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The model we have been building is simple, but I hope that it will form the basis of more complex models that you will be building yourself. Once you have the basic model working, it will be easy to add more rows to capture more types of accounts. In fact, it is likely that you will want to develop a model that will include many types of accounts, not all of which will be used in any one modeling run. This will result in many printouts in which there will be some lines that contain nothing but zeroes. The model will continue to work in terms of its calculations, of course, but as a matter of visual polish, you may want to have those rows somehow hidden, whether for viewing on the screen or for printing. Hiding Rows with the Group Command There is a way of hiding rows easily, using the Data > Group and Outline > Group command, but this involves first highlighting the row or rows you want and then going through this sequence. A margin automatically appears on the left edge of the screen, which shows you the rows that you can hide. By clicking on the Minus button, you can hide the rows bracketed by the grouping line. The Minus button changes to a Plus button after you do this; clicking on this unhides the rows again. Alternately, you can click on the small numbers buttons at the top of the margin space. This hides and unhides according to the levels. While this method gives a way of quickly hiding and unhiding rows, the disadvantage is that you will have to do this for each company that you are modeling in your model.
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These three functions are specified in great detail in IEEE 802.1ag. Further functions are described in the ITU-T Y.1731 Ethernet OAM recommendation, though the equipment specification (G.8021) is not yet complete. Among the most important of these functions are
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The .NET Structures Corresponding to the Built-in Value Types
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TDM voice LAN T1 Frac T1 Ethernet T1 Frac T1 Data center/SAN VoIP phone Frame relay Circuitbonding equipment
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WAN connections are made up of many types of equipment and components. Figure 25-1 shows some of the WAN terms used for these, and Table 25-1 shows the terms and definitions. As you may recall from s 2 and 11, data communications equipment (DCE) terminates a connection between two sites and provides clocking and synchronization for that connection; it connects to data termination equipment (DTE). The DCE category includes equipment such as channel service units/data service units (CSU/DSUs), Network Terminator Type 1 (NT1), and cable and analog modems. A DTE is an end-user device, such as a router or PC, which connects to the WAN via the DCE. In some circumstances, the function of the DCE might be built into the DTE s physical interface. For instance, certain Cisco routers can be purchased with built-in NT1s or CSU/DSUs in their WAN interfaces. Or you might have a laptop with a built-in analog modem.
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Unformatted Binary I/O
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Analysis & Acquistion System
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Graphical Representation of Referential Integrity
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Data Communications Basics Data Communications Basics 37
Media Gateway Control and the Softswitch Architecture
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A glance at an old-fashioned watch gives you a sense of the approximate time very quickly. A digital watch, however, rst requires recognition of the numbers displayed, then an interpretation of the signi cance of the numbers. The same is true of analog and digital multimeter displays. If you wish to know simply whether your battery is charging or discharging (roughly 14 versus 12 volts), the analog meter with 4% accuracy ( 0.6 volt on a 15-volt scale) will do the job. But if you want to know the percentage of charge remaining in your battery, where the same 0.6 volt represents 50% of battery capacity, you d better use a digital meter with its 0.2% ( 0.03 volt on a 15-volt scale) accuracy.
Oracle provides the CASE and DECODE SQL functions, both of which work like an If-ThenElse statement. The two functions have different syntaxes. DECODE has been around longer with earlier database versions, whereas CASE was introduced with Oracle 8, so many longtime developers still use DECODE. CASE statements are easier to write and more flexible; they also adhere to the ANSI standard. This is the syntax for a simple CASE expression in Oracle 9i:
choose Enhance | Convert To Black And White. This command gives you options for different styles of photos, and you can modify the individual color channels (red, green, and blue), as well as image contrast, to get the desired effect.
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