Figure 2-6 Trunk ampli er routing needed to cover the service area in Software

Deploy PDF 417 in Software Figure 2-6 Trunk ampli er routing needed to cover the service area

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9: Biometrics in Large-Scale Systems
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It returns the square root of the range variable. It does this by obtaining the result of passing the range variable to Math.Sqrt( ), which returns the square root of its argument. This means that the sequence obtained when the query is executed will contain the square roots of the positive values in nums. If you generalize this concept, the power of select becomes apparent. You can use select to generate any type of sequence you need, based on the values obtained from the data source. Here is a program that shows another way to use select. It creates a class called EmailAddress that contains two properties. The first holds a person s name. The second contains an e-mail address. The program then creates an array that contains several EmailAddress entries. The program uses a query to obtain a list of just the e-mail addresses by themselves.
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the system. If Terry the Terrorist does not have to have a national ID card and provide a biometric to the USG, he won t. In effect, the identity freeze melts away. A secondary purpose of requiring a biometric is to enable the U.S. government to search the biometric against a watchlist database consisting of undesirables, such as suspect terrorists and wanted criminals. A major drawback to this process is that the search only works if the database contains the biometric of the undesirables. However, watchlist data may be available. The FBI has a start with its IAFIS Criminal Master File, and a complete set of fingerprints for many wanted criminals is on record (from recidivism). Given that every U.S. citizen and resident would have to apply for a card, the biometric database of cardholder applicants will become very large, very quickly: there are roughly 300 million citizens. This biometric database would become the world s largest biometric database. A major technical challenge presents itself: As the size of the database increases, the number of matching errors also increases. In a verification system, where the sample is compared only to the template corresponding to the claimed identity, false matches are rare, except in cases of forgery. However, in an identification system as proposed here, each cardholding applicant will have to be biometrically enrolled and searched for a match against a portion of the database (containing hundreds of millions of records). The chance of falsely matching at least one of them will be much higher than the single-match False Match Rate. A rough approximation of the False Match Rate (FMR) for the System is: FMR(SYS) = N * FMR, where N is the number of records (templates) in the database and FMR is the false match rate for a single comparison. (A more precise approximation is: FMR(SYS) = 1-(1-FMRm )P*N where N is the number of records (templates) in the database, m is the number of measures for each individual enrolled, P is the penetration rate and FMR is the false match rate for a single comparison (assumed equal across all measures and users).) As explained in 17, fingerprint-based biometric systems try to resolve this dilemma by reducing N, that is by subdividing the database to be searched so that only part of it must be searched. This subdivision is done by using a multistage classification process of filtering and/or binning. Filtering uses external information (data not having to do with the actual fingerprint) to select the search set within the database. An example of a characteristic used for filtering is the gender of the person being identified. Binning is selection of potential matches based on information intrinsic to the fingerprint that can be readily detected (such as pattern types like loops, whorls, and arches). Ensemble matching is then performed. With ensemble matching, a set of independent samples (for example, fingerprints taken from four different fingers) is collected from each person being identified and is binned and filtered as a group, then matched against corresponding sets in the database. The net effect in many cases is to further reduce the number of potential matches to be considered (Wayman 1999, 35 48). This reduces the probability of a false match, and also
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We envy people who are passionate about their work, their love interests, their hobbies, their travels, their creativity, and everything else. We envy them because we, too, want to experience that level of passion and excitement in our lives. Okay, I know what you re thinking: Envy isn t perhaps the most admirable human quality. However, it is certainly a trait that helps to identify and point us toward something that we d like to have in our lives. When you romance something or someone, you are saying, I want to attract this to me and make it part of my life. Your higher potential is something that you must romance if you want to upgrade yourself both personally and professionally. Here, upgrade means sharpening your skills, exploring your untapped talents, broadening your horizons, expanding your learning, and putting your greatest capabilities to the test. By romancing your potential, you rediscover yourself 151
Transporting Voice by Using IP
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For clarity, we let ( x) = ln x, ( x) = 1/x. Thus the (indefinite) integral becomes 1/3 ( x) dx = 3 . 4 ( x) ( x) Thus
Resilient Packet Ring (RPR)
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