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There is an important restriction that applies to overloading the relational operators: You must overload them in pairs. For example, if you overload <, you must also overload >, and vice versa. The operator pairs are
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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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Uterosacral ligaments Cardinal ligaments
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Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition for Windows: The Official Guide
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Solution: This is a problem that needs to be translated from words to mathematics. The phrase "the rate of change of. . . x with y" means derivative; the phrase "the square root of the product" is explicit. Form the product and take the square root. Read the sentence carefully, several times if necessary, and write
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Digital Photography QuickSteps Getting the Most from Your Camera PC QuickSteps Getting to Know Your PC
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Using the IDE to Create a Console Application
For TI-Bonus plans, earnings are expressed as a percent of target incentive earnings for performance as compared to quota. Use the TIBonus formula when territories are not of equal size but you wish to provide similar earnings opportunities. Whether the territory is $1M or $2M, $5M or $10M, accomplishment of sales objectives can be expressed as a percent of goal: 75 percent of goal, 100 percent of goal, or 125 percent of goal, for example. In this manner, the formula expresses payments as a percent of goal achieved and not as a percent
Part III:
This is a comment. Like most other programming languages, C# lets you enter a remark into a program s source file. The contents of a comment are ignored by the compiler. Instead, a comment describes or explains the operation of the program to anyone who is reading its source code. In this case, the comment describes the program and reminds you to call the source file Example.cs. Of course, in real applications, comments generally explain how some part of the program works or what a specific feature does. C# supports three styles of comments. The one shown at the top of the program is called a multiline comment. This type of comment must begin with /* and end with */. Anything between these two comment symbols is ignored by the compiler. As the name suggests, a multiline comment can be several lines long. The next line in the program is
Identify the purpose of the audit. For example, this may be an audit that is required by a law, regulation, standard, or business contract. Or this may be an audit to determine compliance with internal control objectives to measure control effectiveness.
ASICs. ASICs are specialized processors, and in the switching world, they are built to do one thing: switch frames very, very fast. As an example, the Catalyst 2960 switch has a frame rate of 2.7 million fps, which is more than 50 times faster than the fastest bridge! Note that the 2960 is a low-end switch; Cisco s Catalyst 6500 has a rate of 400 million fps!
FIGURE 21-26
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