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If you are performing a fresh installation of XenApp Platinum Edition that includes Password Manager, install the Password Manager Agent last. When you configure or change the location of the license server or any other parameter related to licensing, the changes are not applied to any agent software that is in use within your environment. You must shut down and restart the agent software to apply the changes. If you plan to use Hot Desktop in your environment as part of your agent installation, see the section Password Manager s Hot Desktop Feature later in this chapter. For all operating systems other than Windows Vista, you will need to restart the device after you install the agent software so that the GINA DLL can be registered and installed. The agent software will not run until the workstation is restarted. NOTE: Graphical Identification and Authentication (GINA) is the Windows component that controls the dialog box that users see when they press the key combination CTRL-ALT-DEL. Installing software that uses a custom GINA DLL might require a certain order to be followed. To ensure that Password Manager is called first during the logon process, make sure that the Password Manager Agent is installed last.
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Documenting Test Results
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You can have arrays greater than two dimensions. The general form of a multidimensional array declaration is type name[size1][size2][size3]. . .[sizeN]; Arrays of more than three dimensions are rarely used because of the large amount of memory required to hold them. A point to remember about multidimensional arrays is that it takes the computer time to compute each index. This means that accessing an element in a multidimensional array will be slower than accessing an element in a single-dimension array. When passing multidimensional arrays into functions, you must declare all but the leftmost dimension. For example, if you declare array m as
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Changing the orientation in the Page Sorter not only changes the view, but also changes how the pages themselves are oriented in the document. As you can see in Figure 5-8, the first and last pages have drawings that look better in Portrait view; you CTRL-click pages 1 and 4 in this example, click Apply Page Layout to Current Page Only, and both the Page Sorter view and the pages themselves are re-oriented. If you want to rethink this dynamic change, repeatedly pressing CTRL+Z (Edit | Undo) restores your document.
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his chapter will introduce you to the concept of contexts and the advantages they give you in deploying a wide diversity of security policies. The topics in this chapter include Introducing contexts, including their uses and components Switching to multiple mode and setting up contexts Managing your contexts generate code 39
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Implementation and Communication
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Part I:
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Hi Team: As you know, this has been the most dif cult period in the company s history. We ve all had to share the pain every one of us has had our pay cut, some by as much as 15 percent. With three new customers in the past month placing orders, things are beginning to look a little brighter, but we all need to be certain that the turnaround is solid and work to our highest capacity. I have become concerned about an increase in customer complaints more than twenty complaints were received in the last quarter, more than double the number of complaints we received the quarter before. While I know that morale is
Antennas are used in combat robots to transmit data from the hand-held transmitter to the receiver on the robot. Without the antenna, you cannot communicate with your robot. One of the biggest problems most robots have with reliable control is not electrical noise but improper antenna setup. The ideal antenna configuration would be a vertical wire of a length equal to one wavelength of the radio wave used for communication. This works out to nearly 14 feet, which is not practical for most combat robots or most model aircraft or cars, for that matter. Most 72- and 75-MHz radios come with a 1/4-wave antenna attached, with a length in the range of 37 to 42 inches. Most robots do not have the length or convenient mounting room to carry an external antenna of this size, so the usual antenna length and placement are far from optimal. A 1/4-wave antenna means 1/4 of the wavelength of the transmitter/receiver system s operating frequency. It s a unique characteristic of the physics of antenna design. The higher the frequency, the shorter the wavelength and, of course, the shorter length a 1/4-wave antenna will be. Light and radio waves travel at 300 million meters per second, so a 75-MHz signal will have a wavelength of 300,000,000 meters per second divided by 75 million cycles per second, resulting in a 4-meter-long wavelength or about 157 inches. A 1/4-wave antenna should be 1/4 this wavelength, or about 39 inches. A very important fact about antennas is that they should be mounted vertically. This not only applies to the receiver s antenna on the robot but also to the hand-held transmitter s antenna. These types of antennas emit their energy in a pattern much like a flattened doughnut, with the antenna passing through the doughnut hole. The greatest thickness of the doughnut, as well as the most significant signal from the antenna, is at the sides. Conversely, the thinnest part of the doughnut is the hole, which is what you see when you look straight down on it. And the thinnest signal comes straight out the end of the antenna. If the transmitter s and the receiver s antennas were placed in space where there are no reflections, no signal would be created if they were pointed at each other. The greatest signal would be created when they were parallel to each other. In situations on Earth, especially in a room with a metal floor, the signals bounce around and reception can be accomplished with almost any orientation. You should always keep in mind that these reflections are far weaker than a direct signal,
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MyCounter cd1 = new MyCounter(10);
Table 24-1: Number of satellites in orbit by country around the world Country NATO TOTAL In Orbit 8 2,271
User Profiles Design
6: Analysis with PerformancePoint Server and ProClarity
Select cell C5. This code writes the formula that begins with SUM and then de nes the rows from 4 rows above C5 to 2 rows above C5 and adds the closing parenthesis. If you remember, we were writing a formula for SUM(C1:C3). Select the range of 5 rows, and Copy. Select Sheet2, and then select D1 and Paste. Go to cell D5, apply Bold and Italic formatting, and then go to cell A1.
Click Fill Page With First Photo to create a picture package with the image you selected in step 1. Alternatively, you can click the Add button and choose enough photos to fill the available slots. Photoshop Elements fills the slots with pictures, as shown in the illustration to the left. If you re not satisfied with the layout, drag a photo from the left side of the dialog box, and drop it on top of the photo you want to replace. Click Crop To Fit, and Photoshop Elements will crop the pictures to fit the layout perfectly.
FIGURE 9.12. Range of lm thickness for various types of lubricant lms with relation to roughness and wear.
Generic Types Differ Based on Their Type Arguments
CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor All-in-One Exam Guide
The General Form of a Class
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