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Here, Denom is a normal instance variable that cannot be accessed within a static method. However, the use of Val is okay since it is a static variable. The same problem occurs when trying to call a non-static method from within a static method of the same class. For example:
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State legislation passed in 1995 funded the study and eventual deployment of a fingerprint biometric to help prevent fraud in Department of Social Services (DSS)-administered programs. Connecticut wanted to create a system that would deter double-dipping, including multiple enrollments in neighboring states. (It is not uncommon for the same person to participate illegally in several states entitlement programs at the same time through the use of aliases and forged identification documents.) Accordingly, DSS selected a biometric with an eye toward compatibility with the neighboring states of New York and New Jersey; however, the states fingerprint templates are not compatible, making interstate comparisons somewhat complicated. Connecticut has 269,000 clients in its system. The biometric program, implemented in 16 regional offices and the DSS Hartford office, uses centralized image storage and retrieval. Enrollees receive a card that can be used in one-to-one verification or one-to-many identification using the network of databases. In addition to the fingerprints stored, each client card and file carries a photograph and signature of the client that can be manually matched by DSS staff to verify the enrollee s identity. DSS estimated its first year operating costs at $2.6 million with an estimated savings (from deterrence) of $7.5 million. Prior to implementing its program, the DSS conducted an extensive internal education campaign. Despite these efforts, some members of the legislature vigorously opposed the program. In addition, since its establishment, the state has
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Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
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Avoid using any adhesives directly on the photo front or back. No adhesive tape. It will yellow and the glue will bond with your pictures. Acid-free adhesives work well, as do archival-quality photo corners. If you want to put your photos in a scrapbook, get a scrapbook that has archival-quality pages, and a UV treated plastic sheet over each page. It blocks not only the most harmful light, but the air as well.
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The table now exists in the universe, and you have told Designer to use this table for certain measure objects. You now have to tell Designer that the aggregate table cannot be used when certain dimension objects exist in the query. This can be very confusing. Try to stay focused on two things: You are essentially telling Designer when to use the detail table. You need to worry about only one context or star schema.
VCR Signal Signal Cable converter 30 divider divider Cable ch. 27 27 VCR recording on selected cable ch. 30 TV ch. 3 or 4 Tunable converter converter output VCR Cable converter -Signal Cable ch. 27 3 27 divider ch. 3 out selected VCR tuned to ch. 3 or VCR 4 to record pgm on TV receiver cab le ch. 27 TV receiver 3 TV receiver 1 3
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Jewel Boxes
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Figure 8.56 A lumped directional coupler circuit.
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