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he preceding eleven chapters have introduced what might be described as the core of C#. They covered foundational topics, such as data types, control statements, classes, methods, and objects. They also discussed several key concepts, such as inheritance, interfaces, structures, indexers, properties, overloading, exceptions, and I/O. At this point in your study, you can begin to write useful programs. However, there is much more to C#. The remainder of this book introduces some of the most sophisticated, or (in some cases) the most advanced, features of C#. Now is a good time to pause and review. You will want to be on a solid footing before continuing. This chapter examines three important C# topics: delegates, events, and namespaces. Delegates are, essentially, objects that can refer to executable code. Events are built on delegates. An event is a notification that some action occurred. Namespaces help organize your code. Collectively, these features add greatly to the expressive power of C# and are used extensively in commercial code.
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1.0 1p0 1.2 1p2 1.5 1p3 1.8 1p8 2.2 2p2 2.7 2p7 3.3 3p3 3.9 3p9 4.7 4p7 5.6 5p6 6.8 6p8 8.2 8p2
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could separate any dissolved Ag ions from the solutions you disposed of in the discard beaker.
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Sharply demarcated bright red to bluish round or oval structures (dialated vascular spaces in the dermis) (Figure 1-16)
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Understanding Where User-configured Report and Specification Files are Kept
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Writing the defining equation is usually relatively easy. The hard part of max-min problems is finding the constraint equation and then doing the algebra so as to get the defining equation written in terms of one, other than the one to be maximized or minimized, variable and in as simple a fonn as possible. There are very few max-min problems where the defining equation is written directly in terms of one variable. They are seen rarely on tests. They are considered too easy! Let's slowly go through a couple of max-min problems before setting down guidelines for worlung the problems and going on to the more challenging problems. Learn the procedure and max-min problems are not difficult.
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If you remove the comment symbols and then try to compile the program, you will receive an error. The reason is that the type of the first argument is double, but the element types of nums and nums2 are int. However, all three types must be substituted for the same type parameter, T. This causes a type-mismatch, which results in a compile-time error. This ability to enforce type safety is one of the most important advantages of generic methods. The syntax used to create CopyInsert( ) can be generalized. Here is the general form of a generic method: ret-type meth-name<type-parameter-list>(param-list) { // ... In all cases, type-parameter-list is a comma-separated list of type parameters. Notice that for a generic method, the type parameter list follows the method name.
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United Retail s Jet Stores in South Africa are using facial recognition for a preferred customer service application. Specifically, United Retail is using the technology to register customers faces along with their credit card and related data on a voluntary basis. When a customer approaches the counter, a small camera next to the cash register scans her face. The attendant can refer to the stored customer details and the attendant can give more personalized service, thus making the customers feel preferred. United intends to create a loyalty program to reward registrants and to eliminate the need for them to carry credit cards. All that the customer needs is his or her face to complete a transaction. United Retail chose facial recognition because it is passive; the customer does not need to do anything.
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Fig. 4.20
// Demonstrate typeof. using System; using System.IO; class UseTypeof { static void Main() { Type t = typeof(StreamReader); Console.WriteLine(t.FullName); if(t.IsClass) Console.WriteLine("Is a class."); if(t.IsAbstract) Console.WriteLine("Is abstract."); else Console.WriteLine("Is concrete."); } }
Lower Res
To preclude the possibility of an administrative user inadvertently printing to a printer in someone else s Terminal Services session, the default security descriptor used to autocreate client printers no longer includes any rights for the administrator s group. Only the user executing in the proper session context has rights to the autocreated printers for the session. Administrators may still grant themselves rights to any client printer by taking ownership of the print queue and adding the desired rights. Because this is a cumbersome process, administrators not requiring the level of security provided may opt to set this flag and the system then automatically adds usage rights to all autocreated client printers for members of the administrator s group.
