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I was first introduced to Dr. Pam Hinds, director of nursing research at St. Jude Children s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, while I was writing another book, on the subject of building hope and morale in the workplace, post September 11. It hit me after the interview that this woman had tenets that were critical navigation tools that we can all use and learn from. Dr. Hinds has been dealing with the survival and hope of her patients, their families, and her staff for more than 18 years. In an environment in which catastrophic childhood illnesses are a daily reality, Dr. Hinds has helped to create an environment for her staff in which hope and belief in a higher purpose for all of us are the orders of the day. I point out to people that this work is not about focusing on the intensity of sadness and death that can result from these illnesses. Instead we learn to focus on the moment-to-moment miracles that happen here, at St. Jude, every single day. If you stop focusing on all of the remarkable possibilities, there can be chaos, says Dr. Hinds. Here are some of the suggestions that Dr. Hinds offers her staff when it comes to sustaining and navigating toward hope in an environment in which fear for what might be and hope for what can be come together on a daily basis.
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Tunnel Group Lists
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In this example, the variable i is assigned the value 10, and j the value 20. Then swap( ) is called with the addresses of i and j. The unary operator & is used to produce the addresses of the variables. Therefore, the addresses of i and j, not their values, are passed into the function swap( ). When swap( ) returns, i and j will have their values exchanged.
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Sometimes you will want to create a base class that defines only a generalized form that will be shared by all of its derived classes, leaving it to each derived class to fill in the details. Such a class determines the nature of the methods that the derived classes must implement, but does not, itself, provide an implementation of one or more of these methods. One way this situation can occur is when a base class is unable to create a meaningful implementation for a method. This is the case with the version of TwoDShape used in the preceding example. The definition of Area( ) is simply a placeholder. It will not compute and display the area of any type of object. You will see as you create your own class libraries that it is not uncommon for a method to have no meaningful definition in the context of its base class. You can handle this situation two ways. One way, as shown in the previous example, is to simply have it report a warning message. Although this approach can be useful in certain situations such as debugging it is not usually appropriate. You may have methods that must be overridden by the derived class in order for the derived class to have any meaning. Consider the class Triangle. It is incomplete if Area( ) is not defined. In such a case, you want some way to ensure that a derived class does, indeed, override all necessary methods. C# s solution to this problem is the abstract method. An abstract method is created by specifying the abstract type modifier. An abstract method contains no body and is, therefore, not implemented by the base class. Thus, a derived class must override it it cannot simply use the version defined in the base class. As you can probably guess, an abstract method is automatically virtual, and there is no need to use the virtual modifier. In fact, it is an error to use virtual and abstract together. To declare an abstract method, use this general form: abstract type name(parameter-list); As you can see, no method body is present. The abstract modifier can be used only on instance methods. It cannot be applied to static methods. Properties and indexers can also be abstract.
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PROBLEM 4-4 A heat engine takes 400 J of heat and converts it into 3 J of work. Assuming that reversing the process will convert all of the work back into heat, how much of the original heat is not compensated for by reversing the process What is the entropy change for this process at a temperature of 298 K
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// The Help system from 3 converted into a Help class. using System;
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with a different zip code (different networks); within that neighborhood, the MAC addresses need to be unique. MAC addresses and broadcasts are discussed in more depth later in the chapter in the Layer 2: The Data Link Layer section. To understand the components of layer 3 addresses, let s look at a few examples. TCP/IP IPv4 addresses are 32 bits in length. To make these addresses more readable, they are broken up into 4 bytes, or octets, where any 2 bytes are separated by a period. This is commonly referred to as dotted decimal notation. Here s a simple example of an IP address: An additional value, called a subnet mask, determines the boundary between the network and host components of an address. When comparing IP addresses to other protocols addressing schemes, TCP/IP addressing seems the most complicated. IP addressing is thoroughly covered in 7. Most other protocols have a much simpler format. For example, IPX addresses are 80 bits in length. The first 32 bits are always the network number, and the last 48 bits are always the host address. IPX addresses are represented in hexadecimal. Here s an example: ABBA.0000.0000.0001. In this example, ABBA is the network number and 0000.0000.0001 is the host number. In IPX s case, the host part defaults to the MAC address on the network interface card (NIC), but this can be overridden by the user or administrator. Every protocol has its own addressing scheme. However, each scheme always begins with a network component followed by a host component.
Comments Compact optical Ethernet module Multi-service optical access solution Multi-service optical loop aggregation solution Multi-aervice optical core transport solution Ethernet access platform ROADM Packet Optical Networking Platform Layer 2.5 Edge Platform Multi-service platform Multi-service platform Multi-service platform Multi-service platform Multi-service platform Optical multi-service edge Optical multi-service edge Network termination unit Network termination unit Network termination unit Transport switch Transport switch Metro Ethernet node Multi-service router Multi-service router Multi-service router Multi-service router Multi-service transport switch Multi-service transport switch Multi-service transport switch Multi-service edge platform Multi-service edge platform
TDM: Circuit Bonding
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We call this quantity the capacitive reactance. The negative sign results from the phase shift that occurs relating voltage to current. Now consider an inductor carrying a current i(t) = I sin( t + ). The voltage across the inductor is given by v(t) = L di = L I cos( t + ) dt
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