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it can reproduce sound. Most humans can hear sounds within 20 Hz and 20 kHz. So, when a manufacturer advertises that its speaker operates between 40 Hz and 22 kHz +/- 3dB, that means it doesn t handle the lower frequencies as well as the higher frequencies. Also, since it goes about 2 kHz above human hearing range, there s a little bonus in there for the family dog.
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Notice that i 1 + i 2 = i s , as required by the conservation of charge. The voltage across both resistors is the same (check it by using KVL) and can be found by applying Ohm s law to either resistor. Choosing the 10 resistor v(t) = (10 ) (33.3 cos 200t A) = 333 cos 200t V
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TABLE 24-8 The Methods De ned by Queue
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As the output verifies, Length obtains the number of elements that nums can hold, which is 300 (10 5 6) in this case. It is not possible to use Length to obtain the length of a specific dimension. The inclusion of the Length property simplifies many algorithms by making certain types of array operations easier and safer to perform. For example, the following program uses Length to reverse the contents of an array by copying it back-to-front into another array:
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this.Width = w; this.Height = h;
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OfferNo 1234 4321
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// Demonstrate StringReader and StringWriter. using System; using System.IO; class StrRdrWtrDemo { static void Main() { StringWriter strwtr = null; StringReader strrdr = null; try { // Create a StringWriter. strwtr = new StringWriter(); // Write to StringWriter. for(int i=0; i < 10; i++) strwtr.WriteLine("This is i: " + i); // Create a StringReader. strrdr = new StringReader(strwtr.ToString()); // Now, read from StringReader. string str = strrdr.ReadLine(); while(str != null) { str = strrdr.ReadLine(); Console.WriteLine(str); } } catch(IOException exc) { Console.WriteLine("I/O Error\n" + exc.Message); } finally { // Release reader and writer resources. if(strrdr != null) strrdr.Close(); if(strwtr != null) strwtr.Close(); } } }
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1 3 days. It is characterized as cramping, labor-like pain, typically in the lower abdomen and suprapubic area, radiating to the back. The pain can be associated with nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Fatigue and headache are often also associated. In general, the physical examination is normal What is the treatment of primary dysmenorrhea NSAID therapy is first line. Other options include heat, exercise, and oral contraceptives. In severe, refractory cases, presacral neurectomy is a last resort. However, secondary dysmenorrhea should be suspected if symptoms are refractory to NSAIDs or OCPs NSAIDs work by inhibiting prostaglandin production. OCPs work by decreasing prostaglandin production through suppression of ovulation Extrauterine causes: Endometriosis Neoplasm Inflammation (e.g., PID) Adhesions Intramural causes: Adenomyosis Leiomyomata Intrauterine causes: Leiomyomata Polyps IUDs Infection Cervical stenosis/lesions For a patient with dysmenorrhea, what primary diagnosis do each of the following findings suggest: Uterine asymmetry Symmetrical enlargement of uterus Painful nodules in posterior cul-de-sac Restricted motion of the uterus What is the treatment for secondary dysmenorrhea Myomas or other tumors Adenomyosis Endometriosis Endometriosis or pelvic scarring/ adhesions from prior infection Treatment of the underlying condition is the primary modality.
Answers: 2,3,5
C++ Base created D_class1 created D_class1 destroyed Base destroyed
public static string ConvertFromUtf32(int utf32) pubic static int ConvertToUtf32(char highSurrogate, char lowSurrogate) pubic static int ConvertToUtf32(string s, int index) public bool Equals(char obj) public override bool Equals(object obj) public override int GetHashCode( ) public static double GetNumericValue(char c) public static double GetNumericValue(string s, int index) public TypeCode GetTypeCode( ) public static UnicodeCategory GetUnicodeCategory(char c) public static UnicodeCategory GetUnicodeCategory(string s, int index) public static bool IsControl(char c) public static bool IsControl(string s, int index) public static bool IsDigit(char c) public static bool IsDigit(string s, int index) public static bool IsHighSurrogate(char c) public static bool IsHighSurrogate(string s, int index)
25: WAN Introduction
down to the router.
