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The actual methods and expectations for communications need to be described, discussed, and put in place at this time. It is important to define the methods by which the team members will exchange information among one another; this will depend on location and accessibility issues. The advantages of collocation cannot be overstated; in a process that is so dependent on successful collaboration the ease and reliability of communication is critical. Dr. Renate Fruchter s contributions to this area are discussed under Project Management in the section BIM Planning earlier in this chapter. Ideas that will promote collaboration, i.e., regular meetings, smaller subteams for tasks, clear expectation of deliverables, team evaluations of deliverables, team decisions related to process, quality issues, etc., rewards (financial) for schedule gain, rewards for conflict resolution, etc., should all be addressed in the initial phase of the BIM process. Thorough preparation is very beneficial; the more predictable the team dynamics are, the more reliable the results will be. Team Roles The three primary BIM-related roles that emerge from this process are the BIM manager, the BIM operator, and the BIM facilitator. Each of these roles came from the different responsibilities and skills associated with the various tasks connected to the practice of building information modeling and model-aided construction management. The BIM manager is the person on the project team who will manage most of the BIMrelated processes. This role requires a good understanding of the concepts and applications and a familiarity with all tasks related to the planning and managing of a construction project. The role can also include leading the project team through the BIM process on a personal level, i.e., the selecting and training of specific team members to ensure that everyone is able to perform her or his tasks satisfactorily and that all goals are reached. These various expectations make this role similar to that of the traditional project manager with the addition of the BIM-related activities. This role carries most of the responsibility in relation to both project management and BIM management. The second role is that of BIM operator. An operator will perform the BIM processrelated tasks. This will include creating models, analyzing models, processing information, etc. These tasks will require more developed tool-related skills, but fewer management skills. Although familiarity with the planning and construction process will certainly be beneficial to the BIM operator, it is not necessarily a prerequisite for the job. This job description will be very similar to the current project engineer position with the addition of BIM-related software capabilities. The third position will be that of the BIM facilitator. This job does not have a direct parallel in the current construction industry. The use of BIM technology and processes will initially (probably for the next 10 years or so) require helping those persons who do not have direct previous experience with the BIM process; such persons will need help in using the BIM to be able to benefit from it. For example, if an installer on a project is used to working with construction drawings and has little or no experience with 3D models, it will be necessary to have the BIM facilitator on the project help the installer look at (extract information from) and navigate through the 3D model on a
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1. Ah at 20-hour rate amps a battery will supply for 20 hours at 80 F, before dropping to 10.5 volts, times 20 hours. 2. Cold cranking amps (CCA) minimum number of amps a battery can supply for 30 seconds, at a temperature of 0 F, before dropping to 7.2 volts. 3. Reserve capacity number of minutes a battery will supply a specified constant current (usually 25 amps) at 80 F, before dropping to 10.5 volts.
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Frequency multiplication up to high orders can be problematic for the stability of a circuit, as well as for the filtering out of all of the many subharmonics and harmonics (Fig. 8.7) at the multiplier s output. These subharmonics and harmonics of the fundamental may be spaced on either side of the frequency of interest by only a small amount, making it quite difficult to suppress them to high dBc levels. It has been found that multiplying beyond a tripler with a normal silicon diode may add far more phase noise than the minimum of 20 log N that one would expect. This is due to high noise floors, as well as flicker noise at lower frequencies, created by the nonlinear device (the diode) employed in this
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Disambiguation Just What Is Cloud Computing
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// This will not compile. class X { int a; public X(int i) { a = i; } } class Y { int a; public Y(int i) { a = i; } } class IncompatibleRef { static void Main() { X x = new X(10); X x2; Y y = new Y(5); x2 = x; // OK, both of same type x2 = y; // Error, not of same type } }
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The GetEnumerator( ) method operates on data of type T and returns an IEnumerator<T> enumerator. Thus, the iterator defined by MyClass can enumerate any type of data.
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Requirements describe necessary characteristics of a new application or of changes being made to an existing application. They will describe how the application should work, as well as the technologies that it should support. The types of requirements used in software projects are Business functional requirements Technical requirements and standards Security and regulatory requirements Disaster recovery and business continuity requirements Privacy requirements These types of requirements are described in detail in the remainder of this section. Business Functional Requirements Nearly every software project will include functional requirements. These are statements that describe required characteristics that the software must have to support business needs. This includes both the way that the software accepts, processes, and produces information, and how users interact with the software in terms of technology, appearance, and user interface function. Functional requirements should be a part of new software acquisitions as well as modifications or updates to software. Example functional requirements resemble the following: Application supports payroll tax calculations for U.S. federal, states, counties, and cities. Application supports payment by credit card and electronic check. Application encrypts credit card numbers, social security numbers, and driver s license numbers in storage and when transmitted. Notice that the preceding examples do not specify how the application is to accomplish these things. Business requirements are interested in what the application does; the application designer will determine how the application will support those requirements. There are a few circumstances where new business requirements are not needed for a software modification. For example, if a software interface is being upgraded, an existing software program may need to be modified to work with the new interface. A change like this should be transparent to users, and the software should not differ in the way that it supports existing business requirements. So, in a way, it can be argued that business requirements apply even in this case: the program will still be required to adhere to existing business functional requirements.
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Ratios: Key Performance Indicators
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Transcendental Functions
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This section offers an example of using point-to-point subinterfaces on a router to set up Frame Relay connections. Use the network shown in Figure 26-14. In this example, assume that LMI is being autosensed and two point-to-point subinterfaces are used on RouterA. The configurations on RouterB and RouterC are the same as before, with the exception that the static routes are not needed, since point-to-point subinterfaces are being used on RouterA and RouterC will need a different IP address because
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Only check box. Everything that is not selected will not be saved to the file.
Figure 4.14 Nonlinear stress-strain plots for specimens tested in tension.
FIGURE 14.25. Cam with controlled translating cycle.
Simple Customization
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