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Client Types Thin client only Desktops Laptops Mobile devices
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Post-installation Tasks
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Introduction This chapter examines performance testing in private networks, including customer premise local area networks (LANs) and wide area internetwork (WAN) connections. It includes criteria for evaluating network performance, factors that affect network performance, network performance metrics, tools for monitoring network performance, and baselining and benchmarking techniques for characterizing network performance.
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Other Carrier Ethernet requirements One Service Provider s perspective
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Preterm Labor and Preterm Delivery
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To apply an object restriction, follow these steps: 1. From within the Manage Access Restrictions dialog, select Add User Or Group.
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As one discusses the possibility of the LEC having an inherent problem, there are several areas under attack at this last mile. Already discussed in earlier chapters was the use of the local cable TV operation s cable to carry voice and data communications. However, there are many areas that are being considered as competitive local loop concepts, as seen in Table 18-1 . Table 18-1: Multiple areas of competition at the local loop Competitor CATV Companies CATV Companies Concept Cable TV for voice and Internet access Fiber to the Curb, Coax to the door for data and voice plus entertainment Broadband PCS as a single number for all wireless voice, paging and data access Broadband voice and data services on wireless local loop Technology Cable modem technology Hybrid Fiber/Coax (HFC), Fiber to the Curb (FTTC) PCS on TDMA and CDMA or GSM
If you execute the no access-list command, followed by the ACL number, the entire ACL and its referenced commands are deleted. What most administrators don t realize, or forget, is that if you preface any numbered ACL statement with the no parameter, it has exactly the same effect: the entire ACL is deleted. For example, executing the no access-list 100 permit tcp any any command causes the router basically to ignore everything after the 100 parameter, causing the router to execute the command as if it were no access-list 100! 22.04.The CD contains a multimedia demonstration of configuring an extended numbered ACL to permit ICMP traffic through a router.
Property Restrictions
Figure 5-27. Variable Commission Rate with Hurdle
Circuit Analysis Demysti ed
a specific manufactured object. Unless you re designing some cool-looking game hardware, you won t get a design patent. A video game isn t a manufactured object; it doesn t have any physical existence. If you have a picture that you would like to protect, you re better off copyrighting it. Unlike copyrights and trademarks, a utility patent does protect an idea, but it has to be an idea for accomplishing something practical. You can t patent an image, general game concept, story, or character. Filing for a patent takes a long time, and several hundred dollars worth of filing fees plus (usually) the services of a patent attorney. You have to submit a great deal of documentation, and be able to prove that nobody else has ever invented whatever it is you re proposing to patent. If your invention, or one substantially similar to it, already exists or has even been described in print anywhere else in the world, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office will deny the patent. Again, visit the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office web site at for more information. Game-related patents do exist. The game designer Jon Freeman has patented a new deck of cards that enables people to play games not possible with the standard 52-card deck (Patent No. 5,887,873) and Chris Crawford has patented a mechanism for algorithmically generating storylines from story fragments called substories (Patent No. 5,604,855). But unless you have invented something so radically new that it has never been seen before in any video game, it s almost certainly not worth the time and expense to patent it. The application will take several years to work its way through the system, and even if it s approved, it s still up to you to exploit it commercially. Having a patent doesn t actually get you any closer to making money out of it.
Notice that 0 cos 1. This tells us that the power factor is a measure of the ef ciency at which power is delivered to the load. In addition, note that it includes the phase angle , which is the phase difference between the voltage and current. The extreme values of the power factor tell us
In addition to significant new Software plus Services to support customer and partner choice and flexibility, Microsoft also offers a spectrum of new partner opportunities: across the fast-growing unified communications platform; the range of opportunities for Microsoft Windows and small businesses; a new Mobile Readiness program to help partners take advantage of the burgeoning mobility space; and new licensing and financing programs to help partners improve their customers purchasing experience with more flexible, predictable, and manageable options.
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You can implement semiautonomous to fully autonomous features in a robot in many ways. A search on the Internet will yield thousands of pages of information on how to build different types of circuits. One of the appendixes in this book lists some good references for autonomous robots and sensors. The Seattle Robotics Society ( has a Web-based magazine called The Encoder that has hundreds of tutorials that explain how to use different types of sensors and microcontrollers. With the correct types of sensors, microcontrollers, and software, you can develop a turn-on-and-forget type of combat robot and sit back to watch your creation single-handedly and autonomously destroy its opponent.
The NumberofRows function returns the number of rows returned by the data_provider_ object provided.
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