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Vendor Canon Model DT-110 DT-120 DT-130 f SONA 52-E 155-E 155-S 155-M 622-S 622-M 1250-S 1250-M LaserBit PLUTOMobility PICO II PICOPLUS PINTO PINTOPLUS PRONTO GigaPico GigaPinto GigaPronto SuperGig LB-1500 LB-2500 LB-5000 Comments 0.2 km , 100 Mbps, auto-tracking 2.0 km, 100 Mbps, auto-tracking 1.0 km, 1 Gbps, auto-tracking 3.8 km, 10 Mbps, 1550 nm spectrum, 3.3 km, 100 Mbps, 1550 nm spectrum 4.4 km, 100 Mbps, 1550 nm spectrum 6.4 km, 100 Mbps, 1550 nm spectrum 3.8 km, 100 Mpbs, 1550 nm spectrum 5.4 km, 100 Mbps, 1550 nm spectrum 3.6 km, 1 Gbps, 1550 nm spectrum 5.3 km, 1Gpbs, 1550 nm spectrum 0.02 km, 100 Mbps, lightweight, PoE compatible 0.2 km, 100 Mbps, lightweight 0.2 km, 100 Mbps, lightweight, PoE compatible 0.5 km, 100 Mbps 0.5 km, 100 Mbps, PoE compatible, 1.0 km, 100 Mbps 0.2 km, 1 Gbps 0.5 km, 1 Gbps, 1.0 km, 1 Gbps, 4 transmitters 2.5 km, 1 Gbps, 8 transmitters 1.5 km, 100 Mbps, modular 2.5 km, 100 Mbps, modular 5.0 km, 100 Mbps, modular
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2. Observing What evidence did you observe to indicate that a reaction had taken place
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Page one of the Washington Post on Sunday, August 28, 2005, carried an obituary for VHS, the beloved videotape format that bravely won the war against Betamax and charmed millions of Americans by allowing them to enjoy mindless Hollywood entertainment without leaving their homes. Although 94.7 million American households still owned VCRs, and more than $3 billion had been spent on VHS rentals and purchases in 2004, revenue from DVD sales and rentals was more than eight times greater. The unprecedented success of DVD was pushing VHS off store shelves, out of customer storage cabinets, and into oblivion. The pendulum swayed back on September 27, when Microsoft finally officially announced that it would back HD DVD along with Intel. In an interview with the Daily Princetonian, Bill Gates sniped at Blu-ray, saying, it s that the protection scheme on Blu is very anti-consumer, referring to the added locks and lack of commitment to managed copy, unlike the HD DVD camp. Gates and many other Blu-ray detractors glossed over the crucial point that managed copy was a feature of AACS so it applied equally to both formats. He followed that with a prognostication that this is the last physical format there will ever be. Everything s going to be streamed directly or on a hard disk. So, in this way, it s even unclear how much this one counts. Once again, having Bill Gates as a cheerleader resulted in faint praise indeed. In October, Paramount decided it would firmly straddle the fence and offer movies on both HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc. Warner Bros. also climbed out of the HD DVD camp onto the fence, announcing it would also release titles in both formats. At the same time, HP suddenly and publicly called for changes to the Blu-ray format, strongly suggesting that it would defect to the HD DVD format if its demands were not met. HP specifically requested two features that were already part of HD DVD mandatory managed copy (to allow disc owners to copy content from their discs onto PCs and portable devices) and iHD (the XML and ECMAScript-based advanced interactivity format that Microsoft and others had developed in the DVD Forum). HP s cover story was that it did not want customers to have to choose between dissimilar competing formats. Conspiracy theories blossomed Microsoft was paying HP off or had threatened to shortchange HP s access to the Windows OS. The BDA s response came from spokesman Andy Parsons on November 16, 2005, Mandatory managed copy will be part of the Blu-ray format, but while HP s request [for interactivity] is being considered, at this point in time, the Blu-ray group is still proceeding down the path of Java, he told Reuters. HP decided this was not good enough, and on December 16 announced that it would support both HD DVD and Blu-ray. This was good news for Toshiba, which two days earlier had said that design work on its first HD-DVD player was complete, with factories ready to produce the players, but that it was held up waiting for the final version of AACS. Remember AACS The content protection system that was going to be done the year before It was not for lack of effort, since the group had been gathering regularly for over a year, with meetings often dragging late into the night, but they had been unable to reach consensus on items such as managed copy and requests to add BD+ into the mix.
