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In addition to making arrowheads point in the right direction, Reverse Curve Direction is also a handy way to enforce PostScript conventions when you print to a PostScript printer. Adobe Systems PostScript language is a page description language that has very fixed and definite rules about the direction of paths in a compound shape, which can be demonstrated with the letter o. If your compound path o appears to be filled and not hollow, it s not speaking PostScript language. To change this, click the sub-path of the compound path, reverse the path direction using this button, and you ll find that the o will then print properly.
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Sub RedFill_BlueOutline() '' Recorded 4/1/2008 '' Description: '' Simple test macro; creating a rectangle with a fill and outline Dim OrigSelection As ShapeRange Set OrigSelection = ActiveSelectionRange OrigSelection.ApplyUniformFill CreateCMYKColor(0, 100, 100, 0) OrigSelection.SetOutlineProperties Color:=CreateCMYKColor(100, 100, 0, 0) OrigSelection.SetOutlineProperties 0.041665 End Sub
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Exposure factor (EF) This is the financial loss that results from the realization of a threat, expressed as a percentage of the asset s total value. Most threats do not completely eliminate the asset s value; instead they reduce its value. For example, if a construction company s $120,000 earth mover is destroyed in a fire, the equipment will still have salvage value, even if that is only 10 percent of the asset s value. In this case the EF would be 90 percent. Note that different threats will have different impacts on EF, because the realization of different threats will cause varying amounts of damage to assets. Single loss expectancy (SLE) This value represents the financial loss when a threat is realized one time. SLE is defined as AV EF. Note that different threats have a varied impact on EF, so those threats will also have the same multiplicative effect on SLE. Annualized rate of occurrence (ARO) This is an estimate of the number of times that a threat will occur per year. If the probability of the threat is 1 in 50, then ARO is expressed as 0.02. However, if the threat is estimated to occur four times per year, then ARO is 4.0. Like EF and SLE, ARO will vary by threat. Annualized loss expectancy (ALE) This is the expected annualized loss of asset value due to threat realization. ALE is defined as SLE ARO. ALE is based upon the verifiable values AV, EF, and SLE, but because ARO is only an estimate, ALE is only as good as ARO. Depending upon the value of the asset, the risk manager may need to take extra care to develop the best possible estimate for ARO, based upon whatever data is available. Sources for estimates include History of event losses in the organization History of similar losses in other organizations History of dissimilar losses Best estimates based on available data NOTE When performing a quantitative risk analysis for a given asset, the ALE for all threats can be added together. The sum of all ALEs is the annualized loss expectancy for the total array of threats. A particularly high sum of ALEs would mean that a given asset is confronted with a lot of significant threats that are more likely to occur. But in terms of risk treatment, ALEs are better off left as separate and associated with their respective threats. Developing Mitigation Strategies An important part of risk analysis is the investigation of potential solutions for reducing or eliminating risk. This involves understanding specific threats and their impact (EF) and likelihood of occurrence (ARO). Once a given asset and threat combination has been baselined (that is, the existing asset, threats, and controls have been analyzed to understand the threats as they exist right now), the risk analyst can then apply various hypothetical means for reducing risk, documenting each one in terms of its impact on EF and ARO.
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is legal because B inherits A. However, the second declaration
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A writer in the game industry needs to be a generalist, not a specialist; there isn t enough demand for them to be able to specialize in just one area. However, these are some of the various things you might be asked to create as a writer: Game design documents The game designers normally document the design of the game, but occasionally the designers are too busy to cast their work into prose form, and they hire a writer to do it for them. The writer must attend design meetings, take copious notes, ask numerous questions, and then go away and organize it all into a document. Design documentation is a form of technical writing with a creative side, since it often includes fiction elements as well: backstory, character definitions, plot outlines, and so on.
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Now when the program is run, the following output is produced:
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4.3.3 Designing crystal oscillators
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The output is shown here:
Reporting and Analysis
The System namespace defines several standard, built-in exceptions. All are derived (either directly or indirectly) from SystemException since they are generated by the CLR when runtime errors occur. Several of the more commonly used standard exceptions are shown in Table 13-1.
Part B
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