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Physical Installations
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Function and Operator Overloading
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As you saw in 2, if a function has arguments, then those arguments must be declared. These are called the formal parameters of the function. As shown in the following fragment, this declaration occurs after the function name, inside the parentheses:
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As explained, instance variables and methods are two of the primary constituents of classes. So far, the Building class contains data, but no methods. Although data-only classes are perfectly valid, most classes will have methods. Methods are subroutines that manipulate the data defined by the class and, in many cases, provide access to that data. Typically, other parts of your program will interact with a class through its methods. A method contains one or more statements. In well-written C# code, each method performs only one task. Each method has a name, and it is this name that is used to call the method. In general, you can name a method using any valid identifier that you please. However, remember that Main( ) is reserved for the method that begins execution of your program. Also, don t use C# s keywords for method names. When denoting methods in text, this book has used and will continue to use a convention that has become common when writing about C#. A method will have parentheses after its name. For example, if a method s name is GetVal, then it will be written GetVal( ) when its name is used in a sentence. This notation will help you distinguish variable names from method names in this book. The general form of a method is shown here: access ret-type name(parameter-list) { // body of method } Here, access is an access modifier that governs what other parts of your program can call the method. As explained earlier, the access modifier is optional. If not present, then the method is private to the class in which it is declared. For now, we will declare methods as public so that they can be called by any other code in the program. The ret-type specifies the type of data returned by the method. This can be any valid type, including class types that you create. If the method does not return a value, its return type must be void. The name of the method is specified by name. This can be any legal identifier other than those that would cause conflicts within the current declaration space. The parameter-list is a sequence of type
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Overcoming Split Horizon Issues
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Related Functions
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Table 9.12 Allowable Amperage of Four to Six Bundled Conductors (Adapted from ABYC Standard E-11, Table VII-C)
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Working with Existing Macros
The constant velocity curve with its in nite acceleration and abrupt shock at the ends of the DRD cam is rarely used in industry. It can be applied with minor modi cations. One such modi cation is made by utilizing circular arcs with a radius h and a tangent at the dwell ends (Fig. 2.3). In view of the poor characteristics of this curve, mathematical presentation is omitted.
Each step of the selling process contributes to securing and keeping customers. The sales job is often involved in each step of the sales process; however, the level of involvement varies significantly from one company to another and from one sales job to another. The following are descriptions of how sales personnel may be involved in each step.
Connectionless and Connection-Orientated Forwarding
Simple Class Diagram
ATM network B-ICI
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