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Control Objective Accurate import of data files into system Control Activity Reconciliation of validation totals upon file import Tests Performed Inquiry Inspection Observation Re-performance Sample testing Control Owner Michael, the auditor Sample Size Approximately 440 file imports over the 6-month test period Test Procedures Performed 1) Inquiry Corroborate between two different department personnel 2) Sample testing From a sample of reports, verify that the batch number of the import was recorded on the report and that import totals have been initialed and dated. Workpaper Reference 2.3a Memo describing sample selection process 2.3b Test population 2.3c Memo describing test results Test Results Inquiry Inquired of file import manager Jane... Sample Testing Reviewed 40 out of 440 reviewed import reports and found initials Conclusion No exceptions noted Figure A-7 A testing lead sheet contains comprehensive information on the control and the testing performed. X X
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Clip Information files (zzzzz.clpi) corresponding with the files in the STREAM folder.
You can declare more than one type parameter in a generic type. To specify two or more type parameters, simply use a comma-separated list. For example, the following TwoGen class is a variation of the MyGenClass class that has two type parameters:
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