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Wireless flexibility One of the key benefits of an optical wireless mesh network is the fact that it is a wireless technology that brings with it most of the benefits of wireless technologies. Such benefits include rapid deployment and the lower cost of creating an infrastructure. Higher bandwidth For a wireless technology, optical wireless technology excels in its ability to deliver much higher bandwidth and network capacity, comparable to that of fiber, than other wireless technologies. Higher network capacity Because of the mesh topology, optical wireless mesh networks can offer higher end-to-end capacity by utilizing multiple alternate paths between any two points that may exist in the network. Additionally, mesh networks also offer higher network capacity by simultaneously utilizing the capacity of two or more noninterfering regions of the network. Network resiliency Mesh networks find their strength in their ability to route traffic using alternate paths. This ability gives optical mesh networks a very high degree of resiliency. Noninterfering and license-free All RF wireless products have the limitation that they either require a license for exclusive use of an RF spectrum or are vulnerable to interference from other users of the license-free spectrum. Optical wireless technology does not use the RF spectrum and, therefore, does not require an FCC license to operate. Optical wireless is also not vulnerable to external interference because of its narrow field of view. Low latency and small jitter Optical wireless technology adds virtually no latency as compared to most other wireless technologies. Mesh architecture does have the potential to add delay at each hop of the mesh. However, with each node of a mesh providing traffic classification and prioritization functions, the delay experienced by data traffic at each hop can be minimized to be insignificant.
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A germ you can t beat up with your fists. It seems there s an opportunity for a germbot. Of course, the problem is penetrating the other guy s armor. That s not all. Bill also predicts a rise in reconfigurable robots, which can be customized with specific weapons before each competition. You want to go after the opponent s weakness. That requires asymmetrical weapons. In football, Bill explains, everybody uses the same weapons. It s giant guys smashing into giant guys. You re not allowed to use glue or bombs. But imagine if you could show up with a bunch of spikes! Football would be a very different kind of game; you d have asymmetrical combat. And, while remotely operated combat is popular today, robots have a lot of potential for more automated competition. Competitions like RoboCup require the robots to use a combination of sensors and artificial intelligence (AI) style programming to behave in competition; there s no human intervention allowed. Will the style of competition that emphasizes robotic decision-making catch on Most builders don t think so, citing the excitement that comes from watching a human being drive the robot. You have to ask how entertaining will it be to have a robot go out there and try to find another robot on its own, muses Diesector s Donald Hutson. With me driving, you actually have someone to boo if I fail. Team Blendo s Jamie Hyneman agrees. The human aspect of the competition is important. You get to see this nervous guy handling the joystick, and you watch the elation on his face when it s going well and the look of dejection when he loses. It s human. Without that, it s not as interesting. But, while builders covet their joysticks, others are intrigued by AI. Says Bill Nye, I think it s more interesting, in a sense, when their strategy is all in their programming. Indeed, he says that this kind of technology is important as real-world industrial and scientific robots get more freedom to operate as an adjunct to humans. It s like sending rovers to Mars. Mars is so far away that there are minutes between when we send commands and the rover reacts. It needs to be able to make decisions on its own. What of the sport itself Some worry that it s a fad as so many pop-culture phenomenons turn out to be that will fade from the public consciousness and become an obscure hobby for tinkerers. Christian Carlberg admits that the jury is still out: This sport might be a fad that passes over the next few years, or it might grow into something as large as televised football. Nightmare s Jim Smentowski explains why shows like BattleBots stand a good chance of becoming a staple of American life. This is the only sport that kids and their parents in their living room, watching TV, can sit there and say Let s get involved in that, and they can! Next thing you know, they ll be on the next season of BattleBots! Greg Munson is doing something about it. BattleBots IQ is an academic program the show has created with the help of educators and academic roboticists for high school students. We re builders ourselves, he explains, and so we said, wouldn t it be great to learn about robots in school BattleBots IQ will be an elective that students can take to apply all the math and physics and science they learn in class to build a real robot. Greg hopes that BattleBots IQ will be more
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A solid is formed by rotating the triangle with vertices (0, 0), (2, 0), and (1, 1) about the x-axis. See Fig. 8.15. What is the resulting volume
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Digital Photography QuickSteps PC QuickSteps Editing Your Digital Images Getting to Know Your PC
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In spite of rigorous adherance to the color code, AC conductors can sometimes become switched. Most often the fault lies in a homemade shore-power cord where the mirror-image male and female plugs and receptacle patterns are easily confused. Reverse polarity is a dangerous situation. The boat s ground is inadvertently raised to 120 VAC, along with the seawater immediately surrounding the boat via the bonding of underwater metal. A person swimming near the boat could be electrocuted. Unfortunately, most AC electrical equipment will operate normally with reverse polarity. We need some way to test for proper polarity when establishing a shore-power connection. Figure 7.22 shows how you can perform the test with a 120-volt lamp. The lamp should light whenever one of its leads is in the hot socket and the other in either the neutral or grounding socket. If the lamp lights when the leads are in the large rectangular and U-shaped sockets, then either the neutral or the grounding conductor is hot and the polarity is reversed. Fix the polarity immediately before someone is injured or electrocuted! A proper shore-power hookup will have a reversepolarity warning light in the AC-distribution panel (required by ABYC). If yours doesn t, you can install one as described in 14. Alternatively, you can purchase a plug-in polarity tester at any hardware store for about $5. Plug it into an onboard AC receptacle each time you establish a shorepower connection. It may save someone s life.
