Figure 4-13 Optical ber fusion splicer in Software

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solution, the only issue to consider in the event of failure is the restoration of the lost wavelength. Solutions ranging from path-level protection to mesh-based span protection have been proposed. With the big pipe concept, the capacity of several transmission channels is combined to form a single large payload. In this scenario, many options exist for implementing protection. If a single transmission channel fails, for example, the failure may not affect the transmission of data if extra capacity exists in the big pipe. Alternatively, it may be desirable for the failure to result in a switch to a protection subchannel to replace the failed channel. The protection mechanisms are very similar to those of previous solutions that deal with aggregated signals.
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Graph the function y = 2x - 3.
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Battery Charging Cycle
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When entering your network statements, you need to include any network that is associated with your router s interfaces; if you omit a network, your router will not include the omitted interface in the routing process. As you can see from the preceding example, all the subnets were included. Remember, however, that the router requires only that you enter the class addresses. If you were to execute a show running-config command, you would not see the four networks just listed, but only the Class B and C network numbers. You shouldn t worry about this; it s just that you entered more commands than were necessary. In reality, you needed to enter only these two network commands:
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Quality assurance is the veri cation of the effectiveness of quality control measures. QA is a formalized system that documents the structure, responsibilities, and procedures required to achieve and deliver a quality product. Prepare a project speci c QA plan (PSQAP) including the authority s capital project delivery procedures: design submission procedure, contract meeting checklist, CPM audit procedure, CPM quality management policy, department certi cation, designer certi cation, interactive communications procedures (prepare/submit a design communications report (DCR), quality management plan procedure, quality checklists, design services certi cation, and capital project delivery responsibilities matrices. The checklist items are the major design items that are important to assure accurate development of the contract documents. The authority s subject matter experts (SMEs) will continually interact with these units during the design process. This proactive approach serves to minimize comments and shorten comment resolution. In concert with our QA/QC team leader, both our PM and DPM will make sure that the team adheres to an approved QA plan. Corrective measures an informal review of work on an ongoing basis with the appropriate SMEs prior to submissions are required so that actual submissions generate a minimal number of comments, or preferably none. Expedite the resolution of any authority comments. Perform construction inspection as an integral QA/ QC tool during the entire design process. Experienced construction engineers will be asked to make reviews periodically during the design process to ensure that the designs are constructible, practical, safe, and economical. Regularly review the updates of the baseline document change, corrective action notices, and quality improvement advisory announcements on the NJTA Website to incorporate into the design. Consider including value engineering as part of normal QA/QC practices.
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Outside o f generalization hierarchies, 1-1 relationships are not c o m m o n . They can occur w h e n entities with separate identifiers are closely related. For example, Figure 6.31 shows the Employee and Office entity types connected by a 1-1 relationship. Separate entity types s e e m intuitive, but a 1-1 relationship connects the entity types. Rule 7 converts 1-1 rela tionships into two foreign keys unless many null values will result. In Figure 6 . 3 1 , most employees will not manage offices. Thus, the conversion in Figure 6.32 eliminates the foreign key (OfficeNo) in the employee table. 7. 1-1 Relationship Rule: Each 1-1 relationship is converted into two foreign keys. If the relationship is optional with respect to one o f the entity types, the corresponding foreign key m a y be dropped to eliminate null values.
Now that microprocessors are available, more convenient gating periods are used. In the second method, a timed gating period of, say, 1 second, 1 minute, or 1 hour is used, and a calculation of BER is made from the accumulated totals. The advantage of this method is that it provides results that are compatible with the error-performance criteria discussed subsequently. The third method determines the gating period by counting sufficient errors (typically 100 or more) for statistically reliable results. Again, the processor calculates BER from the accumulated totals. This method can lead to very long gating periods with low BER values. For example, a system running at 100 Mbps with a BER of 10-12 would take nearly 12 days to accumulate 100 errors. The most commonly used method is the second, which calculates BER after a fixed, repetitive gating period. In this case, the variance in the result will continuously change, so it is normal to give some kind of warning if the variance exceeds generally acceptable levels. The most widely accepted level is 10 percent, i.e., an error count of at least 100 errors. In practical digital transmission systems, particularly those using radio propagation, the BER can vary substantially over time. In this case, the long-term mean value provides only part of the story. Communications engineers also are interested in the percentage of time the system under test is unacceptably degraded. This is called error analysis or error performance, which is discussed in section 26.3.3.
Figure 26.19 The modern BER test set generates a large amount of information on errored events and calculates error performance measurements. This sample printout shows the type of data available.
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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
18.1 Reversible Reactions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 137 18.2 Equilibrium . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 141 CHAPTER 19
Popular Methodologies, Frameworks, and Guidance
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