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Noting that at t = 0 , we take the function to be zero. Letting u = j( + ) we have du = j d , d = 1 du j
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The same security issues that your organization deals with are the sorts of issues that SaaS providers face securing the network, hardware issues, applications, and data. But compliance adds another level of headache. Regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLBA), and HIPAA, and industry standards like the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) make things particularly challenging. Prior to SaaS, compliance could be managed by a few tasks: Identify users and access privileges Identify sensitive data Identify where it s located Identify how it is encrypted Document this for auditors and regulators SaaS makes these steps even more complicated. If you store compliance-sensitive data with an SaaS provider, it is difficult to know where the data is being stored. It could be on the provider s equipment, or it could even be on the equipment of one of the provider s partners.
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The majority of businesses that suffer a catastrophe such as a fire or flood are, as a result, out of business within two years. The Meta Group A PC-based computing environment has limited redundancy. A catastrophe at headquarters can leave hundreds or thousands of employees unable to do their work. Failure of a server in a remote office can mean a day or more of downtime until a replacement unit can be secured and installed. On-demand access makes it easily affordable to build redundancy into the corporate data center. Citrix Application Delivery Suite 4 furthermore includes server farm failover utilization of redundant data centers. If the primary data center should fail, users can automatically be redirected to a secondary data center and continue working. If a disaster at headquarters or a remote office leads to displaced workers, they can securely access their applications or virtual desktops and data remotely over the Internet from alternative locations including their homes. This enables much better continuity protection for all headquarters and remote office users than is practical in a PC-based computing environment. Disaster recovery and business continuance are covered in 8. Network downtime is also reduced. In fact, because server-side application virtualization and virtual desktop users are dependent on a network, continuous uptime is mandatory. Fortunately, the efficiencies of an on-demand access environment and the centralization of resources enable organizations to build extremely robust, reliable, and redundant network infrastructures.
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mostly by the growing popularity of the personal computer. Technologies such as Token ring and FDDI especially were taking a big share of the market. However, the fortunes of Token ring and others waned with the declining fortunes of its sponsors (IBM), while Ethernet with its unique business model and open standards continued to appeal. And so when the third stage came about, sometime after the mid-1990s when the proliferation of PCs continued unabated (thanks to Moore s law) and networking applications such as e-mail emerged along with the introduction and growth of the Internet, Ethernet had already begun to establish its dominance. And by 2000, as Figure 1.4 shows, it was the solution employed by nearly the entire addressable market. This overwhelming adoption of Ethernet in the enterprise LAN was largely due to the reasonable superiority of a combination of factors notably simplicity and continual improvements in price and features, rather than a substantial competitive advantage in any one facet. It is instructive to understand how Ethernet ascended to this dominant position in the LAN. Dr. Metcalfe identified [11] the main enablers for Ethernet s dominance in the LAN and these are briefly discussed next. Continual Market-driven Innovation As noted in the previous section, Ethernet did not initially have any overwhelming technical advantages over the other LAN technologies but that status quo changed quickly as higher speeds (from 2.94M in 1973 to 10G currently), new media (copper, coax, fiber, and even wireless), and increased functionality (such as switching, priority, and so on) were incorporated into Ethernet. With every new generation, the speed increased tenfold (10M to 100M to 1000M to 10000M), a phenomenon that was not (and has not been) replicated with any other LAN technology. In contrast, the other LAN technologies were decidedly slow and did not maintain the
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Digital Photography Getting to Know Your PC and Correcting Images QuickSteps Enhancing PC QuickSteps
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Use with Section 2.4
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Wireframe view
FIGURE 6 . 2 9 Multiple Levels of Generalization Hierarchies
Related Functions
Citrix EdgeSight Server components provide the primary interface for Citrix administrators to display both real-time agent data and historical aggregated data for the entire environment. EdgeSight Server also allows Citrix administrators to set up real-time alerts for notification of critical system events and it s the primary point for all configuration tasks and changes. The following components make up Citrix EdgeSight Server: Database Server Stores the data uploaded from the XenApp server agents. On a daily basis, the server performs aggregation operations on the data to produce information for reports. This component requires Microsoft SQL Server 2000 SP4 or Microsoft SQL Server 2005. This component can be installed on a single hardware platform or, as shown in Figure 12-1, can be installed on a separate hardware platform for improved performance and to make use of an existing Microsoft SQL environment. Web Server Displays performance and availability information using a dynamic and graphical reporting interface called the EdgeSight Server Console. The default install provides access to over 300 standard reports and provides the ability to create additional custom reports. Report Server Generates and displays performance and availability information in the form of reports. The Report Server uses Microsoft SQL Reporting Services 2000 SP2 or Microsoft SQL Reporting Services 2005. This component is installed on the hardware platform with the EdgeSight Web Server. Citrix EdgeSight for XenApp Server Agent This software installs on each XenApp server. The agent components consist of a Windows service called Citrix System Monitoring Agent and a local database called RSDATR.FDB (stored in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Citrix\System Monitoring\Data). The EdgeSight for XenApp Agent collects and records information about user sessions, server performance, application usage, and network connections. Key features of the agent include the following: Support for MetaFrame Presentation Server 3.0 and later running on 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Server 2003. Local database ranging in size from 50MB to 250MB of disk space (depends on the Agent Data Retention Settings defined). Uses the standard HTTP protocol to upload the local database to the EdgeSight Server. Optionally, the agent can be configured to use HTTPS if required for additional security. Network traffic generated during agent data uploads ranges between 30KB and 100KB, and real-time alerts are approximately 200KB. Citrix License Server The Citrix License Server for Windows provides license management. EdgeSight for XenApp requires version 4.5 of the Citrix License Server. The EdgeSight Server obtains licenses on behalf of the EdgeSight for XenApp server agents.
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Electric Vehicle Consultants
Master schedule Processing structure Control structure Time definition Implemented schedule
int *p, i[10]; p = i; p[5] = 100; /* assign using index */ *(p+5) = 100; /* assign using pointer arithmetic */
8: Inheritance
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