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Teammates and key vendors
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Build Your Own Combat Robot
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CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor All-in-One Exam Guide
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Theorem 2.4 (The Pinching Theorem)
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Project life cycles are a central theme of an IT department. Life cycles can include: Implementing or upgrading existing software Software development life cycle ( SDLC ) Asset management Patch management Configuration management IT projects often involve a great investment on the part of an organization. The success of these projects can be critical to an organization s future well-being and may have a bearing on management s future within an organization. Management has a strong interest in ensuring that their investment in the project goes well. An IS auditor can assess life-cycle reviews to cover an IT department from a number of different angles. SDLC reviews can cover segregation of duties and quality assurance measures. Frequent testing will involve a review of issues tracking tools and associated controls. Reviews may hope to learn whether certain project management best practices are employed, such as maintaining project plans and meeting minutes, and capturing approvals on customization design documents. Examples of possible life-cycle projects include: An organization has just implemented new financial software. Financial auditors determine the change to systems is material and seek to gain an understanding of controls in the process of implementation. An IS auditor is called in to review project documentation and speak with key project personnel. The auditor will review scope documents, approvals for customizations, test plan records, issues tracking, and other key records from the process. The IS auditor reports to the financial audit team whether the process is well controlled, and the audit team incorporates this information into their test plan development.
n 2 we discussed Citrix XenApp 4.5, its functions, and its purposes in detail. As a reminder, Citrix XenApp 4.5 is available for Windows Server 2003 (Standard, Enterprise, and Datacenter) and comes in three tailored editions (Platinum, Enterprise, and Advanced). In this chapter, and over the next few, we discuss the installation and configuration of XenApp Platinum Edition and all its components. As mentioned before, XenApp Platinum Edition includes everything in XenApp Enterprise Edition, plus functionality found only in Platinum, such as SmartAuditor and EasyCall powered by the Communication Gateway. Other components featured in Platinum Edition include Citrix EdgeSight (which provides performance monitoring for applications), Secure Remote Access provided by Citrix Access Gateway and SmartAccess, single sign-on, self-service password reset, and Hot Desktop provided by Citrix Password Manager. Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition requires the following servers to fully provide an end-to-end application-delivery solution for your organization: XenApp Server(s) A Password Manager server A SmartAuditor server A large centralized storage location for Application Streaming profiles and Installation Manager packages A server or workstation for profiling applications to be streamed to servers and desktops An Installation Manager packaging server for creating IM packages One or more Microsoft SQL 2005 server(s) to house the data store, Resource Manager Summary database, Configuration Logging database, EdgeSight database, and the new SmartAuditor database (a Feature Pack 1 addition) Microsoft Exchange Server for notifications and alerts from the XenApp components A web server for Web Interface, Advanced Access Controls (a.k.a. Access Gateway Advanced Edition), and EdgeSight And last but not least, a central licensing server
Analysis with PerformancePoint Server
Disadvantages of using this delivery format As you might expect, there are also some disad-
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You can watch the value of a local variable no matter what function is currently executing by qualifying its name using this format: filename.function-name.variable-name; The filename is optional in single-file programs, and the function-name is optional when there is only one variable by the specified name.
in 1996 shall be used for acceleration coef cient. The seismic hazard maps provide spectral accelerations having probabilities of exceedance of 10 percent, 5 percent, and 2 percent in 50 years, corresponding to return periods of approximately 475, 1000, and 2500 years, respectively. Soils Criteria Due to dif culty in obtaining borehole information at each site the national seismic hazard maps developed by the USGS can used as a basis for considering soil vulnerability characteristics, in the selection process. Bearing vulnerability ratings will be based on the following characteristics: Bearing type all major bearing types Bearing framing especially for steel box-beam on bearing superstructures Expansion rocker bearings with varying heights Number of bearings Anchor bolt arrangements (various diameter, number per bearing, strength, condition) Seat Length Vulnerability Seat length vulnerability is based directly upon AASHTO speci cations. Tall piers and/or long continuous spans coupled with high skews are typically to blame for inadequate seat lengths. With this in mind, the following characteristics are considered in seat length vulnerability ratings. Pier height and span length between joints. Variations in seat length capacity at abutments/piers/drop-in spans. Substructure vulnerability. Pier material types steel, reinforced concrete, masonry. Pier structure types single columns/multi-column bents/wall piers/with and without cap beams etc. Pier heights range of tall and short piers. Foundation types pile foundations/spread footings. Varying abutment heights/types.
Test Report. At this stage a detailed Test Report is generated, which includes all results produced by the tester during a test campaign. A detailed Test Report provides:
provided that this last limit exists. It equals 3x 2 . x 0 1 cos x lim This is another indeterminate form. So we must again apply l'H pital's Rule. The result is 6x . sin x x 0 lim This is again indeterminate; another application of l'H pital's Rule gives us finally 6 = 6. cos x x 0 lim We conclude that the original limit equals 6.
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