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H.323 Signaling
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Fig. 9.7 ABYC Approved and Disapproved Marine Connectors
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Dual rings and redundancy
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is 20, a host can send 20 segments and must wait for the single acknowledgment of the sent 20 segments before sending 20 additional segments. Windowing is discussed in 2. TCP employs a positive acknowledgment with retransmission (PAR) mechanism to recover from lost segments. The same segment will be repeatedly re-sent, with a delay between each segment, until an acknowledgment is received from the destination. The acknowledgment contains the sequence number of the segment received and verifies receipt of all segments sent prior to the retransmission process. This eliminates the need for multiple acknowledgments and resending acknowledgments. The larger the window size for a session, the less number of acknowledgments sent, thus making the session more efficient. Too small a window size can affect throughput, since a host has to send a small number of segments, wait for an acknowledgment, send another bunch of small segments, and wait again. The trick is to figure out an optimal window size that allows for the best efficiency based on the current conditions in the network and on the two hosts current capabilities. A nice feature of this TCP windowing process is that the window size can be dynamically changed through the lifetime of the session. This is important because many more sessions may arrive at a host with varying bandwidth needs. Therefore, as a host becomes saturated with segments from many different sessions, it can, assuming that these sessions are using TCP, lower the window size to slow the flow of segments it is receiving. Likewise, a congestion problem might crop up in the network between the source and destination, where segments are being lost; the window size can be lowered Reducing the window to accommodate this problem and, when the size increases reliability but reduces network congestion disappears, can be raised to throughput. take advantage of the extra bandwidth that now exists in the network path between the two. What makes this situation even more complicated is that the window sizes on the source and destination hosts can be different for a session. For instance, PC-A might have a window size of 3 for the session, while PC-B has a window size of 10. In this example, PC-A is allowed to send ten segments to PC-B before waiting for an acknowledgment, while PC-B is allowed to send only three segments to PC-A.
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Freely jointed chain A model in which each segment or residue of a chain is free to angle and rotates relative to its adjacent segments or residues. Fuel A source of potential energy for a motor. Functional group A specific group of atoms within a molecule that confers certain functional characteristics to that molecule. Gel A fluid that has a molecular structure that gives it properties similar to a solid. Gel electrophoresis A technique used to sediment molecules through a gel via the application of an electric field. Gel phase The relatively solid state of a lipid bilayer. Gene A section of a DNA molecule that specifies the amino acid sequence for a given protein. Genome All of a cell s genes (on all of its chromosomes or chromatin) taken together as a whole. Gibbs energy Energy that can be transformed into work, where work equals force times distance. Also called available energy and free energy. Gibbs energy change The enthalpy change minus the quantity of the absolute temperature times the entropy change DG 5 DH 2 TDS where DH is the enthalpy change, T is the absolute temperature, and DS is the entropy change. Glyceride Any of a class of molecules consisting of a glycerol molecule with a fatty acid attached to one or more of glycerol s three carbon atoms. The result is a monoglyceride, diglyceride, or triglyceride. Glycerol A small, three-carbon carbohydrate, with a hydroxyl group attached to each carbon atom. Ground state The lowest energy state of a system. Gyrase A type of topoisomerase that catalyzes an increased negative writhe by reducing the linking number. Heat capacity The amount of heat required to raise the temperature of a sample by one degree. Heat energy Energy that results from the kinetic energy and random motion of molecules. Heat engine A motor that converts heat energy into motion. Helical repeat In a helical polymer, the number of residues in a single turn of the helix. Helicase An enzyme that catalyzes the unwinding of DNA.
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Ungrounded Grounded Grounding
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