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A Data Source View representing two fact tables and several dimension tables
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I have heard the term outer variables used in a discussion of anonymous methods. To what does it refer A local variable or parameter whose scope includes an anonymous method is called an outer variable. An anonymous method has access to and can use these outer variables. When an outer variable is used by an anonymous method, that variable is said to be captured. A captured variable will stay in existence at least until the delegate that captured it is subject to garbage collection. Thus, even though a local variable will normally cease to exist when its block is exited, if that local variable is being used by an anonymous method, then that variable will stay in existence at least until the delegate referring to that method is destroyed.
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Ethernet Media Types
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FIGURE 15.15. Kinematic sketch of the linkage in Sandia s microengine driven by two coordinated electrostatic comb-drive linear actuators.
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Floating tool group
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or more RTP packets that simply provide a name or other identifier for the tone, plus an indication of how long the tone is applied. This effectively means using an RTP packet to signal the occurrence of a tone rather than carrying the tone itself. Assuming that the far end understands the identifier, then it can reproduce the actual tone. The second approach is to use a dynamic RTP profile, where RTP packets carry information regarding the frequency, volume, and duration of the tone. That approach means that the ingress gateway does not need to recognize a particular tone; rather, it only needs to detect and measure the characteristics of a tone and then send a packet describing what was measured. RFC 2198 describes an RTP payload format for redundant audio data, whereby speech quality can be maintained in the presence of packet loss by sending redundant codings for the same speech signal. Having two methods for communicating the same information regarding a tone means that we can use one of the methods as a backup for the other in accordance with RFC 2198. Thus, the entity (a gateway, for example) that detects a tone can send both types of RTP payload in a given RTP packet. The receiver can then select from the two representations of the tone. RFC 2833 has been prepared to address the issue of carrying tones within the RTP stream. This specification addresses both of the two methods just described. To support the sending of RTP packets with identifiers for the individual tones, RFC 2833 specifies a large number of tones and events such as DTMF digits, busy tones, congestion tones, and ringing tones. It also provides a numeric identifier for each. The payload format for these named events is shown in Figure 3-10. The event field contains a number indicating the event in question. The R bit is reserved and the E bit indicates the end of the tone. A sender may delay setting this bit until the tone has stopped. The volume field indicates the power level of the tone from 0 dBm0 to 63 dBm0, with the sign omitted. Therefore, a larger value in the volume field implies a lower volume. The volume field is relevant only for DTMF digits. The duration indicates, in timestamp units, how long the tone has lasted so far. Therefore, the tone event starts at the time indicated in the RTP timestamp, and the duration field indicates how long the tone has lasted. The size of this field can accommodate a duration up to 8 seconds, assuming a sampling rate of 8,000 Hz. Note that a gateway that detects a tone should send an event packet as soon as the tone is recognized and every 50 milliseconds thereafter while the tone lasts. At least three event packets should be sent even if the tone is very brief, just to make sure that the far end has been informed of the event occurrence, even in the case of packet loss. When several packets are sent for the same tone, the RTP timestamp of each packet should be the
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Often, multiple pages on a web site contain the same information. If those pages were coded by hand, the same content would have to be written into each and every page. AJAX allows a web application to simply retrieve new information and adjust how the content is presented. This is very efficient and reduces the amount of bandwidth consumed and reduces load times. Using asynchronous requests allows the client s web browser to be more interactive and respond quickly to user inputs. The user may even perceive the application to be faster. Connections to the server are reduced, because scripts and style sheets need only be downloaded once. Disadvantages to AJAX include Dynamically created web pages do not show up in the browser s history engine, so clicking on the Back button would not re-create the last seen page. It is difficult to bookmark a dynamically created web page. If a browser does not support AJAX or if JavaScript is disabled, AJAX functionality cannot be used. There is no standards body behind AJAX, so there is no widely adopted best practice to test AJAX applications.
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A 225-lb athlete drinks a glass of orange juice (120 calories) and walks up to the top of the Empire State Building. What is the change in his internal energy, assuming the only heat transfer is the 120 calories from the orange juice, and the only work done by the athlete is lifting his own weight to the 102nd floor Assume 3 m per floor.
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Most but not all Spitzoid patterns require a histopathologic diagnosis especially in adults The pink variant could actually be amelanotic melanoma A melanoma with a Spitzoid pattern dermoscopically is not always Spitzoid histopathologically
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Universe Components
A CISA-certified individual may have his or her certification revoked for the following: If the individual does not meet, or fails to provide evidence of, all the CPE requirements during a renewal or audit. Failure to submit payment for maintenance fees. Failure to comply with the Code of Professional Ethics can result in investigation and ultimately can lead to revocation of certification.
The following is a list of possible errors encountered in the Citrix XTE Service error logs, ranked in order from most common to least common. The XTE Service error log is located at C:\Program Files\Common Files\Citrix\XTE\logs\error.log.
When this version of ISeries is implemented, the implementing class must also specify the same constraint for T, as shown here:
In this example, the configuration file is copied from a TFTP server to NVRAM (the startup-config file); if the file already exists in NVRAM, it will be overwritten. You can also restore your configuration from a TFTP server to active memory:
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// Use the built-in EventHandler delegate. using System; // Declare a class that contains an event. class MyEvent { public event EventHandler SomeEvent; // uses EventHandler delegate // This is called to raise SomeEvent. public void OnSomeEvent() {
100-mL graduated cylinder 2-L graduated cylinder balance distilled water rubber stopper (#2 solid) can of non-diet soft drink can of diet soft drink dropper
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Derived2 ob2; WhatType(baseob); WhatType(ob1); WhatType(ob2); return 0; }
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