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2. As the request reaches the stateful firewall, the firewall takes the user s information, for example, the source and destination address, the IP protocol, and any protocol information (such as the source and destination port numbers for TCP), and places this data in the state or connection table. 3. The firewall forwards the user s HTTP request to the destination web server. Figure 1-2 shows the returning traffic from the HTTP server. These are the steps as the traffic returns from the web server: 1. The destination web server sends the corresponding web page back to the user. 2. The firewall intercepts the connection response and compares it with the entries that it has in its state table. If a match is found in the connection table, the returning packet(s) are permitted. If a match is not found in the connection table, the returning packet(s) are dropped.
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Property public virtual long ContentLength { get; set; }
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As mentioned earlier, the .NET Framework defines two types of threads: foreground and background. The only difference between the two is that a process won t end until all of its foreground threads have ended, but background threads are terminated automatically after all foreground threads have stopped. By default, a thread is created as a foreground thread. It can be changed to a background thread by using the IsBackground property defined by Thread, as shown here: public bool IsBackground { get; set; } To set a thread to background, simply assign IsBackground a true value. A value of false indicates a foreground thread.
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1. Recent natural disasters and the increasing threat of terrorism highlight the need for effective monitoring and for rapid recovery of the use of our bridges and highway structures. Once again modern technology is providing a sophisticated approach to security such as the use of wide band Internet networks for all security systems, digital CCTV surveillance systems, access control systems, and biometric devices. 2. To avoid high cost investments in installing security systems, it is important to analyze the risk assessment. For important bridges carrying high ADT the design criteria needs to consider structural response to applicable blast loads similar to subjecting the bridge to a high magnitude (safe shutdown) earthquake. For continuous bridges sudden and progressive collapse can be avoided by retro ts such that the resulting damage of a bomb blast can be isolated. 3. Deployment of the performance standards for security design of major bridges and development of a performance-based speci cation and accompanying design manual is required.
Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition for Windows: The Official Guide
A detail object provides additional information about a particular dimension. In Figure 9-1, Print, Radio, Television, and Direct mail are detail objects. Within a customer dimension, age, fax, phone number, street address, and notes are typical details. Details and attributes may supply users with additional ways to analyze the measures, or they may be purely informational. For example, users may want to analyze sales by customer age group but rarely by customers individual street addresses. In this respect, the street address is purely informational. If you are using an OLAP database, Microsoft Analysis Services refers to details as member properties; Hyperion Essbase refers to them as attributes. Classifying an object as a dimension or as a detail has no impact on the query or microcube size. An object may be classed as a detail rather than a dimension for primarily visual reasons, to ease user querying. The main limitation with detail objects is that in BusinessObjects XI, they are not hierarchical (for example, if age is a detail, then ranges within age such as Youth, Adult, Senior cannot be grouped). Differentiating between dimensions and details allows BusinessObjects XI to work more consistently with OLAP databases that do differentiate between these information types. For example, Hyperion Essbase distinguishes between a base dimension and an attribute. BusinessObjects XI understands this difference and correctly presents users with the two different types.
CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor All-in-One Exam Guide
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so that it prints a conversion table of inches to meters. Display 12 feet of conversions, inch by inch. Output a blank line every 12 inches. (One meter equals approximately 39.37 inches.)
Business Intelligence with Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007
Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
25.01 25.02 25.03 Wide Area Networking Overview HDLC PPP 25.04 Virtual Private Networks Two-Minute Drill Self Test
Bringing Out the Best in Everyone You Coach
Cascading Style Sheets 2.0 Programmer's Reference The font used by the operating system in window status bars. This is one of the system font values. System font keywords must be declared alone. If the author wishes to change the Note appearance of the element s text when employing a system font, this must be done with the more specific font properties (e.g., font-size). If the author does use a system font keyword, then the bare minimum value for font is the <fontsize> and <font-family> keywords. All font values which do not involve system fonts and do not include a <line-height> keyword must end with the <font-size> and <font-family> keywords, in that order. Any keyword values which are not given in the font declaration cause the corresponding properties to be reset to their default values. Thus, if the keyword <font-style> is omitted, then the property font-style is set to its default value, normal. The properties font-size-adjust and fontstretch cannot be provided in a font declaration, and must be declared separately. However, use of the property font will still reset the values of font-size-adjust and font-stretch to their defaults. The system font values are not well supported as of this writing, but this is expected to change rapidly. One area to watch is support for line-height (see the entry later in this chapter for more details).
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