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functional dependency ( F D ) is a constraint about two or more columns o f a table. X deter mines Y(X Y) if there exists at most one value o f 7 for every value o f X The word func tion c o m e s from mathematics where a function gives one value. For example, Social Secu rity number determines city (StdSSN > StdCity) in the university database table if there is at most o n e city value for every Social Security number. A column appearing o n the lefthand side o f an F D is called a determinant or, alternatively, an L H S for left-hand side. In this example, StdSSN is a determinant. You can also think about functional dependencies as identifying potential candidate keys. B y stating thatX > Y, i f X a n d Fare placed together in a table without other columns, X is a candidate key. Every determinant (LHS) is a candidate k e y if it is placed in a table with the other columns that it determines. For example, if StdSSN, StdCity, and StdClass are placed in a table together and StdSSN - StdCity and StdSSN - StdClass then StdSSN is a candidate key. If there are n o other candidate keys, a determinant will b e c o m e the primary key if it does not allow null values.
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Part II:
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The remainder of this chapter focuses on the problems that pertain to distance vector routing protocols: they converge slowly and they are prone to routing (layer 3) loops. The next few sections cover these problems, as well as present solutions implemented by distance vector protocols to solve these problems.
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enum Coin { Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter, HalfDollar, Dollar};
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1. Write a description of the properties used to classify elements into each group.
// Tokenizing program: pointer version. #include <iostream> #include <cstdio> using namespace std; int main() { char str[80]; char token[80]; char *p, *q; cout << "Enter a sentence: "; gets(str); p = str; // Read a token at a time from the string. while(*p) { q = token; // set q pointing to start of token /* Read characters until either a space or the null terminator is encountered. */ while(*p!=' ' && *p) { *q = *p; q++; p++; } if(*p) p++; // advance past the space *q = '\0'; // null terminate the token cout << token << '\n'; } return 0; }
Starting with a Target Incentive Amount
The prototype for tanh( ) is in <math.h>. The tanh( ) function returns the hyperbolic tangent of arg. tanhl( ) is the long double version of this function.
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and public involvement. Design procedures are usually completed in phases, using intuition, thumb rules, case studies, and practical experience (Figure 2.5). As stated earlier, maintenance involves inspection, interpretation of data, selection of repair methods, analysis, computer aided design, and application of AASHTO and state codes of practice. Only a brief description of various aspects is given here. Plan for geometry, minimum skew or curvature, adequate sight distance, suf cient horizontal or vertical clearances, and adequate opening over waterways. For important bridges repainting is required on a regular basis (Figure 2.6). Use modern high strength and corrosion resistant materials. Include structural design aspects such as minimum de ection and vibration of girders, use of jointless decks, keeping deck surfacing un-cracked, unrestricted bearing movements, and ductility of joints. Meet the functional requirements such as providing an adequate number of lanes to prevent overload, and posting of warning signs and directions located ahead of the bridge. Provide facilities for ease of maintenance such as a provision for inspection chambers, structural health monitoring by remote sensors, and nondestructive testing. The construction industry has also bene ted from the use of new machinery, cranes, and tractor trailer vehicles for freight. Precast concrete technology and pre-assembled replacement bridges offer quick and reliable solutions by minimizing delays and reducing construction time. Experience has shown that if any of these are lacking, indirect costs in terms of structural damage, accidents, or delays (which were not provided for in the original budget) will accrue. The technology of maintenance varies according to the uniqueness of defects and quality control. Quality assurance and quality control are supported by modern technology as seen in the quality of maintenance chart shown in Figure 2.7. Planning de ciencies should be avoided since they lead to a functionally obsolete condition. The goal should be:
It is highly recommended to use the MD5 hash function and not clear text for authentication. When specifying MD5, you need to specify the encryption key, which can be up to 16 characters long, as well as the key identification number, which can be a number between 1 and 255. Note that on your peer RIPv2 neighbors, you ll need to match these values. I discuss MD5 in more depth in 15. SECURITY ALERT! RIP version 1 has no security mechanism built into it and thus can be easily spoofed. Therefore, you should use RIP version 2 on your appliance, with MD5 authentication configured, and the routers connected to your appliance. This also applies to the appliance if you are using OSPF or EIGRP: use MD5 authentication to greatly reduce the likelihood that your appliance would accept a spoofed route from a rogue router.
Demo Reel Portfolio: These are terms that are often used interchangeably, but they can also be considered three different things. The term portfolio is most often used to describe the actual folder, or portfolio, of traditional works that all professional artists should have. Reel most often means the VHS tape of an animator s work, though its definition has expanded to include files of animations carried on a CD-ROM. Demo is the most all-encompassing term, and can be used in any circumstance. It is generally your entire presentation, a reel of animations or stills and a portfolio of other work. Have your demo in as many different formats as possible have a web site, have a CD reel and have a file that can be transferred to videotape easily. Use a video transfer service you can find them in the Yellow Pages. Pay attention to how your target company wants to receive your demo or reel the easier you make their job, the easier it will be to get your demo seen. Do not assume you know better. Demo files on CD: test your disc across different computers to make sure your content works!
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