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During an earthquake, bearings are subjected to displacements, rotation, and lateral forces in various directions, resulting in brittle failure of the unidirectional steel high rocker and low sliding bearings. Replacing these bearings with ductile, multi-rotational, and multi-directional bearings provides safety against potential unseating of the superstructure. During rehabilitation work, existing structures are jacked to remove the existing steel rocker or steel sliding bearings. Due to the height differences between the elastomeric bearings and the existing rocker bearings, existing pedestals are built up to a higher elevation, as recommended in the Seismic Retro tting Manual for Highway Bridges (FHWA RD-94-052). Recent earthquakes, including Kobe, indicate that the failure of the steel bearings caused substantial damage to the superstructure, which closed down the highway system. Depending upon the capacity of the existing substructure, it is prudent to investigate seismic demand due to a design earthquake on the substructure. When warranted, the seismic demand can be reduced by adjusting the bearing con gurations in one of the following manners: 1. Providing all expansion bearings with transverse restraints, thus reducing the transverse force demand by distributing it to all the substructures through expansion and xed bearings. Providing conventional laminated elastomeric bearings at the expansion supports and using a lead core base isolation bearing at the xed support will reduce the seismic demand. 2. Providing guided pot bearings at the expansion supports and a lead core base-isolation bearing at the xed support. Since the coef cient of friction for expansion pot bearings is less than for elastomeric bearings, it will further reduce the demand on the substructure. 3. Providing a xed bearing at one of the abutments and expansion bearings at the pier and the other abutment, which will help to reduce the seismic demand at the pier.
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Think of the kaleidoscope images you enjoyed as a child (or still do!) when you choose the Complex Star Tool, because with only an edit or two using the Shape Tool, you can create mesmerizing symmetrical shapes, unlike with any other tool in CorelDRAW. To use the tool, you know the drill if you ve read this far! You click-diagonal drag to create a shape; by default the Complex Star has 9 points of a value of 2 on a 1- to 2-point sharpness scale (available to define on the Property Bar; see the following illustration).
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PBX 6 Intermediate Trunk
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Continuing in this manner, we construct precisely k rectangles, R1 , R2 , . . . , Rk , as shown in Fig. 4.5. Now the sum of the areas of these rectangles is not exactly equal to the area A that we seek. But it is close. The error is the sum of the little semi-triangular pieces that are shaded in Fig. 4.6. We can make that error as small as we please by making the partition ner. Figure 4.7 illustrates this idea. Let us denote by R(f, P ) the sum of the areas of the rectangles that we created from the partition P . This is called a Riemann sum. Thus
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If the camera is unable to achieve focus in low light conditions, momentarily shine a penlight on the area you want the camera to focus on. After focus has been achieved, turn off the penlight and take the picture. Alternatively, you can switch to manual focus.
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CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide
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Solution: The general expression for velocity is the time derivative of the x = f ( t ), or
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The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
Electric Vehicle Myths (Dispelling the Rumors)
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Deployment Challenges
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Review of Selected Biometrics Programs
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