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Answers: 1,2,3
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Although not necessarily exclusive or independent of each other, four general families of biometric tests are discussed in this section: algorithm tests, technology tests, scenario tests, and vulnerability tests. One might also hear mention of biometric pilots or field tests. Pilots and field tests are certainly important, however, we will treat them as being somewhat similar to scenario tests. Pilots are basically limited deployments that operate on a limited scale in a real-target environment.
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Under the Covers: Migrating to a New Architecture
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The basic functions of the SS7 network include some of the following tasks:
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Principles of Digital Transmission
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Project Roles and Responsibilities
ciscoasa(config-group-webvpn)# vpn-tunnel-protocol {[svc] [webvpn] [ipsec] [l2tp-ipsec]}
Enhancing and Correcting Images
Let a < c < b and let f be a function whose domain contains (a, c) (c, b). We say that f has limit at c, and we write limx c f (x) = when this condition holds: For each > 0 there is a > 0 such that | f (x) | < whenever 0 < |x c| < . It is important to know that there is a rigorous definition of the limit concept, and any development of mathematical theory relies in an essential way on this rigorous definition. However, in the present book we may make good use of an intuitive understanding of limit. We now develop that understanding with some carefully chosen examples.
Part III:
Transmission latency. The second kind of delay is transmission latency, which is the time delay for the frame to propagate from the source end of the private leased line to the destination. The transmission latency also can be quite significant, particularly for long connections or for connections using satellite links, and must be added to the clock speed latency in order to calculate the total latency for each frame traversing the private leased line. It is important that the network interconnect devices (remote bridges and routers) and networked applications using private leased lines be configured to provide optimum performance over these time-delayed and limited-bandwidth connections. End-node receiver buffer size and transmission window size should be set large enough to avoid delays while waiting for acknowledgments. If they are set at too large a value, the maximum frame size, router buffer size, and buffer flushing timeouts can result in dropped connections for timeout-sensitive protocols like DEC s LAT or IBM s SNA (Local Area Transport protocol and Systems Network Architecture, respectively). If set too small, the maximum frame size will limit the efficiency of the transmission facility and could result in packet fragmentation and reassembly overhead, which in turn has negative impact on overall network performance. Leased-line performance parameters. Performance parameters for private leasedline WAN interconnections are summarized in Table 14.6. They include:
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12.17.2 Nonstructural Components
1. Select any noncompound (no combined paths, no holes in object), closed-path
This chapter discusses some of the technology of WiMAX and how it fits within the context of delivering carrier-grade Ethernet services. The terms WiMAX and IEEE 802.16 are used interchangeably; even though, the industry standard accepted meaning of WiMAX may not exactly overlap with that of IEEE 802.16.
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