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Section V: Review Questions and Answers
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Trunk and Extremities
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Summary Files
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Table 9.4 Load Watts for Free-Standing Ranges (For use in Table 9.5, Line 29)
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Use vector algebra for DS. Do not use vector algebra for K, use magnitudes of the S parameters. 2. Calculate MAG: code 39
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Functional Ovarian Cysts
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// A .NET-compatible event. using System; // Derive a class from EventArgs. class MyEventArgs : EventArgs { public int EventNum;
Part I:
Running Out of Addresses
Notice that at the end of Listing 2-2, the prompt now reads rommon #0>. To see the commands that you can execute at ROMMON mode, enter the help command or . To have the ASA load the OS and continue with the bootup process, either repower the ASA, or execute the reload command. I will discuss ROMMON mode in more depth when I cover the password recovery procedure in 26.
As first mentioned in 3, C# is a strongly typed language. In general, this means that all operations are checked at compile time, and actions not supported by a type will not be compiled. Although strong typing is a great benefit to the programmer, helping ensure resilient, reliable programs, it can be problematic in situations in which the type of an object is not known until runtime. This situation might be encountered when using reflection, accessing a COM object, or when needing interoperability with a dynamic language, such as IronPython, for example. Prior to C# 4.0, these situations could be difficult to handle. To address this problem, C# 4.0 added a new data type called dynamic. With an important exception, the dynamic type is similar to object because it can be used to refer to any type of object. The difference between object and dynamic is that all type checking related to a dynamic type is deferred until runtime. (With object, type checking still occurs at compile time.) The benefit of waiting until runtime is that, at compile time, a dynamic object is assumed to support any operation, including the use of operators, calls to methods, access to fields, and so on. This enables code to be compiled without error. Of course, if at runtime the object s actual type does not support the operation, then a runtime exception will occur.
// A class of phone numbers for friends. class Friend : PhoneNumber { public Friend(string n, string num, bool wk) : base(n, num) { IsWorkNumber = wk; } public bool IsWorkNumber { get; private set; } // ... } // A class of phone numbers for suppliers. class Supplier : PhoneNumber { public Supplier(string n, string num) : base(n, num) { } // ... }
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It reduces the chance for a successful pregnancy. A repeat tubal pregnancy occurs in 12% of patients
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