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Electric vehicles only consume electricity. In between charge-ups, there are no other consumables to worry about except an occasional watering of the batteries. These figures are covered in more detail later, but the Ford Ranger electric vehicle pickup conversion of 10 averages about 0.44 kWh (kilowatt-hours, a measure of energy consumption) per mile. At $.165 per kWh for electricity in New York (check your electric utility monthly statement for the prevailing rate in your area) that translates to 0.44 kWh/mile 3 $.165/kWh 5 .0726 (7.3 cents) per mile (Note: Does not include charging cost and 3.3 cents per mile for battery replacement.) Let s compare these costs with the EV s gasoline-powered internal combustion engine counterpart in a pickup chassis. The latter consumes gasoline; its ignition, cooling, fueling, and exhaust systems require filters, fluids, and periodic maintenance. The gasoline-powered pickup chassis (equivalent to the previous example) averages 20 miles per gallon or 0.05 gallons per mile. At $4.50 per gallon for gas, that translates to 0.05 gallons/mile 3 $4.50/gallon 5 .225 (22.5 cents) per mile Consumables and periodic maintenance must still be added. Assuming these cost $41.67 per month (oil change averaged over three months, fuel additives, aligning and balancing tires), and annual mileage is 12,000 miles per year, this translates to $500/year 4 12,000 miles/year 5 .0416 (4.2 cents) per mile Adding the two figures together, you re looking at 27 cents per mile operating cost for a gasoline-powered vehicle versus 7.3 cents per mile for its electric vehicle equivalent almost three times the cost of the electric vehicle. While your average EV conversion made with off-the-shelf components might consume about 0.4 kWh per mile, General Motor s Impact electric vehicle is rated at 0.1 kWh per mile (0.07 kWh/ km). This drops your electric vehicle operating costs to 0.5 cents per mile! (Note: cost per mile varies with driver.)
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Implying a reference to your readers is a subtle and effective technique, and it serves to increase your Empathy Index.
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1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Un perro es m s grande que un gato. El espa ol es m s f cil que las matem ticas. Mi hermana es menos grande que mi hermano. Cristina es la m s bonita de mis amigas. Mi esposo corre menos r pidamente que mi hijo. Julio trabaja lo m s diligentemente. Tengo m s trabajo que Ud. Mi madre es tan alta como yo. Tengo tanta paciencia como mi amiga. Pienso que este libro es el mejor que pueda comprar.
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Statement Type Database Database definition manipulation
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Putting Everything Together
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La Brace reinforcing plate see 14
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meter also goes across the battery, but it should operate only when the key switch is on, so wire it to the on-off side of the main contactor (away from the battery). The temperature meter wiring is not particularly critical; just observe proper polarities and grounding, and make sure the thermistors are securely attached to whatever you are measuring. Jim utilized only ammeter and voltmeter instrumentation, with a range switch mounted on the 1987 Ranger s dashboard (see Figure 10-25, top).
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Byte Int32 SByte UInt32 Int16 Int64 UInt16 UInt64
Many building and fire codes require any in-wall cable to be CL-2, CL-3, or FT4 rated. These ratings apply to a cable s sheathing characteristics. Check with your local building inspector before prewiring.
FIGURE 8.10 Structure of a Btree of Height 3
9: TCP/IP and the Transport Layer
The Standard Template Library and the string Class
Additionally, Intuit Inc. offers both iPhone and BlackBerry integration with QuickBooks Online, the leading web-based small business accounting software. With the iPhone and BlackBerry upgrade, the more than 130,000 small businesses that subscribe to QuickBooks Online can manage their business anywhere with or without a computer. These early versions of web-based mobile applications are part of Intuit s
C++ from the Ground Up
One of the practical dif culties in rehabilitation design is to incorporate the vast variation in construction sites, materials of construction, geometry of the bridge, loads, access, topography and location. Construction methods and construction-related analysis and design are linked to bridging requirements. No two sites are alike. The topography may be at or hilly. Connecting ends of bridges may have very different elevations. The erection of precast bridges over busy highways is a modern day challenge.
See the Seven paradox story for an example of how to express the paradox to a Seven. Paradoxical challenges should be used only with moderate or high self-mastery learners. Low self-mastery learners are not in a psychological state to handle the complexity and ambiguity inherent in the resolution of this level of paradox, and deep-level or complex paradoxes can increase their anxiety. While less powerful paradoxes can be used with these learners, developers should do so with caution.
Calling Line ID (CLID) Three-way calling Call transfer
According to our new de nition of a b we have a 4 = exp(4 ln a) = exp(ln a + ln a + ln a + ln a) = exp(ln[a a a a]) = a a a a. It is reassuring to see that our new de nition of exponentiation is consistent with the familiar notion for integer exponents. EXAMPLE 6.15
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