C++ from the Ground Up
where the chain rule and the relation der /dq = eq have been used. On dot-multiplying both sides of Eq. (7.5) by eq and er, one obtains eq e t sin g = r (q ) dq dr dq , e r e t = cos g = . dl dq dl (7.7)
This in situ melanoma was hidden under the waistband of this dark-skinned patient s underwear. Melanoma is most typically found at acral sites in darker-skinned individuals. Initial clinical and dermoscopic impression was seborrheic keratosis. A significant number of melanomas have seborrheic keratosis as the primary diagnosis or is in the differential diagnosis on pathology request forms. Irregular dots and globules thought to be pigmented pseudofollicular openings. Streaks considered pseudostreaks of seborrheic keratosis. An Incisional biopsy consistent with tumoral melanosis with no sign of melanoma. This was not a good dermoscopic pathologic correlation. Tumoral melanosis (TM) is a rare histopathological finding: A nodular or plaque-like accumulation of melanin-laden macrophages/melanophages in the dermis. Immunohistochemical stains are important to confirm no melanocytes. TM pigmented cells are negative for S-100 and HBM-45. TM pigmented cells are positive for macrophage markers such as CD68. Most biopsies are to rule out melanoma. There can be a history of melanoma and TM is found in a satellite nodule or lymph node mass metastatic melanoma. TM may be the residual finding after partial or complete melanoma regression. TM with complete regression should be considered a high risk melanoma. A metastatic work-up is indicated. Sentinel node biopsy and metastatic work-up negative in this case. Dramatic dermoscopy with well-developed melanoma-specific criteria. An atypical starburst Spitzoid global pattern is in the differential diagnosis since there is bluish-white color and irregular streaks. This was not a Spitzoid melanoma histopathologically.
Interfaces, Structures, and Enumerations
They found that developing a centralized database throughout all the phases of a project s life cycle is too risky to be reliable. Even though the centralized database is an attractive alternative for smaller projects, it quickly becomes unmanageable for larger, more complex ones where it ceases to be an option. When the various experiences of actual projects by different companies are taken into consideration, it becomes clear that the idea of a truly centralized database is fairly theoretical, it is a tempting idea, but always remains out of reach and cannot be implemented as would be expected; so far it remains intriguing but quite impractical. Bentley focuses on supporting its products with a single comprehensive unchanging platform, on continually extending and improving its functionality, and on augmenting the software as necessary with collaborative products. It has evolved its CAD applications into BIM applications in a relatively seamless fashion. This will typically not be the experience of an Autodesk customer. The database issue is a significant one and relates directly to planning. It is quite human to quickly get started and then solve the problems as they present themselves. The greater experience someone has in a particular area, the more planning will precede the actual start of the project and the more problems will be anticipated while there is still an opportunity to address them. The database problem is huge, and it behooves anyone contemplating a BIM approach to a project to carefully consider the potential difficulties of managing the project-related data throughout the life cycle of the project. Experience in this particular area is worth a lot more than na ve enthusiasm. For examples see Figs. 2.14, 2.37, and 3.6 which are modeled in MicroStation TriForma. Autodesk Autodesk s main BIM product is Revit. This is probably the most widely used of the modeling tools; although it is also the youngest of the ones discussed in this book as well as the least mature. Autodesk s strength clearly is marketing; their market share with AutoCAD is enabling them to simply offer Revit as the next upgrade for their customers, hence its popularity. The fact that there is almost no continuity from previous attempts to address 3D modeling seems irrelevant it shows a certain lack of consideration for the customer, which Autodesk can apparently afford. Many Autodesk customers are often simply unaware of any other software possibilities. Nevertheless, Revit is a serious BIM tool (it was already a modeler with good potential before Autodesk purchased it and when no one seemed to have heard of it), and the large user base will undoubtedly be very helpful in its further development. As mentioned in the Bentley description, Autodesk is billing Revit as a modeler with a centralized database; fortunately this is probably only wishful thinking at this stage. There is very little evidence that the data in a Revit model are any more centralized than those in a TriForma or Constructor model. When one is dealing with information in any BIM, it still needs to be managed wherever it resides, and simply having links to other locations does not centralize those data. Revit has very similar functionality to the other major solid modelers; in other words, the user can probably model just about anything in any of the software tools. There are various bells and whistles that may distinguish one modeler from another, but by and large the actual
// constructor u_type::u_type(short int a) { i = a; } // Show the characters that compose an int. void u_type::showchars() { cout << ch[0] << " "; cout << ch[1] << "\n"; } int main() { u_type u(1000); u.showchars(); return 0; C++ }
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