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Basic OSPF Configuration
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The Presentation Server Console queries the data collector and the member servers for information such as running processes, connected users, and server loads. Depending on the size of the server farm, the Presentation Server Console might affect performance in the server farm. The following are recommendations for managing performance issues with the Presentation Server Console: In Citrix Presentation Server deployments with hundreds of servers and thousands of users, connect only one instance of the Presentation Server Console to the farm for each zone.
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his chapter covers important IOS features that you can use to manage your IOS device. Many of these features are supported across all IOS devices, but some of them are supported on only certain devices. This chapter offers an in-depth discussion of configuration files. It also discusses how to upgrade your IOS device and remotely access it via the Secure Shell (SSH).You can use many tools on your IOS device for troubleshooting connection problems, including the Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP), ping, traceroute, telnet, and debug. These tools are discussed at the end of the chapter.
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Generally, short functions like those illustrated in this example are defined inside the class declaration. This convention will be followed by the rest of the examples in this book.
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where a and b are constants. The Laplace transform is quite general and can be applied to a wide variety of functions. We won t be too worried about actually calculating Laplace transforms directly. Instead we will just list some Laplace transforms of functions that are commonly encountered in circuit analysis and show how to work with them. However, let s calculate a few examples explicitly. EXAMPLE 13-1 Find the Laplace transform of the constant function f (t) = c SOLUTION Looking at the de nition (13.3) we nd {c} = F(s) =
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Miscellaneous Functions
Adobe Systems offers its Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR), formerly code-named Apollo. Adobe AIR is a cross-operating-system application runtime that allows developers to use HTML/CSS, AJAX, Adobe Flash, and Adobe Flex to extend rich Internet applications (RIAs) to the desktop. New features in Adobe AIR include an embedded local database, PDF support, enhanced capabilities for JavaScript developers, and deeper integration with Adobe Flex. Adobe AIR and the Adobe AIR Software Developer s Kit (SDK) can be downloaded for free from
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1. Connection Verify the proper call procedures or protocol for Q.931 are occurring Verify that the B channel data or voice is working correctly 2. Configuation Check that the SPID (Subscriber Profile IDentifier) is configured correctly and accepted. Timing; interaction of prompts (Alerting) and responses (Setup) Protocol conformance and interoperability variance among ISDN equipment manufacturers and international implementation
System Development Tools
LAB 8.1
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