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Table 1-1. Citrix Presentation Server Feature Grid (Continued)
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Defining Groups
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Subscriber Installation and Terminal Devices
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Although nonstructural components are lighter weight, they can participate as structural components. Usually 25 perent of combined weight is considered as the required minimum. Such components are likely to include: Stay-in-place forms used for deck construction Large diameter utility pipes Bridge mounted signs Light poles Railings Sidewalks.
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The Access Gateway Advanced Access Control Web Server component is responsible for processing the access center HTTP requests. The web servers act as an entry point for the access farm. The web server is also responsible for forwarding requests to appropriate agent servers for processing when the Access Center user interface is being used. After the request is processed by the agent server, the response is returned to the web server and forwarded to the client browser. Selecting a Redundancy Solution As a vital component of the access farm, it is important that at least one web server is online at all times. If all the web servers in the access farm fail, no functionality is available for the users. To prevent this from happening, Citrix recommends that multiple web servers be configured in the access farm. As with any other standard web server, a hardware load balancer or Microsoft s network load balancing should be used to load balance connections to the web servers. In addition to providing load balancing, this configuration permits redundancy if one of the web servers fails. When using a hardware load balancer with multiple web servers, the user is unaffected during a failure, primarily because the web servers do not hold any state information and any requests from currently connected users can be routed seamlessly to another web server. The most important thing to remember when using a load-balanced solution is that the load-balanced FQDN must be used for all components that need to reference the web server. IMPORTANT The security certificates on all the web servers must be identical. In addition, the security certificates must be configured for the load-balanced FQDN.
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Share of Ethernet Volume of LAN Ports
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Set DF bit in IP header
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Setting up a valid parallel test is complicated in many cases. In effect, you need to insert a logical Y cable into the business process flow so that the information flow will split and flow both to production systems (without interfering with their operation) and to the backup systems. Results of transactions need to be compared. Personnel need to be able to determine whether the backup systems would be able to output correct data without actually having them do so. In many complex environments, you would not want the DR system to actually feed information back into a live environment, because that might cause duplicate events to occur someplace else in the organization (or with customers, suppliers, or other parties). For instance, in a travel reservations system, you would not want a DR system to actually book travel, because that would cost real money and consume available space on an airline or other mode of transportation. But it would be important to know whether the DR system would be able to perform those functions. Somewhere along the line, it will be necessary to unplug the DR system from the rest of the environment and manually examine results to see if they appear to be correct. Organizations that do wish to see if their backup/DR systems can manage a real workload can perform a cutover test, which is discussed next.
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Minimum Focal Length (Wide Angle): Maximum Focal Length (Telephoto): Macro Mode: Minimum Focus Distance: Exposure Settings:
As you have seen in some of the preceding examples, one loop can be nested inside of another. C++ allows at least 256 levels of nesting. Nested loops are used to solve a wide variety of programming problems. For example, the following program uses a nested for loop to find the prime numbers from 2 to 1000:
Node workstation
TABLE 16.8
This program downloads the information at and puts it into a file called data.txt. Notice how few lines of code are involved. By changing the string specified by uri, you can download information from any URI, including specific files. Although WebRequest and WebResponse give you greater control and access to more information, WebClient is all that many applications will need. It is particularly useful when all you need to do is download information from the Web. For example, you might use WebClient to allow an application to obtain documentation updates.
Data and Observations
constraint: struct. Of these constraints, the base class constraint and the interface constraint are probably the most often used, but all are important. Each of the constraints is examined in the following sections.
Organizations should have processes and procedures in place to manage the development, acquisition, and maintenance of software applications and supporting infrastructure. These processes ensure that all of the activities related to additions and changes to software applications are performed consistently, and that all necessary considerations are included and documented. Program management is the oversight of several projects and project teams. A program manager oversees project managers who manage individual projects in a program that contributes to an organization objective. The program manager s oversight includes monitoring project schedules, budgets, resource allocation, conflicts, and the preparation
Guidelines <40% sustained utilization <70% peak (1 second) Device dependent (typically <5,000 frames/second) <10% of Frame Rate <10% of Frame Rate
Figure 5-9 SIP establishment of a two-party call
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