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Verify that voice connections on the B channel are working in both directions. Make sure B channel circuit-switched data transfer is functioning properly. Verify the operation of the protocol on the B channel (e.g., X.25 packet data).
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base to permit or deny access. The rest, those that collect information for later analysis, can dial the network when the phone lines are not in use or store the information and transmit it later. As such, the fundamental notion is that the card is read by a device which verifies that the information has been validated by the U.S. government, which passes the contact information forward into a central database, and may return biometric information (to permit a fraud check on the card) as well as access permission. Such a fraud check could be as basic as comparing the presenter s face with the face returned by the network, or as stringent as doing a one-to-one comparison of a biometric presented, such as a fingerprint or an iris, with its stored template. Conversely, the national ID card should be designed so that it can only be read by checkpoint authorities, and not any official (for example, street policemen) for whatever reason. This design feature can be achieved by legal and technical means. Legal means would include making it a criminal offense for overzealous police officers to demand such ID cards unless certain criteria were met and providing for stiff penalties for violators. Police officers could be required to give an equivalent Miranda-like warning when stopping individuals on the street: You have the right to refuse to produce your national identification card. Exploiting technical means includes encrypting the alphanumeric; this step requires the card-reading device (CRD) to have decryption keys. If there is only one such key, and a card-reading device falls into the wrong hands, the degree of tamper resistance required to hide the key indefinitely is likely to be very high, and perhaps not feasible. Devious and clever cryptographers and electrical engineers do exist. Alternatively, card-reading devices could forward encrypted traffic to one central point (plus backups) for decryption prior to entering in the database. If few such points are guarded they should be safe; but it also means that checkpoints cannot control access in real-time if the network is down or otherwise very slow. Access control is a network problem with or without encryption. There are various ways to encode information onto an ID card, each with its own features and risks:
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Clearly, the computation of a circle s area could not be achieved satisfactorily without the use of floating-point data.
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p is False, q is True False implies True is True p is False, q is False False implies False is True
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enrollment, the hand geometry system measures finger length, width, thickness, and the surface area of the customer s hand. During use, the customer enters a PIN, which points the system to the customer hand geometry template, then places their hand in a wall-mounted, biometric hand geometry reader. If the identity is verified (through a one-to-one match), the hand geometry system admits the customer to the vault and automatically logs the entry. To add another layer of security, the bank videotapes all unattended transactions with a digital video system as the customer is entering the door to the vault area. About 500 customers with safe-deposit boxes have enrolled. The hand geometry system eliminates the need for a bank attendant, thus lowering the bank s operating expenses. The system also has improved customer service because enrolled customers can access their safe-deposit boxes any time during banking hours. We chose [this approach] because it enables us to provide self-service delivery, and we re satisfied with the safety aspects of it, said Harvey Chang, vice president and project manager, Hawaii Branch Division. The Bank of Hawaii s system is known by the trade name, PassVault by Diebold; Recognition Systems, Inc. provides the hand geometry readers.
// A file that contains three classes. Call this file MyClasses.cs. using System; class MyClass { int x; int y; public MyClass(int i) { Console.WriteLine("Constructing MyClass(int). "); x = y = i; Show(); } public MyClass(int i, int j) { Console.WriteLine("Constructing MyClass(int, int). "); x = i; y = j;
certificate revocation list (CRL) An electronic list of digital certificates that have been revoked prior to their expiration date. certification practice statement (CPS) A published statement that describes the practices used by the CA to issue and manage digital certificates. chain of custody Documentation that shows the acquisition, storage, control, and analysis of evidence. The chain of custody may be needed if the evidence is to be used in a legal proceeding. change control See change management. change management The IT function that is used to control changes made to an IT environment. See also IT service management. change request A formal request for a change to be made in an environment. See also change management. change review management. A formal review of a requested change. See also change request, change
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