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One of the new and exciting features of XenApp 4.5 is Application Streaming. The Application Streaming feature changes the way we think about delivering applications to end users. Application Streaming allows Citrix administrators to install and configure applications on one file server and then deliver those applications to desktops and XenApp
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5. Click Run to have Desktop Intelligence access your personal data file.
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2. Using Property Bar options, choose a PostScript fill from the selector by name. 3. To customize the fill, click the Edit Fill button in the Property Bar to open the
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In other words, who s dependent on the other person for substance Is Tom nothing without Julia or is Julia nothing without Tom 3. Kyu-Ja said Linda What time is the train expected to arrive
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Included Components:
Software Program Library Management
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The Citrix Access Suite Console extends the capability to manage your Citrix Access Suite deployment by integrating consoles with the Microsoft Management Console (MMC). The Access Suite Console provides a central location for managing your Citrix Access Suite deployment. The following section provides some tips while using the Presentation Server Extension and Citrix Access Suite Console. Citrix Access Suite Console is supported on the following platforms: Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003. Microsoft .NET Framework version 1.1, available in the Support folder of the server CD, is required to install Citrix Access Suite Console. The Access Suite Console uses pass-through authentication. Ensure you are logged on to the client machine (where the Citrix Access Suite Console is installed) as a MetaFrame Administrator for the farm. To avoid issues with credentials, it s advisable to ensure that the console machine belongs to the same domain as the Presentation Server farm member machines. While running discovery, only one server name is required for the farm. Once the discovery is run for a certain farm, the discovered objects can be saved by saving the .msc (Microsoft Management Console) file. When the .msc file is launched again, it will know about the discovered objects. When launching the Citrix Access Suite Console from the ICA tool bar or from the Start menu, the choice to save the .msc file is unavailable because the console is saved automatically every time you close it. Different web-based tools, such as Web Interface Console and Program Neighborhood Agent Console, can be launched from the Access Suite Console. To launch each tool using a separate Internet Explorer (IE) window, change the following parameter in IE.
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