Figure 4-18 Alternate routes for connecting nodes in Software

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labor (IOL) secondary to ______) admit to labor and delivery - Antibiotic prophylaxis (Pphx) if GBS+ - CBC/Type and Screen (T&S) - NPO except ice chips - Intravenous fluid (IVF): lactate ringers (LR) @ 120 cc/h - Plan for pain management - Fetal heart rate (FHR) tracing reactive/reassuring/ concerning. Continue EFM/TOCO - Any additional issues that will need to be addressed postpartum What are relevant aspects of a patient s past obstetrical history (ObHx) For each prior pregnancy: date of delivery, mode of delivery or outcome, gestational age and weight at delivery (weeks), anesthesia complications, (maternal and fetal) History of infertility Type of uterine incision with prior C-sections Year and EGA of all abortions and procedures (spontaneous abortion [SAB], elective termination of pregnancy [ETOP] or voluntary termination of pregnancy [VTOP], intrauterine demise [IUD] c dilation and curettage [D&C], dilation and evacuation [D&E]) What are relevant aspects of a patient s past gynecologic history (GynHx) Gyn triad: age of menarche/cycle length/duration of menstruation History of cysts, fibroids, abnormal Pap smears, gyn surgeries STIs Prior use of contraception What are relevant aspects of a patient s social history (SH) Domestic violence Social support Occupation Highest level of education Nutrition Tobacco, alcohol, drug use What are relevant aspects of a patient s genetic & family history (FHx) Relatives with pregnancy-related disorders (e.g., pregnancy losses)
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physical representation based on the media type, such as electrical for copper, light for fiber, or a radio wave for wireless The type of interface, commonly called a NIC, can be a physical card that you put into a computer, such as a 10BaseT Ethernet card, or a fixed interface on a router, such as a Fast Ethernet port on a Cisco 1841 router. The physical layer is also responsible for how binary information is converted to a physical layer signal and vice versa. For example, if the cable uses copper as a transport medium, the physical layer defines how binary 1s and 0s are converted into an electrical signal by using different voltage levels. If the cable uses fiber, the physical layer defines how 1s and 0s are represented using an LED or laser with different light frequencies. Binary numbering is discussed in 7. Data communications equipment (DCE) terminates a physical WAN connection and provides clocking and synchronization of a connection between two locations and connects to data termination equipment (DTE). The DCE category includes equipment such as CSU/DSUs, NT1s, and modems. A DTE is an end user device, such as a router or a PC, that connects to the WAN via the DCE device. In some cases, the function of the DCE may be built into the DTE s physical interface. For instance, certain Cisco routers can be purchased with built-in
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Fan communities from related media Mass Culture Cultural dialogue about games
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C. trachomatis Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), pregnancy and neonatal complications, cervical cancer, increased risk of HIV transmission Annual screening of C. trachomatis and N. gonorrhoeae for all sexually active women 25 years of age, or those at high risk >25 (new sex partner or multiple sex partners) Treat all partners and test for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B and C
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In a typical deployment scenario, shown in Figure 6.1, a single downstream channel with a data rate of 38.8 Mbps is split and shared over four fiber nodes, with each fiber node serving a population of approximately 500 households passed (HHP). Each fiber node has a dedicated upstream channel with a configured data rate of 10.24 Mbps. Assuming 20 percent penetration of high-speed data customers, the result is approximately 400 customers share the downstream channel and approximately 100 customers share each upstream channel. With interactive services, this type of deployment can typically support user data rates in the range of 5 Mbps downstream and 3 Mbps upstream. Operators generally offer different tiers of service with different configured data rates (controlled by the provisioning system). The typical deployment is not a static configuration, however. As penetration rates increase, the data rates offered to customers increase and user behavior migrates to everhigher bandwidth usage. Cable operators stay ahead of the demand by evolving their networks. Some tools available to the operator include node splits, node recombining, and multichannel load balancing. In a node split, the operator replaces a single fiber node with two, cutting in half the number of households passed per fiber node. With node recombining, the operator modifies the CMTS connectivity such that the downstream channel is split over a smaller number of fiber nodes (two or three rather than four). With multichannel load balancing, the operator adds a second (or third) downstream or upstream channel
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button on the Property Bar, as shown here. You have a single shape now, and the teeth on the gear look more pronounced and don t need root canal work.
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Ctr::CountDown cd1 = new Ctr::CountDown(10);
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Total prestress losses ( fpES fpTL fpRI) (LRFD Loss due to elastic shortening fpES Ep fcg p / Eci (LRFD fcg p (Pi /A Pi e2 / I MD e / I) For low relaxation prestressing strands, initial prestress 0.75 fpu (LRFD Table 5-7) PPR fpy Aps / (fpy Aps fy As) (LRFD Table 5-12) Time-dependent losses for I-girder: 6.0)/6.0] 6.0 PPR 6.0 (LRFD fpTL 33[1.0 0.15 (fc Relaxation at transfer fpRI log (24.0 t) [(fpj/fpy) 0.55] fpj / 40.0 For As 0, PPR 1 LRFD Eq. (5-8) fpb Ppe /A Ppe e/Sb Maximum reinforcement: (LRFD 6.5.6) c/de 0.42 (LRFD 9. Critical shear check (LRFD 5.11.4) Shear check is not required if there is no visible sign of shear distress. Critical location for shear occurs near the supports and it is greater of dv or 0.5 dv (Cot ). (LRFD Effective shear depth dv is maximum of: 0.9 de; 0.72 h; distance between resultants of tensile and compressive forces. Assume 30 degrees; 0.5 dv (Cot ) 0.87 dv dv Minimum transfer length 60 strand diameters (LRFD 5.11.4) If section is outside transfer length, full value of fpo is used in calculating shear resistance. Maximum shear at critical section near supports: Total shear VLane VTruck IMP Nominal shear resistance Vn Vs Vc Vp LRFD Eq (5-66) For straight tendons, V p 0 Provide minimum transverse reinforcement: 10. Modi ed Compression Field Theory (MCFT) VLane 0.0316 (fc )0.5 bv S / fy (LRFD VLane 0.0316 (fc )0.5 b v d v LRFD Eq (5-68) Vs Av fy dv Cot / S LRFD Eq (5-69) 11. Simpli ed approach for shear design 45 degrees; 2 0.5 Vc 0.0316 (fc ) bv dv
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Meetings, Meetings, Meetings!
CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide
If you don t specify a specific interface, the IOS device displays all of its interfaces those enabled as well as those disabled. Here is an example of the output of this command on a router:
Figure 5-37 Linking a filter to a scorecard normally means linking it to the Filters endpoint.
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The lock keyword is used when working with multiple threads. In C#, a program can contain two or more threads of execution. When this is the case, pieces of the program are multitasked. Thus, pieces of the program execute independently and simultaneously. This raises the prospect of a special type of problem: What if two threads try to use a resource that can be used by only one thread at a time To solve this problem, you can create a critical code section that will be executed by one and only one thread at a time. This is accomplished by lock. Its general form is shown here: lock(obj) { // critical section } Here, obj is the object on which the lock is synchronized. If one thread has already entered the critical section, then a second thread will wait until the first thread exits the critical section.
12: Delegates, Events, and Namespaces
Sales management should strive to avoid mid-year changes to the compensation plan. However, in some cases where major territory changes occur, sales management will need to make adjustments.
The path between a satellite and a receiving site on Earth may be calculated using the following procedure: Lpath(dB) 32.44 20 log d (km) 20 log f(MHz)
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