server s databases on the left, and a list of the cubes in the selected database on the right. In Figure 6-28, there is only a single database called Adventure Works DW, and on the right is a list of cubes and perspectives. A perspective in Analysis Services 2005 is much like a view in a relational database: it s a way to limit what can be seen in the cube. A perspective is not a security mechanism but a way to reduce the complexity of a cube. This means that one large cube with many dimensions can be simplified by creating different perspectives for different groups of users. As far as client tools are concerned, cubes and perspectives are treated identically.
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Internet access 10 Mbps
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The conditional expression controlling a for loop can be any valid expression that produces a bool result. It does not need to involve the loop control variable. For example, in the next program, the for loop is controlled by the value of done. pdf417 free
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It is similar to the one used by FailSoftArray except that the range is checked by testing it against the values in lowerBound and upperBound. RangeArray illustrates just one kind of custom array that you can create through the use of indexers and properties. There are, of course, several others. For example, you can create dynamic arrays, which expand and contract as needed, associative arrays, and sparse arrays. You might want to try creating one of these types of arrays as an exercise.
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The nested from clauses cause both chrs and chrs2 to be iterated over. Here is how it works. First, a character is obtained from chrs and stored in ch1. Then, the chrs2 array is enumerated. With each iteration of the inner from, a character from chrs2 is stored in ch2 and the select clause is executed. The result of the select clause is a new object of type ChrPair that contains the character pair ch1, ch2 produced by each iteration of the inner from. Thus, a ChrPair is produced in which each possible combination of characters is obtained. Another common use of a nested from is to iterate over a data source that is contained within another data source. An example of this is found in the section, Use let to Create a Variable in a Query, later in this chapter. code 39 generator database
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#include <iostream> #include <iomanip> using namespace std; int main() { cout << setprecision(2) << 1000.243 << endl; cout << setw(20) << "Hello there."; return 0; }
Indeterminate Forms
Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
SIP Responses
Copy Data From Open Field Editor Clear Field Clear All Fields
Figure 8-15 A SONET loop
25.06.The CD contains a multimedia demonstration of troubleshooting PPP authentication on a router. Of course, looking at the preceding output, you don t really know that this was an authentication problem. To determine this, use the debug ppp authentication command. Here s an example of the use of this command with two-way CHAP authentication:
(Some companies have found the ideal solution. They charge their customers to provide service that a well-designed product wouldn t require.) The basic problem is that having technical folks respond to e-mail customer service queries is boring for the individual. They soon develop a bad attitude and quit. Having nontechnical personnel respond has the danger of responses not being technically correct (or even close in some cases). Therefore, the need to create a low-cost, accurate automated e-mail response system is absolutely necessary. The answers to simple and standard e-mail queries can be handled by a completely automated system. An example of this is that a customer can order parts by e-mail. If the customer is willing to include the part number and catalog number, it greatly minimizes the probability of error. Although this is an idealized example, of a query/response from an automated system point of view, it illustrates one end of the spectrum of capabilities. In real life, customers will mix multiple unrelated topics in an e-mail. (We know we do it all the time.) The trick then for the automated system is to accurately parse the content of the e-mail for subjects, verbs, and objects. The analysis of the query then eliminates the chaff and identifies the important content. The success or failure of the system depends upon the complexity of the topics and issues. Take a test drive before you buy! The two goals of improving service while lowering costs are often in conflict. Our opinion is that good responsive customer service should outweigh the cost consideration. Who is the company to the customers Well, at first it is the salesperson who sold the product (unless it is bought off the shelf in a store) and after that it is the customer service representative/system. Future sales (via word of mouth) rest upon the responsiveness of our customer service. Ever more, our corporate image is our Web site backed up by the customer service system. As technology improves, more and more automation can be applied to the customer service problem. Our preferred design approach for an automated system is to automatically scan and parse the e-mail looking for issues. It s important to fabricate an immediate, automatic response outlining the issues detected. This response always includes a hyperlink to the specific Web page that addresses those issues. This would include a pointer to frequently asked questions. For those subjects not recognized or identified, that fact is relayed to the customer. The following issues have been sent to our research department.
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