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result = string.Compare(str1, str3, StringComparison.CurrentCulture);
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Basic HTML Page Layout and Publishing
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Although C++ is a comprehensive and powerful programming language, there are a few highly specialized situations that it cannot handle. (For example, there is no C++ statement that disables interrupts.) To accommodate special situations, C++ provides a trap door that allows you to drop into assembly code at any time, bypassing the C++ compiler entirely. This trap door is the asm statement. Using asm, you can embed assembly language directly into your C++ program. This assembly code is compiled without any modification, and it becomes part of your program s code at the point at which the asm statement occurs. The general form of the asm keyword is shown here, asm ( op-code ); where op-code is the assembly language instruction that will be embedded in your program. However, several compilers also allow the following forms of asm: asm instruction ; asm instruction newline asm { instruction sequence } Here, instruction is any valid assembly language instruction. Because of the implementation-specific nature of asm, you must check the documentation that came with your compiler for details. At the time of this writing, Microsoft s Visual C++ uses _ _asm for embedding assembly code. It is otherwise similar to asm.
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Sum of first diagonal: 42
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framing, which changes on each segment. Therefore, for a PC to send a packet to a PC on another segment, the source PC must use a layer 2 frame with the default gateway as the destination.
and then check each individual month. This would be a tedious process. Fortunately, there is an easier way. In the Member Selector, the developer can right-click on the All level and choose to clear all selections, check the visible items, and so forth. The first item in the list, however, allows the designer to automatically select all the members at a particular level. Note that Figure 6-13 shows that the developer is selecting Month, which really means that he or she is selecting all of the month members regardless of the year in which they are found. This is a quick way to create to select many members at a lower level of detail.
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A Sample Development Schedule
A designer responsible for building levels (first definition) in a game under development. Level designers are usually junior staff. Given the game s content and gameplay mechanics, they devise a series of levels containing challenges of different kinds, generally using a level editor, a tool specially written for the purpose.
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