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Therapy Insulin Insulin Insulin Insulin Insulin Insulin Insulin
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There are six classes of controls. Preventive This type of control is used to prevent an unwanted event. Examples of preventive controls are computer login screens (which prevent unauthorized persons from accessing information), keycard systems (which prevent unauthorized persons from entering a building or workspace), and encryption (which prevent persons lacking an encryption key from reading encrypted data). Detective This type of control is used to record both wanted and unwanted events. A detective control cannot enforce an activity (whether it is desired or undesired), but instead it can only make sure that it is known that the event occurred. Examples of detective controls include video surveillance and audit logs. Deterrent This type of control exists in order to convince someone that they should not perform some unwanted activity. Examples of deterrent controls include guard dogs, warning signs, and visible video surveillance cameras and monitors. NOTE Auditors and security professionals usually prefer preventive controls over detective controls because they actually block unwanted events and prefer detective controls to deterrent controls because detective controls record events while deterrent controls do not. However, there are often circumstances where cost, resource, or technical limitations force an organization to accept a detective control when it would prefer a preventive one. For example, there is no practical way to build a control that would prevent criminals from entering a bank, but a detective control (security cameras) would record anything they did. Corrective This type of control occurs after some unwanted event has occurred. An example corrective control is the act of improving a process when it was found to be defective. Compensating This type of control is enacted because some other direct control cannot be used. For example, a video surveillance system can be a compensating control when it is implemented to compensate for the lack of a stronger detective control, such as a keycard access system. Recovery This type of control is used to restore the state of a system or asset to its pre-incident state. An example recovery control is the use of a tool to remove a virus from a computer.
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// Demonstrate structure assignments. #include <iostream> using namespace std; struct stype { int a, b; }; int main() { stype svar1, svar2; svar1.a = svar1.b = 10; svar2.a = svar2.b = 20; cout cout cout cout cout << << << << << "Structures before assignment.\n"; "svar1: " << svar1.a << ' ' << svar1.b; '\n'; "svar2: " << svar2.a << ' ' << svar2.b; "\n\n";
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Cloning Objects
Chemistry: Matter and Change 7
unit, program, and system testing as required. Ensure that software and systems are free of software bugs, vulnerabilities, and security issues that could result in undesired activities such as a break-in or disclosure of sensitive information. Develop operational procedures. Security manager Provide security requirements, privacy requirements, regulatory requirements, audit requirements, test plans, and test cases. Ensure system meets organizational controls and audit requirements. Perform security testing. Report test results to project manager. IT operations Provide operational requirements, review operational procedures, and participate in acceptance testing. Participate in system implementation, and operate system after implementation. Report postimplementation problems to project manager and developers. NOTE In smaller organizations, one person may have two or more project roles. In large organizations (or large projects in any size organization), each role may be assigned to one person, a group, or even an entire team.
Besides the primary audio stream, Blu-ray also supports a secondary audio stream. This allows discs to contain audio streams to be played in parallel and to be mixed with the primary stream. A typical application for a secondary audio stream is an audio commentary. While watching and listening to the main feature the secondary audio commentary can be mixed in. To allow this to happen, each Blu-ray player is required to have two audio decoders, as well as a panner/mixer that can mix the audio channels from the secondary audio stream with those of the primary audio stream. The secondary audio stream can come from different sources. It can be contained on the disc and synchronized to the movie, which would be a typical scenario for an on-disc audio commentary. Or, it could also be made available as a download from a network source. In such a scenario, the audio would be stored in the local storage of the player, yet could still be synchronized to the movie. This would allow the audio commentary to be recorded later. Note that the secondary audio does not have to be synchronized to the primary audio. An example of an asynchronous secondary audio application might be a game where the user
Writing Console Output
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