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You can use orderby to sort on one or more criteria. We will begin with the simplest case: sorting on a single item. The general form of orderby that sorts based on a single criterion is shown here: orderby sort-on how The item on which to sort is specified by sort-on. This can be as inclusive as the entire element stored in the data source or as restricted as a portion of a single field within the element. The value of how determines if the sort is ascending or descending, and it must be either ascending or descending. The default direction is ascending, so you won t normally specify ascending. Here is an example that uses orderby to retrieve the values in an int array in ascending order:
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CHAPTER 8 Applications of the Integral
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The CPE is your WAN equipment. The demarcation point is the point where the carrier s responsibility for the circuit ends. The local loop is the connection from the demarcation point to the carrier s WAN switching equipment. There are four main WAN connection categories. Leased lines include dedicated circuits, which are useful for short connections where you have constant traffic and need guaranteed bandwidth. Circuit-switched connections provide dialup capabilities, as are needed for analog modems and ISDN. These connections are mostly used for backup of primary connections and for an additional bandwidth boost. Packet-switched connections include Frame Relay and X.25. They are used to connect multiple sites together at a reasonable cost. If you need guaranteed bandwidth or need to carry multiple services, cell-switched services, such as ATM, provide a better solution. Cisco synchronous serial interfaces support DB-60 and DB-26 connectors. The default encapsulation on these interfaces is Cisco s HDLC. Cisco s HDLC and ISO s HDLC are not compatible with each other. Use the encapsulation hdlc command to change an interface s encapsulation to Cisco s HDLC. The show interfaces command displays the data link layer encapsulation for a serial interface. PPP is one of the most commonly used data link encapsulations for serial interfaces. It is an open standard. It defines three things: frame type, LCP, and NCP. When building a PPP connection, LCP takes place first, then authentication, and last NCP. LCP is responsible for negotiating parameters, and setting up and maintaining connections, which include authentication, compression, link quality, error detection, multiplexing network layer protocols, and multilink. NCP handles the negotiation of the upper layer protocols that the PPP connection will transport. To set up PPP as an encapsulation type on your serial interface, use the encapsulation ppp command. Use the debug ppp negotiation command to troubleshoot LCP and NCP problems. There are two forms of PPP authentication: PAP and CHAP. PAP sends the password across the wire in clear text, while CHAP sends a hashed output value from the MD5 hash algorithm the password is not sent across the connection. PAP goes through a two-way handshake, while CHAP goes through a threeway handshake. Authentication is optional but can be configured with the ppp authentication pap|chap Interface Subconfiguration mode command. To build a local authentication table with usernames and passwords, use the username command. If you have authentication problems, troubleshoot them with the debug ppp authentication command.
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The new( ) constructor constraint enables you to instantiate an object of a generic type. Normally, you cannot create an instance of a generic type parameter. However, the new( ) constraint changes this because it requires that a type argument supply a parameterless constructor. This can be the default constructor provided automatically when no explicit constructor is declared or a parameterless constructor explicitly defined by you. With the new( ) constraint in place, you can invoke the parameterless constructor to create an object. Here is a simple example that illustrates the use of new( ):
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The basic semantics of an ATS expressed in TTCN follow these
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on multimode or single-mode fiber, or on UTP copper cables using the Twisted-Pair Physical layer Media-Dependent (TP/PMD) specification, sometimes called FDDI over copper. FDDI networks generally provide excellent performance, high data throughput, and high reliability (including fault tolerance). The biggest limitations of the FDDI technology are its complexity and expense. For these reasons, FDDI rings typically are used only as high-speed backbone connections and not normally for desktop connectivity. The maximum size of a FDDI frame is 4500 bytes. The frame format for FDDI frames is shown in Figure 14.10. As in Token-Ring, the media access method used in FDDI is token passing. A token is a special packet that grants the station possessing it the permission to transmit on the network. After a device completes its transmission, it passes the token to the next device on the ring, so that each station takes its turn. FDDI networks are often designed using a combination of a main ring and a number of trees branching from concentrators connected to the main ring (Figure 14.11). This further improves the fault tolerance of the network to potential problems occurring with stations connected via the concentrators. Stations that insert or remove themselves from the ring frequently (like end-user workstations) often are connected using concentrators in order to minimize the disruptions on the main ring. Critical nodes (like file servers) connected through concentrators often are provided with two separate paths to the main ring. A secondary path is normally inactive, and is used as a backup in case of a fault on the primary connection. In this way, fault tolerance is achievable on the tree structure. This type of connection is called dual homing. Key performance parameters for FDDI include utilization percentage, frame rate, average frame size, and hard and soft error rates. These parameters are summarized in Table 14.4.
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Refer to Your Readers Often
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DMZ Server
Object initializers provide another way to create an object and initialize its fields and properties. (See 10 for a discussion of properties.) Using object initializers, you do not call a class constructor in the normal way. Rather, you specify the names of the fields and/or properties to be initialized, giving each an initial value. Thus, the object initializer syntax provides an alternative to explicitly invoking a class constructor. The primary use of the object initializer syntax is with anonymous types created in a LINQ expression. (Anonymous types and LINQ are described in 19.) However, because the object initializers can be used (and occasionally are used) with a named class, the fundamentals of object initialization are introduced here. Let s begin with a simple example:
for(i = 0; i < 10; i++) Console.WriteLine("This is sample[" + i + "]: " + sample[i]); } }
Monitoring, Analysis, and Planning
of converting a subnet mask to a wildcard mask is to subtract the subnet mask from; the result will be the corresponding wildcard mask. Examine 22 for more information, including examples, on how this is done.
Support Circuit Design
The Properties De ned by WebClient
Section II: Topics in Gynecology
Organizational Structure
17: Searching the FBI s Civil Files: Public Safety v. Civil Liberty
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