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The xgets( ) function must be called with a char * pointer. This, of course, can be the name of a character array, which by definition is a char * pointer. Upon entry, xgets( ) establishes a for loop from 0 to 79. This prevents larger strings from being entered at the keyboard. If more than 80 characters are entered, the function returns. (The real gets( ) function does not have this restriction.) Because C/C++ has no built-in bounds checking, you should make sure that any array used to call xgets( ) can accept at least 80 characters. As you type characters on the keyboard, they are placed in the string. If you type a backspace, the counter t is reduced by 1, effectively removing the previous character from the array. When you press ENTER, a null is placed at the end of the string, signaling its termination. Because the array used to call xgets( ) is modified, upon return it contains the characters that you type.
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For example, this opens a read-only file:
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Part I:
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Supported through SpeedScreen Multimedia Acceleration X Not supported through SpeedScreen Multimedia Acceleration Support through SpeedScreen Multimedia Acceleration only when playing through Windows Media Player 9.0. Data is transferred in uncompressed format.
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Basic IOS Con guration
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A static variable may be given an initial value. For example, this statement gives count an initial value of 200:
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Related Function
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Here s the configuration for RouterB:
Router(config)# ip route destination_network_# [subnet_mask] IP_address_of_next_hop_neighbor [administrative_distance] [permanent]
Similarly, the act of signing a document serves a cautionary function by emphasizing to the parties the significance of entering into a binding agreement and thereby helping to minimize ill-considered or impulsive agreements. The approval function refers to the idea that a person s signature, in the context of the document to which it is appended, indicates the signer s approval or authorization of the contents of the document. Finally, a signed document lends efficiency to the contracting process by providing clarity and finality as to the scope and terms of the agreement. The UCC defines a signature as any symbol executed or adopted by a party with present intention to authenticate a writing. 9 A writing is defined to include printing, typewriting, or any other intentional reduction to tangible 10 form. As these words suggest, the UCC defines signature broadly and looks to the intent of the parties. In the context of a conventional paper-and-ink signature, it is relatively easy to understand how this definition a signature on a piece of paper that the signer intends to authenticate serves the evidentiary, cautionary, approval, and efficiency functions that underlie the signed writing requirement. The signed document provides a permanent copy that can be stored and referred to later as evidence that the transaction occurred, and the text of the document contains the terms of the agreement to which the signer has promised to be bound. Moreover, the signature is attached to the writing in such a way that it s difficult to alter or relatively easy to detect if alteration has been attempted. The signature is unique to the signer, and the signer is identified in the document. From these principles, legal experts have deduced what general attributes an enforceable signature should have. The American Bar Association (ABA) identifies these attributes as signer authentication and document authentication. Signer authentication means that the signature should identify who signed the document and show that the signature should be difficult for another person to produce without authorization. Document authentication means the signature should identify what is being signed, such that it would be impracticable to falsify or alter either the signed document or the signature without detection. Accordingly, a signature should identify the person signing, the signature should be unique to the signer, and the signature should be associated with the document is such a way as to indicate the signer s intent and to make it difficult to falsify the document or the signature without detection.
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