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The BD Production Process
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Gainsharing: Corporate gainsharing plans help drive overall corporate success by tying payouts to corporate results. Gainsharing plans have no pay at risk and therefore present no downside cost to the employee. Most corporate gainsharing plans tie payouts to a percentage of corporate revenue or profit. In this manner, management shares the incremental gain with employees on a prespecified proportional basis. Sometimes local management will use a gainsharing plan to help boost productivity. Generally, all employees participate in the gainsharing plan with no restriction on the number of employees who can receive a payout. Normally, participants earn no
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4. In the Save Macro In section, click VBAProject (Learning Macros) the recorded
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A lack of lighting or poor lighting designs make the roadways unsafe and inef cient. A good walkway lighting system is crucial for safe pedestrian movement. Existing lights within the project limits will be impacted by replacement. 1. Lighting warrants will be studied for mainline, deceleration/acceleration lanes, and sign lighting to determine the need for continuous lighting. 2. Proposed lighting can use cutoff luminaires for better quality of illumination and driver comfort. An approved lighting analysis program such as CALAPro/Visual or an approved equivalent will be utilized to perform the photometric analysis. 3. Sign lighting will be provided using 250 watt mercury vapor luminaires. Lighting plans will be prepared in accordance with authority s procedures manual, CADD standards, and sample plans. 4. The clearances from the overhead utilities will be coordinated with the utility company and vertical and horizontal clearances will be provided in accordance with N.J.A.C. 25. The con icts with other underground utilities will be identi ed and resolved. 5. Con icts between proposed electrical facilities and other utilities (overhead & underground utilities), if not resolved during the design process, become major issues during construction. These con icts can be eliminated with proper planning and coordination between the different disciplines during the design phase of the project by bringing in utilities and lighting task leaders for regular meetings on this issue.
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Chemistry: Matter and Change 7
Hence bridge engineer needs to work as part of a team and not independently.
DVD-R media and recorders produce discs that are suitable for premastering of DVD-ROMs or DVD-Videos, as well as discs intended for data distribution and exchange, document imaging, and archiving. The speci cation crafted by Working Group 6 (WG-6) of the DVD Forum includes provisions for single-layer, single-sided media or single-layer, dual-sided media. As with CD-R media, both 12-centimeter and 8-centimeter disc sizes are supported, although the large majority of applications will favor the more common 12-centimeter disc size. Two polycarbonate substrates one containing a dye layer and re ective coating and the other blank are bonded together to produce a 1.2-millimeter thick disc for single-sided DVD-R applications. The rst forms of DVD-R media used only cyanine dye, which appears violet on the recording side of the recordable disc. A spiral pregroove extends from the center of the disc to the outer diameter to act as a guide for the laser during recording. A slight wobble in the pregroove in a pre-established pattern generates a frequency used as a carrier signal; the timing information helps regulate servo motors, tracking of the laser assembly, and focus of the beam. Land pre-pits molded into the substrate provide address information and pre-recorded data, used to initiate write operations. Pulsed laser beams directed at the dye in the pregroove form impressions by searing variable length marks in the dye surface. These marks, consisting of deformation of the substrate material and bleaching of the dye, serve the same purpose as pits in a pressed DVD disc. Areas in the pregroove that are not exposed to the pulsed laser are interpreted as lands. DVD-R recording requires a more complex write strategy to establish the appropriate lengths for the pits, which are approximately half the size of those on a CD-R disc. The spacing between the pits and lands within the spiral data pattern is also signi cantly less than on a CD-R disc. To compensate for the extra precision required during write operations, the laser pulses are very carefully controlled, both in terms of intensity and duration. During recording, the laser is rapidly modulated between the power setting required for writing and the setting used for reading to avoid overheating the media surface and to regulate the size of the mark seared in the dye. A technique known as Optimum Power Calibration (OPC) is used to perform test write operations to a speci ed calibration area on the recordable media surface and then to read back the test pat-
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