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You are reading this book for one of two reasons. Either you just got a shiny new digital camera or you re thinking about getting one. What you get out this book depends on what type of digital photographer you want to be. One type is a little different from the casual user of film cameras. This species of photographer snaps photos at birthday parties and on vacations and is content to accept the results, even if they are blurry, underexposed, overexposed, or include an extensive collection of shots in which the photographer s finger is in front of the lens. The other type of photographer is what the trade calls an enthusiast sometimes the prothusiast. For this photographer, it s not enough that a photo simply shows his son blowing out candles. It s how well the photograph shows his son blowing out the candles that matters. The ultimate goal of the enthusiast is to create a work of art or, at the least, to produce a photograph that is free of the errors in focus, exposure, composition, and the dozens of other boggles that proclaim the photographer is that most dreaded of genus, a rank amateur. Whichever type of photographer you are, digital cameras combined with simple software let you improve the most mediocre snapshot even those taken a century ago. Whether you re looking for the cheapest digital camera you can find on eBay or you re an experienced film photographer thinking about diving into digital, then friend, you ve come to the right book!
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The instantaneous power in any circuit element can be found using rst principles. Recall that p(t) = v(t)i(t) To nd the power in a capacitor, we simply apply (6.4). This tells us that p(t) = Cv(t) The energy is found by integrating w=
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The probability of liquefaction is determined based on:
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// Copy src to target, inserting e at idx in the process. for(int i=0, j=0; i < src.Length; i++, j++) { if(i == idx) { target[j] = e; j++; } target[j] = src[i]; } return true; } } class GenMethDemo { static void Main() { int[] nums = { 1, 2, 3 }; int[] nums2 = new int[4]; // Display contents of nums. Console.Write("Contents of nums: "); foreach(int x in nums) Console.Write(x + " "); Console.WriteLine(); // Operate on an int array. ArrayUtils.CopyInsert(99, 2, nums, nums2); // Display contents of nums2. Console.Write("Contents of nums2: "); foreach(int x in nums2) Console.Write(x + " "); Console.WriteLine();
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Intermittent problems are the hardest ones to find. A common technique to isolate problems like this requires an analyzer that can trigger and perform an action based on a network event. The event usually is a network error condition, occurrence of a certain type of frame, or a network statistic (such as broadcasts) reaching a certain level. To perform the test, set up a reasonably large circular buffer in the analyzer that continually captures all packets, and wraps around when it becomes full. (This is a common capability in analyzers.) Next, set up a trigger that is based on an event that defines the problem (such as a high broadcast level). Configure the trigger so that when the event occurs the trigger will stop the packet capture. At this point the problem event and all the traffic leading up to it will be in the capture buffer. This then can be analyzed using protocol analysis to determine what is causing the problem. It is best if the analyzer can capture at full bandwidth, because some intermittent problems (such as broadcast storms) can be caused by only one bad packet! 16.5 Network Monitoring Sources of network trouble have changed over time. In the beginning physical problems were dominant. The cabling was unreliable. The fault domains were limited only by the repeaters. If a cable problem arose from someone kicking a wire under a desk, the entire LAN was affected. The first troubleshooting tools were wire testers that checked only for continuity. Today s structured wiring environment has limited the cable fault domain to a single node. Cable testers still play an important role today, checking critical parameters such as distance and crosstalk, which can adversely effect today s high-speed networks. As networks grew more complicated from a protocol perspective, the source of problems migrated from the cables up the stack. Physically the networks are composed of cables and interconnects, and many of today s problems originate at the interconnect devices. Encapsulation and routing of diverse protocols has created a complex environment that requires a protocol analyzer for serious troubleshooting. Specific problems can occur between compatible interconnects. Standards implementations can have varying interpretations, and it is not unusual to need a router software patch to fix a problem. Network problems can go undetected for some time if not checked for. This happens because the networks, at least in the local area, historically have had excess capacity. This is changing and adverse performance from a suboptimum network is a problem today. The only way to understand the health of the network is to measure it. Generally this means collecting more than just throughput statistics from an interconnect.
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Capacitance and Inductance
Solution: The "cos" phrase describes the nl2 n / 4 general shape of the curve, the unique cosine shape. The 2x is the hard part. Look back at the basic shape of the cosine curve and note that when 8= n/2, the cosine Fig. 1-28 curve has gone through 1/ 4 of its cycle. The values of x for the points where 2x is zero and n/2 defrne the first quarter cycle. (One-quarter of a cycle is all that is necessary to graph the function.) To graph h s function (Y vs. x ) we need to know only those values of x where the argument of the function (2x) is zero and n l 2 . The chart in Fig. 1-28 shows the values necessary for graphing the h c t i o n .
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Assigning Values Through a Pointer
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