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Figure 1.8 Proper winding for a toroidal
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If you are using the Visual Studio IDE, you will need to add both files to your project and then build. Before moving on, let s review a fundamental principle: Each object has its own copies of the instance variables defined by its class. Thus, the contents of the variables in one object can differ from the contents of the variables in another. There is no connection between the two objects except for the fact that they are both objects of the same type. For example, if you have two Building objects, each has its own copy of Floors, Area, and Occupants, and the contents of these can (and often will) differ between the two objects. The following program demonstrates this fact:
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NOTE: The best way to get this information is by typing hostname at a Windows command prompt.
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Fact #2: The game business in the U.S. and Europe has a seasonal cycle based on Christmas.
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Standard C specifies five built-in predefined macro names. They are _ _LINE_ _ _ _FILE_ _ _ _DATE_ _ _ _TIME_ _ _ _STDC_ _ Standard C++ adds _ _cplusplus To these, C++ Builder defines these additional built-in macros: _ _BCOPT_ _ _ _BCPLUSPLUS_ _ _ _BORLANDC_ _ _ _CDECL_ _ _CHAR_UNSIGNED _ _CODEGUARD_ _ _ _CONSOLE_ _ _ CPPUNWIND _ _DLL_ _ _ _FLAT_ _ _ _FUNC_ _ _M_IX86 _ _MSDOS_ _ _ _MT_ _ _ _PASCAL_ _
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cursor to the right-hand side of the footer. Your footer should now appear as follows:
If you re photographing a crowded street or a group of people, shoot from above the crowd. The resulting picture will be more interesting. Photographing a street scene from a rooftop or the window of a second-story hotel room will give you a whole new perspective. You ll be able to see more people from the elevated vantage point than if you photograph the scene from street level. You can also create interesting portraits of people from high vantage points. Landscapes are great candidates for photographing from a bird s-eye view as well. The following photograph was taken from a trail that rims the cliffs at Pt. Reyes National Seashore. When you see the beach in the distance and the cliff at land s end, it s obvious the photo was taken from a high vantage point.
Finally, we re going to connect another zone in our Smart Home to the wholehouse A/V system. This connection will go beyond simply piping in the video and audio signals it will also incorporate a volume control for the audio system along with a remote control system to change channels, skip the DVD ahead a chapter, and so forth.
Pixel geometry
Data Type CHAR(L)
chapter 8 T h e c e l l
The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, have caused Americans to reevaluate the balance between domestic security and civil liberties. This chapter concentrates on one proposal raised post-09/11 that strikes at this balance: U.S. government adoption of a national identification card (or national ID) as part of a comprehensive nationwide identity system. National ID cards received heightened media attention from the Wall Street Journal, October 8, 2001, when Larry Ellison, the CEO of Oracle Corp. the world s largest database systems vendor in an article named, Smart Cards: Digital IDs Can Help Prevent Terrorism, called for the government to phase in digital ID cards and to interlink existing government databases in such a way as to have a more comprehensive national database about individuals. A national ID card proposal is bound to be controversial, complicated, and not that easy as a recent report of the National Research Council has made plain (Kent and Millett, eds. 2002). In the context of a national identification card system, biometrics is viewed as an enabling technology that will help make such a system effective by binding a person to his identity. The national identification card debate is not new in the United States and has long enjoyed lively discussion. For example, in 1975, Frances G. Knight, the Director of the Passport Office at the U.S. Department of State, advocated the issuance of a national ID card, with fingerprints, to every citizen. By the time she
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Figure 5-46. Hybrid Bonus and Commission Plan
Variables of type static are permanent variables within their own function or file. They differ from global variables because they are not known outside their function or file. Because static affects local variables differently than it does global ones, local and global variables will be examined separately here.
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