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Wavelength Determination
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One of the innovations of DVD and Blu-ray Disc is to use layers on the disc to increase storage capacity. Commercially, there are only single-layer and dual-layer discs, but research is ongoing and discs containing four, eight, and more layers are under development. The laser that reads the disc can focus at different levels so that it can look through a layer to read the layer beneath. With a dual-layer disc, the outside layer is coated with a semireflective material that enables the laser to read through it when focused on the inner layer. When the player reads a disc, it starts at the inside edge of the track area and moves toward the outer edge, following a spiral path. When the laser reaches the end of the first layer, it quickly refocuses onto the second layer and starts reading in the opposite direction, from the outer edge toward the inner. This is known as opposite track path (OTP) or reverse spiral dual layer (RSDL). Unlike DVD, BD does not allow parallel track path (PTP), where the second layer can optionally spiral from the hub to the outer diameter. Refocusing happens very quickly, but on most DVD players the video and audio pause for a fraction of a second as the player searches for the resumption point on the second layer. For BD, if the player has a large enough buffer and the disc is carefully designed to lower the data rate at the layer switch point (so that the buffer will take longer to empty), the laser pickup may have time to refocus and retrack without causing a visible break. The DVD specification requires backwards compatibility with the earlier CD format and the BD specification does not require players to read DVDs, but manufacturers recognize have a snowball s chance in Hollywood of surviving. The difficult part is that the pits on CDs, DVDs, and BDs are all at different levels (see Figure 2.3). In essence, the newer format player must be able to focus a laser at different distances. This problem has various solutions, including using lenses that switch in and out, and holographic lenses that are actually focused at more than one distance simultaneously. Further, each format uses a different wavelength 780nm infrared for CD, 650nm red for DVD, and 405nm blue for BD so multiple lasers or multi-wavelength diodes are needed.
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Signal splitter/combiner
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SS7 Signaling Monitoring Systems 762 Network Management
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money. Likewise, you cannot give an enumeration variable a value using a string equivalent. That is, this code does not work:
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A good junction box design cleans up the hodgepodge of instrumentation wiring running every which way inside the engine compartment, enables you (on anyone else) to later retrace your wiring, and provides convenient mounting and tie-off points for various components. However, not all junction boxes are created equal. Jim s and Paul s magic boxes are more equal than most they combine simple design and layout with high utility (see Figures 10-26 and 10-27). The high-current safety fuse (in the center, behind the power cable), the ammeter shunts (large one on center of back wall, small one in front of main contactor), and the main contactor (on left side of box) form, along with the terminal strip, the backbone from which all interconnections are made. Notice all the safety fuses are located in one convenient area at the right rear of the box.
Appendix: Buyer s Guide to Digital Cameras
Read the specification. This step is not always as easy as it sounds. In many cases specifications are long, written in an unfamiliar language, and include complex formulations. Specifications also might be ambiguous, incomplete, and inconsistent. Any of these factors can result in two similar products, developed from the same specification by two different companies, being unable to interoperate. Derive test purposes. The objective of the Test Purpose is to verify that a feature or characteristic described by the specification has been implemented correctly in the product. A series of Test Purposes is derived from a Protocol Specification to cover all features of potential IUTs. For example, an ATM Conformance Test Purpose might be to verify that the IUT supports point-to-point virtual channel (VC) connectivity. Write Abstract Test Case. Each Test Purpose is turned into an Abstract Test Case (ATC) that clearly states the expected behavior of the IUT in order to meet that Test Purpose. An ATC gives details about:
The Strict transmission service guarantees that all delivered data units are not duplicated nor reordered, at the expense of discarding more data frames than in the Relaxed mode.
The prototype for fputs( ) is found in <stdio.h>. The fputs( ) function writes the contents of the string pointed to by str to the specified stream. The null terminator is not written. The fputs( ) function returns nonnegative on success, EOF on failure. If the stream is opened in text mode, certain character translations may take place. This means that there may not be a one-to-one mapping of the string onto the file. However, if it is opened in binary mode, no character translations occur and a one-to-one mapping exists between the string and the file.
In a packet-switched network, the user s data stream is segmented into packets, or frames, at the Data Link and Network layers. Each packet contains the destination address, making it possible to send packets separately instead of in a single stream. Figure 3.15 shows the frame and packet structure of an X.25 packet and how each part relates to the OSI model (See 5, Section 5.6). At level 2, the frame is delimited by start and stop flags. The Frame Check Sequence is a Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) calculated on the bits in the frame. If an error is detected, the frame is retransmitted to provide error correction. The Information Field, at level 3, contains
When certificate revocation list checking is enabled, the ICA Win32 clients check whether or not the server s certificate has been revoked. This feature improves the cryptographic authentication of the XenApp Server and improves the overall security of the SSL/TLS connections between an ICA Win32 client and a XenApp Server. Several levels of certificate revocation list checking can be enabled. For example, the client can be configured to check only its local certificate list or to check the local and network certificate lists. In addition, the certificate can be configured for certificate checking to allow users to log on only if all certificate revocation lists are verified. To enable certificate revocation list checking, open the default.ica file and configure the SSLCertificateRevocationCheckPolicy setting to one of the following options: NoCheck No certificate revocation list checking is performed. The local list is checked. The local list and any network lists are checked.
The key to using Print Preview to its fullest is learning where all the options are located, what each tool does, and what print properties are available while using each. There are four tools on the Toolbox the Pick Tool, Imposition Layout Tool, Marks Placement Tool, and Zoom Tool each of which is discussed in the sections to follow. The Standard Toolbar, shown next, contains printing options, viewing options, and shortcuts you can use to open print-related dialogs.
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