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Key Elements for Jitter PDH Output Jitter Specification PDH Jitter Tolerance Limits/Mask
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it is needed at all. The assumption has got to be that in a disaster scenario, critical applications will be recovered in another location. This other location is called a recovery site. There are two dimensions to the process of choosing a recovery site: the first is the speed at which the application will be recovered at the recovery site; the second is the location of the recovery site itself. Both are discussed here. As you might expect, speed costs. If a system is to be recovered within a few minutes or hours, the costs will be much higher than if the system can be recovered in five days. Various types of facilities are available for rapid or not-too-rapid recovery. These facilities are called hot sites, warm sites, and cold sites. As the names might suggest, hot sites permit rapid recovery, while cold sites provide a much slower recovery. The costs associated with these are somewhat proportional as well, as illustrated in Table 7-3. The details about each type of site are discussed in the remainder of this section. Hot Sites A hot site is an alternate processing center where backup systems are already running and in some state of near-readiness to assume production workload. The systems at a hot site most likely have application software and database management software already loaded and running, perhaps even at the same patch levels as the systems in the primary processing center. A hot site is the best choice for systems whose RTO targets range from zero to several hours, perhaps as long as 24 hours. A hot site may consist of leased rack space (or even a cage for larger installations) at a colocation center. If the organization has its own processing centers, then a hot site for a given system would consist of the required rack space to house the recovery systems. Recovery servers will be installed and running, with the same version and patch level for the operating system, database management system (if used), and application software. Systems at a hot site require the same level of administration and maintenance as the primary systems. When patches or configuration changes are made to primary systems, they should be made to hot-site systems at the same time or very shortly afterwards. Because systems at a hot site need to be at or very near a state of readiness, a strategy needs to be developed regarding a method for keeping the data on hot standby systems current. This is discussed in detail in the later section, Recovery and Resilience Technologies. Systems at a hot site should have full network connectivity. A method for quickly directing network traffic toward the recovery servers needs to be worked out in advance so that a switchover can be accomplished. This is also discussed in the Recovery and Resilience Technologies section.
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Hurting profits by rewarding profits. Senior management was perplexed to learn that the gross profit measure in the incentive plan actually hurt profits. Distribution companies sell what others manufacture. Multiline wholesalers purchase products from numerous manufacturers, bring them into inventory, and sell to the local market. The key measure of sales success is gross margin dollars sales price less loaded cost of goods. Management correctly provided sales personnel with pricing flexibility to meet competitive pressures. To reward high sales with high pricing, management structured the incentive plan to pay a flat commission rate on all gross margin dollars. Unfortunately, it had the unintended consequence of reducing pricing. Why Rather than keep prices high and risk losing the sale, sales personnel would reduce pricing to save the order. A commission on a few gross margin dollars is better than a commission on no gross margin dollars. Preferred Solution: Create a payout schedule that pays a higher commission rate on gross margin dollars for orders with higher gross margin percent.
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The link status monitor provides the facility to select linksets and view their status in more detail. For each link in the selected linksets, the system displays the link s current status plus all of the link statistics defined above.
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ISDN therefore was a great technology-driven service that didn t really solve a business (or home) need. It is little wonder that ISDN is not widely implemented or used, but there are, as we have noted, some clear exceptions. The most notable is video conferencing. Internet access is also a possibility, but ISDN can t compete with xDSL technology in performance for the cost. The ISDN primary rate is used extensively in call centers, utilizing computer telephony integration to maximize their efficiency. PRI is also used in PBX applications, where the digital PBX can make use of the network control and status information provided by the PRI interface.
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YOU TRY IT Perform the differentiation in the last example by first applying a
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The Project Definition Document
In the Citrix Presentation Server 4 release, the Application Isolation Environment (AIE) was introduced. As mentioned earlier in this chapter, this feature has fundamentally changed the face of Presentation Server, allowing many organizations to consolidate farms and minimize the number of application silo servers present in each farm. An application silo is a group of servers dedicated to serving up applications that do not play well together on the same server. It is also used to run more than one version of the same application on the same server (for example, Office 2003 and Office 2007), where in the past these two programs would step on one another during the install and more than likely not work. In some cases, applications that previously would not be compatible with Terminal Services could be installed. This feature set essentially allows an administrator to install applications on a XenApp server as if each is the only application on the server, virtualizing the file space and Registry space. This virtualization effectively fixes applications that weren t written to understand Terminal Services multiuser mode or that conflict with other applications installed on the server.
Part II:
// Demonstrate block scope. using System; class ScopeDemo { static void Main() { int x; // known to all code within Main() x = 10; if(x == 10) { // start new scope int y = 20; // known only to this block // x and y both known here. Console.WriteLine("x and y: " + x + " " + y); x = y * 2; } // y = 100; // Error! y not known here. // x is still known here. Console.WriteLine("x is " + x); } }
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IOS Process
Generally speaking, the shorter the RTO or RPO for a given system, the more expensive it will be to achieve the target. Table 7-2 depicts a range of RTOs along with the technologies needed to achieve them and their relative cost. The BCP project team needs to understand the relationship between the time required to recover an application and the cost required to recover the application within that time. A shorter recovery time is more expensive, and this relationship is not linear. This means that reducing RPO from three days to six hours may mean that the equipment and software investment might double, or it might increase eightfold. There are so many factors involved in the supporting infrastructure for a given application that the BCP project team has to just knuckle down and develop the cost for a few different RTO and RPO figures. The business value of the application itself is the primary driver in determining the amount of investment that senior management is willing to make to reach any arbitrary RTO and RPO figures. This business value may be measured in local currency if the application supports revenue. However, the loss of an application during a disaster may harm the organization s reputation. Again, management will have to make a decision on how much it will be willing to invest in DR capabilities that bring RTO and RPO figures down to a certain level. Figure 7-7 illustrates these relationships.
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We all have been in situations where we felt a question and a sense of doubt hanging in the air around us. You may have felt it even when the other person didn t actually come out and say the words: Who do you think you are This is what I call the destructive self-doubt question. It is the question that stops all of us dead in our tracks, fills our minds with doubt, and makes us second-guess what we know in our hearts. Why Because when someone poses that question to us, or even thinks it about us, it strikes at the very core of our own insecurities and inhibitions. It s so potent that you actually feel the distinct and definite attitude that it radiates the moment someone implies that you re incapable of doing what you say you re going to do. There s another uncomfortable feeling that you may get when you re around certain people. It happens especially when something really great occurs in your life for example, you get a big promotion or you buy a new house and it contains an even stronger message: How dare you exceed my expectations of who I think you should be and what I think you are capable of accomplishing. It doesn t matter whether people are merely thinking these things or saying them out loud. The point is, they are sending out an energy that is deliberately trying to bring you down to their level. What are you doing to stop it You can try to push these attitudes and thoughts out of your mind when they happen, you can deny that they re happening until the cows come home, and you can even talk yourself into blaming yourself for doing or saying something that brings out the jealous side of people. But the reality remains: Many of the people with whom you have surrounded yourself during your life may have a very difficult time accepting the fact that you are, indeed, exceeding their expectations. And it doesn t matter whether you think these people should or shouldn t feel threatened. One woman said to me in a workshop, But she s my best friend. I would do anything for her. There s no reason for Louise to feel threatened by anything that I accomplish. My immediate thought was: Yes, your best friend could feel threatened and probably does.
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