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The other aspect of contractual change related to model-based project management is access to the information contained in the BIM. It is part of the BIM planning (see Chap. 2) to establish the protocol regarding copyright and ownership issues connected to the BIM. On this account Sue Yoakum advises: The parties contributing original information to the BIM model should maintain ownership of their work and copyright, with the owner and the other parties granted an irrevocable nonexclusive license to access the BIM model per the terms and conditions of an electronic data or digital data transfer agreement. There is no reason for any party contributing original information to the BIM model to give up her or his copyright or intellectual property rights because the BIM model can have multiple owners. The AIA has new contract documents that deal with the use of digital data and can provide assistance when allowing use or transferring a BIM model. The AIA C106-2007 document is the Digital Data Licensing Agreement for use as a stand-alone agreement with any party regarding the transfer and use of digital data. The AIA E201-2007 is the Digital Data Protocol Exhibit for use as an exhibit to an agreement that addresses the transfer and use of digital data. Of note in the AIA E201-2007 document is the chart in article 3 that outlines the data format, transmitting party, transmission method, receiving party, and permitted uses for the data. These are all important issues to address when transferring digital data or a BIM model. In addition, the AIA C106-2007 and E201-2007 documents address other issues important to resolve prior to granting a party access to the BIM model.5 In any case it is important to have the agreements among all the project team members in place before information sharing can safely begin. It is thus clear that the industry is developing adaptations to the introduction of new technology that will make it seem that business is pretty much as usual. Is anything actually being fixed by these approaches What will make the participants on a project team want to bring about improvements What is required to really reduce risk, increase value, etc. It appears that necessity is the mother of invention, and that things will not change until it becomes absolutely necessary. It is the author s belief that the industry will only change when it becomes necessary either because the owners will demand certain improvements in the planning and construction of new projects or because competition among designers and builders will require these improvements just so that they can stay in business.
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Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
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Foundations of Calculus
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set { // set accessor code } } Here, type specifies the type of the property, such as int, and name is the name of the property. Once the property has been defined, any use of name results in a call to its appropriate accessor. The set accessor automatically receives a parameter called value that contains the value being assigned to the property. It is important to understand that properties do not define storage locations. Instead, a property typically manages access to a field. It does not, itself, provide that field. The field must be specified independently of the property. (The exception is the auto-implemented property, which is described shortly.) Here is a simple example that defines a property called MyProp, which is used to access the field prop. In this case, the property allows only positive values to be assigned.
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Now try deleting all the objects on the page, and then create a polygon or a rectangle. Select it and then run the macro you just created. Your recipe is the same, but you re using a different ingredient, as shown here. This is a simple macro, but you can see the potential for incredible time-savings with macros and a little headwork before you begin recording. Because the macro was saved in this document, it is only available for use in this document.
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Chemistry: Matter and Change 25
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At time t = 2 (7:00 p.m.) the number of bacteria was therefore 2 5 3 = 6000 = 3600. B( 2) = 6000 5 3 You Try It: A petri dish has 5000 bacteria at 1:00 p.m. on a certain day and 8000 bacteria at 5:00 p.m. that same day. How many bacteria were there at noon
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The cursor is a targeting device to choose the container for the object to be clipped.
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T Option Type L Option Length V Option Data T = Type L = Length V = Value
Beyond Point-and-Shoot Photography
Value Syntax [ <length> | <percentage> ] | inherit Initial Value 0 Percentages refer to width of containing block Inherited no Applies to all elements Media Groups visual
Financial Functions: NPV, XNPV, IRR, XIRR NPV (net present value) and IRR (internal rate of return) are the necessary functions to know when you start working with cash flows and estimating the returns of various projects. Both these functions deal with the time value of money. Time value of money is a way of saying that a dollar today is not worth the same value as a dollar will be in the future, or as it was in the past. No, we are not talking about inflation here. We are talking about the fact that money can earn interest. Let s take a brief detour: Let s say that we can earn 5 percent interest every year on our dollar. Thus, our $1.00 today will be worth $1.05 next year (the arithmetic is simple: $1 1.05 $1.05), and $1.1025 ($1.05 1.05) a year after that. By the same token, to have our $1.00 today, we actually needed to have only $0.9524 last year ($1.00 divided by 1.05. The proof that we have the right answer is $0.9524 1.05 $1.00) and $0.9070 two years ago. The important point to remember is that the following values:
Topology Descriptor The topology descriptor is somewhat different from other descriptors in that it is relevant to a context only, rather than to a specific termination within a context. The purpose of the descriptor is to indicate how media streams should flow within a context (who can hear or see whom). By default, all terminations in a context can send and receive media to and from each other. If a different situation is desired, then the topology descriptor is used. The descriptor comprises a sequence of triples in the form Termination1, Termination 2, association. Such a triple indicates whether there is to be no media flow, one-way media flow, or two-way media flow between the two terminations. These three alternatives are indicated by isolate, oneway, and bothway respectively. The order in which the terminations appear in the triple is important. For example, the triple (T1, T2, oneway) means the T1 can send media to T2, but T2 must not send media to T1. If more than two terminations are used in a context, then more than one triple is required. For example, if three terminations (T1, T2 and T3) are used, then three triples are needed to describe the association between T1 and T2, the association between T1 and T3, and the association between T2 and T3. Figure 6-11 provides an example of several topologies between three terminations. It is assumed that the topologies are applied in sequence.
Component 3: Purchase Commitment: The primary value of a sales representative is to secure a purchase commitment from a customer. This step is typically known as closing the sale.We all share a common image of a sales rep opening up the order book and writing down the customer s order. (This is how the now seemingly quaint expression book the order came into the sales world vernacular.) While a high-tech version of booking the order still exists
Here, only the name Remark is used. Although the short form is correct, it is usually safer to use the full name when attaching attributes, because it avoids possible confusion and ambiguity.
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