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muscular in response to this onrushing need. Batteries became the focused targets of well-funded government-industry partnerships around the globe; lead-acid, sodiumsulfur, nickel-iron, and nickel-cadmium batteries advanced to new levels of performance. Everyone began quietly looking at the mouth-watering possibilities of lithium-polymer batteries. Table 3-2 compares electric vehicle specs from the major automotive manufacturers at the beginning 1960s to the 1990s. At first glance, Table 3-2 appears to be a step backward from Japan s accomplishments of the 1970s as shown in Table 3-1. But first impressions are misleading. The 1990s electric vehicles offer substantial technology improvements under the hood, are more energy-efficient, and are closer to being manufacturable products than engineering test platforms. Six trends highlight EV development during this fourth wave: High levels of activity at GM, Ford, and Chrysler Increased vigor created by new independent manufacturers New and improved prototypes High levels of activity overseas High levels of hybrid activity A boom in individual internal combustion vehicle conversions Leading up to the 1990s, General Motors warmed to EVs through a series of events. First, GM decided to enter the 1987 Australian World Solar Challenge, a project championed from within by Howard Wilson, then vice president of Hughes. They turned for help to a little company called AeroVironment, founded by Paul MacCready. MacCready had already won prizes for the longest human-powered flight with his ultra-lightweight and efficient Gossamer Condor in 1977, and for the first humanpowered plane to cross the English Channel with his Gossamer Albatross in 1979; in addition, his solar-powered Solar Challenger flew 163 miles from Paris to the English coast in 1981. AeroVironment was now given the ultimate challenge from GM creating a vehicle capable of going 1,900 miles across the Australian outback on solar power only. AeroVironment did it. GM s winning Sunraycer beat the competition by 2 days, proving what was possible with electric drive.
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You can create a parallelized version of the foreach loop by using the ForEach( ) method. It has several forms. Here is its simplest form: public static ParallelLoopResult ForEach<TSource>(IEnumerable<TSource> source, Action<TSource> body) Here, source specifies the collection of data over which the loop will iterate and body specifies the method that will be executed with each iteration. As explained earlier in this book, all arrays and collections (described in 25), as well as several other sources, support IEnumerable<T>. The method that you pass to the body receives the value of or reference to (not the index of) each element being iterated as an argument. Information about the status of the loop is returned.
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STM-4 [4 * STM-1]
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Reporting and Analysis
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Determine Coaching Goals and Learner Motivation Make sure the goals can be accomplished in the time available and are linked to one or more of the learner s key motivators.
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There are also measures you can take to make your home look lived in, even if you re out of town or working late. Setting up some lights on a preset schedule is a preventive measure you can take for the cost of just a few dollars. Security and the Smart Home is a big topic (after all, once you install all that Smart Home gear, you don t want some thug breaking in and making off with it), and we cover it in 5.
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The prototype for _splitpath( ) is in <stdlib.h>. This function is not defined by the ANSI/ISO C/C++ standard. The _splitpath( ) function dissects the full path name specified in the string pointed to by fpath. The drive letter is put in the string pointed to by drive. The directory (and any subdirectories) is put in the string pointed to by directory. The filename is put in the
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Independent Management Architecture
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DTS Audio
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Spanish English
Recommendations for Reconstruction
Preventing Early Battery Death
Query Keyword select where orderby join group Equivalent Query Method Select(arg) Where(arg) OrderBy(arg) or OrderByDescending(arg) Join(seq2, key1, key2, result) GroupBy(arg)
The prototype for fsetpos( ) is found in <stdio.h>. The fsetpos( ) function sets the file pointer associated with stream to the location pointed to by pos. This value was set by a previous call to fgetpos( ). The type fpos_t is defined in <stdio.h>. It is capable of representing any file location.
Westlake Interactive is primarily a PC-to-Macintosh conversion house. As such, we generally hire programmers rather than artists and designers. Mac experience is obviously a must, but along with that we look for coders who are comfortable with having 500,000+ lines of unfamiliar C++ source dumped in their laps every five or six months. Being able to quickly understand and work with very large systems is critical for porters. Port programmers also must be jacks of all trades. From a programming standpoint they need to be able to understand and write 3-D graphics, sound, networking, I/O, and assembly code. They have to know (and be comfortable programming with) APIs for multiple operating systems. They must know the technical differences between various C++ compilers such as Microsoft Visual Studio, Metrowerks CodeWarrior, and GNU C++. Finally, they also need to have a bit of an artistic flair in the event that certain pieces of game art or sound have to be tweaked for the new platform. Experience with tools such as Photoshop and Sound Forge comes in very handy. Most of a typical day is spent debugging. In fact, port programmers spend their lives in the debugger. We do write a fair amount of original code during the course of porting a game, but the vast majority of our time is spent tracing through someone else s code finding data that needs to be byte-swapped or determining how to make various game systems work on the new platform. Phil Sulak, Vice President, Westlake Interactive, Inc.
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