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The C# Language
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The where clause stipulates that any type argument specified for T must have A as a base class. Now notice that Test declares the method SayHello( ), shown next:
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Pointer H2
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When two circuits containing inductors are brought together, a current owing in one inductor will induce a current to ow in the second inductor. We can describe this mathematically by writing v2 = L 2 di 1 di 2 M 2 dt dt
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Astronomers like to point out that our sun is really no big deal it s just an average star among billions of stars. They are also quick to point out that there are many stars that are hundreds of times larger and more powerful than our sun. Personally, I think this approach compromises and minimizes just how phenomenal our earth s sun is and that we compromise and minimize how phenomenal each of us can be in the same way. As a result, we stop short of romancing our highest potential, or we cease trying to attract to ourselves greater opportunities and life experiences that would make us upgradable, smarter, and happier people. We keep comparing ourselves to other people s standards of excellence, thereby failing to recognize our own magnificence and to accept that who we are and what we are is good enough in and of itself. Just like the earth s sun, each of us has the ability to shine brightly among the supernovas of the galaxy in which we live, but in his or her own way, shape, and form. The fact is that our sun is way above average, because it s one of a small minority of stars that can support life as we know it on earth. That s what makes our sun special, not just average. And although the sun may be considered average by many astronomers, it s our sun s average excellence that sets it apart from the rest just as your average excellence sets you apart from all the other people on this planet. Romancing the average excellence within you is what will ultimately upgrade you as a person. Don t worry about others whom you deem smarter, more attractive, or more charismatic. As I said in the higher purpose statement at the beginning of this chapter, it s time for you to shed the old attitudes about what s in vogue that you may be holding on to and replace them with things that work in your real life. Consider this: The giant-size stars in our universe are not even around long enough for their planetary systems to settle down and become hospitable, and the
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How to Get a Job Making Video Games
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Figure 7.9 Subrate data multiplexing allows several low-rate channels at, say, 9.6 kbps to be packed into a single 64 kbps timeslot. This requires a digital modem at the customer s premises and a subrate mux at the local exchange. In North America this is referred to as the Digital Data Service (DDS).
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Single Photo view
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All digital cameras come with some sort of built-in flash, usually designed to jump in when the exposure meter says there s too little light for a decent exposure. We ll get into more ways to use the flash in the next chapter. Right now, though, while you re making choices, look for a camera that has a way to attach an external flash unit to it. The location of most built-in flash units right above or immediately to the side of the lens is less than ideal. They create photographs of people outlined by their own shadows like something from a film noir. Such flashes also contribute to pale, washed-out faces because they eliminate the character generated by wrinkles, curves, and textures that have taken years to make your subject the interesting person they are. An add-on flash attachment that you can hold separately and point in directions different from where your camera is pointed can be the best single way to improve photos you take indoors. But the adapter and sockets needed for an external flash are rarely found on low-end digicams.
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p = myfunc;
Figure 2-27 Format of options
this chapter, I ll discuss the different jobs you can get as a game developer, and the skills they require. At the end, I ll also cover various entry-level jobs not directly associated with building games, which may help you if you want to get your foot in the door. I ll also talk about a few jobs that don t directly involve game development but still allow you to exercise your creativity in the game business. One thing I won t do is try to spell out exact requirements and responsibilities for each type of job I discuss. The game industry is much too flexible for that, and no two companies have exactly the same needs. This is entertainment, not making widgets on an assembly line. If I were to tell you that a user interface designer must have a bachelor s degree in human-computer interaction and two years experience, the very next job ad you see for a user interface designer would contradict me. Worse yet, if you took me at my word, and you didn t have the exact experience that I listed, you might not even read the ad, and thereby miss a great opportunity. It s more important for you to understand what kind of work is involved in each position, and what kind of skills you need, rather than to have a bullet-list of artificial requirements. Before I get down to the nitty-gritty, I m going to discuss the two primary regions of the business: production and development.
SOLUTION When the planar region is rotated about the x-axis, it will generate a donutshaped solid. Notice that the curves intersect at x = 1 and x = 3; hence the intersection lies over the interval [ 1, 3]. For each x in that interval, the segment connecting (x, x 2 + 1) to (x, 2x + 4) will be rotated about the x-axis. It will generate a washer. See Fig. 8.18. The area of that washer is A(x) = [2x + 4]2 [x 2 + 1].
Because of the square root, and the square of the slope or inverse of the slope, the integrals are usually not easy. The curve y 2 = x 3 turns out to be one of the easier arc lengths to calculate. Form
Side-Fold Card The Side-Fold layout format divides your document page size into four equal parts, vertically and horizontally. When printed, each document page is printed in sequence, and positioned and rotated to fit the final folded layout. Folding the printed page vertically, then horizontally results in the correct sequence and orientation.
Circuit analysis is one of the most important courses in electrical engineering, where students learn the basics of the eld for the rst time. Unfortunately it is also one of the most dif cult courses that students face when attempting to learn electrical engineering. At most universities it serves as a weed out course, where students not cut out for electrical engineering are shown the exit. A friend once referred to the course as circuit paralysis because he claimed to freeze up during the exams. The purpose of this book is to make learning circuit analysis easier. It can function as a supplement to just about any electric circuits book and it will serve as a tutorial for just about any circuit analysis class. If you are having trouble with electrical engineering because the books are too dif cult or the professor is too hard to understand, this text will help you. This book explains concepts in a clear, matter-of-fact style and then uses solved examples to illustrate how each concept is applied. Quizzes at the end of each chapter include questions similar to the questions solved in the book, allowing you to practice what you have learned. The answer to each quiz question is provided at the end of the book. In addition, a nal exam allows you to test your overall knowledge. This book is designed to help students taking a one-year circuit analysis course or professionals looking for a review. The rst 10 chapters cover topics typically discussed in a rst-semester circuit analysis course, such as voltage and current theorems, Thevenin s and Norton s theorems, op amp circuits, capacitance and inductance, and phasor analysis of circuits. The remaining chapters cover more advanced topics typically left to a secondsemester course. These include Laplace transforms, lters, Bode plots, and characterization of circuit stability. If you use this book for self-study or as a supplement in your class you will nd it much easier to master circuit analysis.
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