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Note: RH is equal to whichever source or load resistance is larger, RL or RS. 4. Find XC2 and XL2 by: RL Q
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VLAN Overview
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The advantage of a cold site is its low cost. The main disadvantage is the cost, time, and effort required to bring it to operational readiness. But for some organizations, a cold site is exactly what is needed. Table 7-4 shows a comparison of hot, warm, and cold recovery sites and a few characteristics of each. Mobile Sites A mobile site is a portable recovery center that can be delivered to almost any location in the world. A viable alternative to a fixed location recovery site, a mobile site can be transported by semitruck, and may even have its own generator, communications, and cooling capabilities. APC and SunGuard have mobile sites installed in semitruck trailers. Sun Microsystems has mobile sites that can include a configurable selection of servers and workstations, all housed in shipping containers that can be shipped by truck, rail, ship, or air to any location in the world. Reciprocal Sites A reciprocal recovery site is a data center that is operated by another company. Two or more organizations with similar processing needs will draw up a legal contract that obligates one or more of the organizations to temporarily house another party s systems in the event of a disaster. Often, a reciprocal agreement pledges not only floor space in a data center, but also the use of the reciprocal partner s computer system. This type of arrangement is less common, but is still used by organizations that use mainframe computers and other high-cost systems. NOTE With the wide use of Internet colocation centers, reciprocal sites have fallen out of favor. Still, they may be ideal for organizations with mainframe computers that are otherwise too expensive to deploy to a cold or warm site. Geographical Site Selection An important factor in the process of recovery site selection is the location of the recovery site. The distance between the main processing site and the recovery site is vital and may figure heavily into the viability and success of a recovery operation.
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Part III:
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Label Request Message ID LSPID TLV Traffic TLV (CR-LDP, optional) (CR-LDP, optional)
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Coaching Enneagram Style Six
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Resilient Packet Ring (RPR)
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Using Multiple catch Clauses
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Coaching Enneagram Style Nine
Several Commonly Used Methods De ned by Hashtable
A computer program for generating and playing music, usually recorded in a MIDI file. The sequencer reads the file and drives a synthesizer. There are also hardware sequencers that can control a variety of devices; they are used to generate the music in dance clubs.
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Using I/O
Wide Area Networking Overview
Computer CD-ROM Standards
Timeliness. The first thing we do with a project, once we decide to pursue it, is to generate a cost estimate, so the model-based estimating process gives us a model from the outset. This model is extremely useful in the project interviews as well as for 4D and 3D purposes such as design and construction progress. Collaboration. On most of our major projects, we are brought on early in the design phase to provide preconstruction services, and cost estimating is the majority of the
distinctive, the infrared image is also distinctive. The thermal data is analyzed to yield anatomical information, which is converted to a template. The process is based on this principle: while the underlying vein and tissue structure is stable, the dynamic nature of blood flow causes fluctuations, as well as the appearance and disappearance of secondary patterns. Thus, the image itself is not as stable as environmental conditions (for example, ambient temperature) and the introduction of certain agents (for example ingestion of alcohol, drugs) can cause it to change. The image (data) captured can then be processed and used to discern the subject s condition to answer such questions as: Is she present or absent; alive or dead; attentive or inattentive; physically rested or fatigued; relaxed or anxious With respect to this last question, evidence exists that associates the blood flow in the face, particularly the regions around the eyes, with anxiety (thus adding a whole new twist to the phrase bloodshot eyes ). On the technical side, extensive testing of infrared imagery and facial thermography has not yet been done. Collecting solid data is costly and complicated because conditions like ambient temperature, wind, and metabolic processes of the subject need to be taken into account. However, preliminary tests conducted by Andrea Selinger and Diego A. Socolinsky in 2001 indicate that TR imagery is better than visible imagery in some situations. Specifically, this research, performed for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) s Human Identification at a Distance program, has demonstrated that thermal images can provide more distinctive queues for face detection in images, particularly in low or unevenly lit environments.2 Another challenge is that despite efforts, no COTS facial thermography products are currently available. Some companies have announced that products are under development. For example, in the mid-1990s, Technology Recognition Systems tried to commercialize a product, but abandoned the effort; IRID Inc.3 is now trying to bring a product to the market. Challenges remain, starting with a most basic one: user acceptance. The questions facial thermography seeks to answer can provoke concern. For example, thermal data, according to one vendor, IRID Inc., might reveal information about one s health condition to include respiration rate, heart rate, sites of infection, internal bleeding, swelling, broken bones, as well as other systemic and local medical conditions.4 Times could occur when this information might be
9 What s Wrong with Blu-ray Disc
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