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Exploring the C# Library
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Part II:
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Farm management is required to verify that the farm continues to meet the needs of the business environment. Servers should be monitored to verify that the load is appropriate. Too many users, runaway processes, memory leaks, and poor applications on a server can lead to poor performance. Citrix has graciously provided administrators with a nice collection of tools for managing servers, server farms, published resources, and connections. The two main consoles are the Access Management Console and the Presentation Server Console. Both consoles are installed by default when you install XenApp Server. Either console may be installed on the XenApp servers (Typical install). Alternatively, to make things a bit easier, you can install either or both on your workstation. For performance reasons it is preferred that the Access Management Console be installed on the XenApp server. Only users in the Citrix Administrators group are authorized to use the AMC.
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The voltage across each resistor can be found using the fact that i s (t) = G T v(t), from which we conclude that v(t) = RT i s (t), which gives v(t) = 4 9 cos 177t = 12 cos 177t V 3
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To delete a layer in your document, right-click the layer and choose Delete. Keep in mind that the objects on the layer you delete will also be deleted.
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Advanced Report and Chart Formatting
If the infrastructure assessment indicates that a network management package is already utilized as part of the existing client-centric environment, the planning team should extend it to encompass the Citrix architecture. The team should also decide on how the existing network management package, or a new one, can best be configured to work with software such as Citrix EdgeSite. (Citrix EdgeSite is covered in detail in 12.)
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The output from the program is shown here:
$9,000 x 100 = 3.6% $250,000
When you come upon a scene you d like to photograph, examine the scene from several different vantage points before taking the picture. If you have sufficient room on your memory card, take several pictures of what you consider to be the best vistas.
Using Transparency Operations (Merge Modes)
You can also manually adjust the color of an image. Photoshop Elements has several commands for adjusting color. A complete tutorial on every command is beyond the scope of this book, but in this section, I ll cover the Color Variations command, which makes it possible for you to adjust color with several visual references.
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