With LRN, every switch in the network is assigned a unique 10-digit number that is used to identify it to the rest of the network for call routing purposes. An essential advantage of the LRN is that call routing is performed based on today s numbering format. LRN uses the strength of SS7 signaling with Multi-Frequency (MF) interworking, and promises to be a long-term solution for LNP. LNP is SS7, ISDN User Part (ISUP) oriented, and therefore does not work well with MF interworking. LRN-LNP on the Switching Service Points (SSPs) performs the integral part of the overall network LNP solution. The LRN is shown in Figure 5-2 with a new, ten-digit number assigned to the individual switching points. LRN depends on Intelligent Network (IN) or Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN) capabilities deployed by the wireline carriers networks. LRN is a 10-digit number to uniquely identify a switch that has ported numbers. The LRN for a particular switch must be a native NPA-NXX assigned to the service provider for that switch. LRN assigns a unique ten-digit telephone number to each switch in a defined geographic area. The LRN now serves as the network address. Carriers routing telephone calls to end users who have changed from one carrier to another (and kept their same number) perform a database dip to obtain the LRN corresponding to the dialed telephone number. The database dip is performed for all calls where the NPA-NXX of the called number has been flagged in the switch as a portable number. The carrier then routes the call to the new provider based on the LRN. Shown in Figure 5-4 is the flow of LRN information, which is the same for both a wireline and a wireless provider (with one modification: the JIP is not used in the wireless network and LRN flow from wireless).
Generic classes can be part of a class hierarchy in just the same way as non-generic classes. Thus, a generic class can act as a base class or be a derived class. The key difference between generic and non-generic hierarchies is that in a generic hierarchy, any type arguments needed by a generic base class must be passed up the hierarchy by all derived classes. This is similar to the way that constructor arguments must be passed up a hierarchy.
Paragraph Text is very much like the frames that text professionals work with in desktop publishing applications such as CorelVentura and Adobe InDesign; however, you ll soon see options and features in CorelDRAW that DTP (desktop publishing) applications don t provide. The largest difference between Artistic Text and Paragraph Text is that Paragraph Text is held in a container a frame so you don t directly edit, for example, the width of
select the profile in the drop-down Connect To selector this allows the user to choose which ASA to connect to. Unlike in clientless mode where you have to access the Logon page to see the groups and enter your username and password, as soon as you choose a profile, this is done for you automatically. Select the Group name, enter your Username and Password, and click the Connect button. When done, you should see the AnyConnect icon in the taskbar with a closed yellow lock, indicating that you have successfully established a tunnel mode connection to the ASA. TIP If you have multiple ASAs, use the load balancing feature discussed in 17. In this instance you only need one AnyConnect profile with the virtual IP address of the cluster defined.
CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide
In version 6 and earlier of ICMP, application inspection was automatically enabled on the PIX, and there was no way to disable it. Starting in version 7, ICMP inspection is disabled by default. To enable the equivalent of what was done automatically in version 6, you need to enable ICMP error inspection, which examines ICMP reply messages and performs its fix-up of addressing issues in ICMP error messages. Starting in version 7, the appliances can add ICMP connections to the conn table as well as fix embedded addressing information in ICMP echo messages. The appliances keep track of ICMP connections in the conn table by examining the source and destination IP addresses as well as the ICMP sequence number in the ICMP header: each ICMP echo request is considered a separate connection. By default, state tracking of ICMP is disabled, but can be easily enabled with an inspection policy. SECURITY ALERT! Care should be taken, however, to ensure that a flood of spoofed ICMP messages doesn t unnecessarily fill up the state table when ICMP state tracking is enabled. In other words, use ACLs with your layer 3/4 class maps to control for which devices ICMP state tracking should be enabled. I also highly recommend that you not use ACLs on interfaces to allow ICMP returning traffic (you had no choice in version 6), since ICMP traffic is very easily spoofed, and this can create bandwidth issues in your network and CPU issues on your appliances.
Sets can be constructed three ways. First, a null set can be created. A null set contains no members, nor does it allocate an array for members. Thus, a null set is simply a placeholder. Second, an empty set can be created of a given size. Finally, a set can be constructed from another set. In this case, the two sets contain the same members, but refer to separate objects.
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FIGURE 5 . 2 0 Generalization Hierarchy for Employees
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