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Figure 24-1: Satellite communication basics (Source: NASA)
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The following sections cover the configuration of both numbered and named ACLs. The first two sections deal with configuring numbered standard and extended ACLs; they are followed by a section on configuring named ACLs and then a section on how to verify your ACL configuration. Last, you ll be introduced to a feature called sequenced ACLs, which allows you to edit ACLs easily from the CLI of your IOS device.
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AS A MATTER OF FACT If you re taking a close-up portrait of someone, set your zoom lens midway between its normal setting and its extreme telephoto (long) setting. Shooting a person s face with your lens as long as it can go tends to flatten the face, making it look more like a two-dimensional cutout than a person. The wide-angle (short) setting is even worse, creating a distorted face with a protruding nose and bulging lips. On a 35mm film camera, which uses a 50mm to 55mm normal lens, the ideal portrait focal length is 100mm. How that translates to your digital camera s zoom, depends on which camera you have. Because the size of the pixel array varies from camera to camera, their range of focal lengths also vary. Your camera may have come with some specs that let you translate film camera focal lengths to its digital focal lengths. If not, then aim for some place in the telephoto range without going to its longest setting.
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P/AR = 2
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Figure 4.1 depicts a simple model that is used to contextualize the discussion in Part II of the book. This model, based partly on the work done by the MEF [1], shows four distinct layers: Physical layer, Transport/Network layer, Ethernet layer, and Application layer.
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6. Connect three of the wires from your cabling (as shown in Figure 11-8) to the cable bundle and plug accompanying the thermostat, following these connections (and using butt splice connectors):
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The unary operators are overloaded just like the binary operators. The main difference, of course, is that there is only one operand. For example, here is a method that overloads the unary minus for the ThreeD class:
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I ll now create and set up my two contexts ( admin and ctx ):
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Minerva System, Inc.
The Zoom Tool in the Print Preview window is used much the same way as the Zoom Tool in CorelDRAW X4, so you can increase or decrease the view of your Print Preview. Many of the functions of the Zoom Tool are performed interactively or by using hot keys. While the
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You might find a second form of Abort( ) useful in some cases. Its general form is shown here: public void Abort(object info) Here, info contains any information that you want to pass to the thread when it is being stopped. This information is accessible through the ExceptionState property of ThreadAbortException. You might use this to pass a termination code to a thread. The following program demonstrates this form of Abort( ):
Power in a Resistor
Select the properties of the objects you would like to find.
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