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Basic Management from the CLI
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not need to be contiguous and can be transported independently across the network and recombined at the transmission endpoint. Only the source and destination are involved in the virtual concatenation process. virtual concatenation allows concatenation of up to 256 STS-1/STS-3c SPEs and up to 64 VT1.5/2/3/6 SPEs. Figure 10.3 is a block diagram illustrating the capabilities of virtual concatenation for STS rates. Link Capacity Adjustment Scheme (LCAS) is a two-way handshake protocol designed to change the capacity of a virtual concatenated signal dynamically . LCAS must be used in conjunction with virtual concatenation and is not able to create or adjust the virtual concatenated circuit. Virtual Concatenation is used to build the pipe, and LCAS dynamically defines which of the concatenated group members is carrying traffic. LCAS messages are continuously exchanged. Changes in the link capacity are sent in advance so that the receiver can switch to the new configuration as soon as it arrives. This allows for dynamic resizing of the concatenated channel or the temporary removal of a failed member link. LCAS utilizes the same H4 path overhead bytes that virtual concatenation uses. Because the H4 bytes are in the SONET path overhead, only the path terminating elements are involved in maintaining the circuit. In order to utilize this concatenated channel, a method to distribute client data across the STS-1s and recover them at the far end is required.
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Although we have seen circuits like this before, let s go through the solution process to reinforce what we ve learned about circuits. The rst item to notice about Fig. 8-1 is that the same current ows through each circuit element. Using the fact that iC = C dv C , dt vL = L di L dt
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Brittain and Paquet, The Cost of a Nonautomated Help Desk, Research Note DF-14-7228, Gartner, Inc., January 14, 2002.
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At 20 C, T 20 C B 4 106 Hz VN
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Figure 3.17 A transistor s input at RF.
An aquarium tank is lled with a mixture of water and algicide to keep the liquid clear for viewing. The liquid has a density of 50 pounds per cubic foot. For viewing purposes, a window is located in the side of the tank, with center 20 feet below the surface. The window is in the shape of a square of side 4 2 feet with vertical and horizontal diagonals (see Fig. 8.41). What is the total force on this window
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Reporting Services reports are created through the Business Intelligence Development Studio, or BIDS, which is simply a version of Visual Studio that has templates for business intelligence projects. If it seems strange that the reports are created in a tool specifically geared to developers, you should understand that there is an end-user tool, called the Report Builder, for performing ad-hoc queries. Reporting Services ships with SQL Server 2005 and today requires Internet Information Services (IIS) to be running on the server. Microsoft has announced that SQL Server 2008 will drop Reporting Services requirement for IIS, meaning that Reporting Services will be handling its own requests and supplying the results to the calling applications. Today, however, the installation of Reporting Services checks for IIS and configures a couple of virtual directories: one for the reports themselves, and one for the management site, called the Report Manager. While Reporting Services is often used when reporting against relational databases, this discussion will focus primarily on using Reporting Services to access a cube. This is in no way intended to diminish Reporting Services strength as a relational reporting tool, but since most PerformancePoint scorecards and charts are built off of cubes, and PerformancePoint s planning module can generate forecast
Disadvantages Limited multi-port capacity due to size of package Limited capability for R&D applications
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A receptor is a molecule in the membrane (such as a protein, glycoprotein, glycolipid, or carbohydrate) that has at least a portion of itself on the surface of the membrane. This portion of the molecule on the surface of the membrane has specificity for some other molecule. This means that only one particular type of molecule can bind to the receptor. For example, a particular receptor may
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