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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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FIGURE 21-10
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Part I:
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Chris: I think they are 16-bit, 22KHz. That's a safe selection. You like to keep it 16-bit if you can. In this case, we used stereo, because the les weren't that big they were loops. They didn't have 64 or 128 bars of original music. You had maybe 24 bars that looped. So, you could keep the resolution pretty decent and not end up with huge monster les that Director would have to load. Jeff: Since the sounds are being stored on CD-ROM, you don't really have any tight limits there. Chris: It's mostly about the sound performance in Director and the amount of memory that it takes up. You run into problems if you use too many resources. Were there any other things you did in particular, dividing up the content between the Web and the CD-ROM Jeff: At one point we considered putting the entire Macromedia site on the CD. Then, we decided not to. We could have. We dreamt up a lot of things we could do. The essence of the project was delivering the demo les. At its very core, this project was just a glori ed menu for launching demo les, and launching the installers. We provided the basic information about the products and the minimum requirements for the demos. From there, the user just launches the demos. So, the decision was to keep it really basic and then have the Web site provide the real depth Jeff: I'd say that is a good approach overall. You want to have some takehome thing that people can launch and use in this case, the Macromedia software demos. To go much further is kind of pointless. Earlier versions of the showcase CD had to encompass the entire experience, because the Web really wasn t around then and it wasn't commonly used. In previous iterations, we had whole worlds of information about all of the products and all the things that had been made with all the products. It was quite elaborate. For this version, it was trimmed down. Are the demos on the CD-ROM primarily 30-day demos Jeff: I think they are save disabled, which just means you can't save any of the work. They run forever, but you can't really do anything useful with them, because they won't save les.
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Fig. 6.14
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3. Use the de nition of derivative to calculate each of these derivatives. (a) (b) f (2) when f (x) = x 2 + 4x f (1) when f (x) = 1/x 2 x +1
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Figure 29-7: The TCP header Although the IP packets carrying these TCP segments may arrive out of order, TCP can easily resequence them. The acknowledgement field provides the reliable delivery part.
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14.26.5 Multiple Double-End Cam for Intermittent Motion This cam with a concave globoidal shape is often referred to as the roller gear drive (Neklutin, 1953). It is available commercially. The roller gear drive (Fig. 14.37) is similar to a worn gear driven by a worn with a varying helix angle. We see that the follower has cylindrical rollers located radially. As with other cam mechanisms, the shape of the cam rib may be made to produce any follower action with any desired acceleration curve characteristics. A slight change of the radial position of the rollers does not affect the performance, because the rollers are moved along the axis parallel to the side of the tapered rib. The presence of the tapered rib permits proper roller loading, which is accomplished by shifting the driving and driven shafts closer. The use of the ball bearing as rollers is advantageous, because they permit preloading against each other. They also allow building the drive with minimum backlash and with a precision of about 0.001 inch. The roller gear is locked at the instant at which it stops moving, so that no time is lost for the locking operation. Thus, this cam mechanism having conjugate dual-opposed roller followers is excellent for high-speed drives, giving smooth, low-vibratory performance and requiring little maintenance. It is generally expensive but the cost is often justi ed. Two or more stops per cam revolution are permitted. Mechanisms that make six or more stops per revolution have a number of rollers equal to the number of stops only one roller is passed during one revolution of the cam. If the number of stops is between two and ve then the followers should have more rollers than the number of stops. The necessity of passing more than one roller per stroke increases the size of the cam; there-
It is possible to force an immediate exit from a loop, bypassing the loop s conditional test, by using the break statement. When the break statement is encountered inside a loop, the loop is immediately terminated, and program control resumes at the next statement following the loop. Here is a simple example:
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Transaction System
Now let s compare the costs per kilowatt-hour of electricity saved by two simple changes: switching from incandescent to uorescent lighting, and halving the losses of a DC-powered refrigerator.
SIP Connection Verification
type-1 and type-2 routing. The appliances can play the role of a designated router (DR) and backup DR (BDR) in an area, an area border router (ABR), and an autonomous system boundary router (ASBR). The appliances support advanced OSPF features like route authentication with MD5, stubby and NSSA areas, ABR link state advertisement (LSA) type-3 filtering, virtual links, and route redistribution, providing you with a lot of flexibility in setting up OSPF on your appliance to provide a scalable OSPF network design. NOTE The OSPF discussion in this book is kept somewhat brief, covering about 70 percent of the actual OSPF capabilities of the appliances. The topics that are discussed are the ones most commonly implemented by administrators.
RSVP is a comprehensive QoS mechanism. Of the QoS solutions available, it comes the closest to circuit emulation, but it does so at a significant cost. RSVP requires that RSVP-enabled routers examine IP headers in some detail, and it requires that routers maintain state for all existing reservations. If RSVP is used on a session-by-session basis (such as on a per-VoIPcall basis), then there might be millions of concurrent reservations. Such a situation can mean significant overhead. Consequently, RSVP has difficulty scaling to very large systems.2 In many cases, we can provide a good QoS to numerous applications without the complexity and overhead of RSVP. DiffServ is one means for achieving this goal. If we think of QoS purely in terms of bandwidth, the only way to increase the QoS offered to a given data stream is to increase the bandwidth. Increasing bandwidth can be achieved by physically adding bandwidth or by offering one application extra bandwidth at the expense of another application. RSVP works by reserving a set bandwidth for a particular data stream. Once all the bandwidth is consumed, further reservation attempts fail. The approach with DiffServ is that it is acceptable to offer one application greater QoS at the expense of another application if the first application really needs it for acceptable performance and the second application will not really notice a big difference. For example, we can offer a greater QoS to interactive traffic (such as voice) at the expense of non-real-time traffic (such as e-mail), because it matters greatly if voice is subject to delay.
STEP 2: Slip heat-shrink tubing over wire
Customer Relationship Management software package (Microsoft CRM), and executives need access to their financial reporting and analysis tools (Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, FRx, and Crystal Reports applications, with links to the SQL server accounting databases). For the purposes of this chapter, we discuss what client they should use and how to deploy it in the simplest, lowest-cost model, with the smallest amount of ongoing support. For these types of users, we recommend using the Citrix Web Client.
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